Banni Chow Home Delivery 30th October 2022 episode written update

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Agastya informs Banni that he is perplexed; Yuvan forgot about Banni after his brain operation; why didn’t Banni inform Yuvan that she is his wife? Banni thinks his anxiety is valid, but whatever transpired between her and Yuvan, she believes it is a new beginning for them and that their love is strengthening. She claims that the sensations she is acquiring with new Yuvan are ones she never had with old Yuvan; she is falling in love with Yuvan after seeing love for her in Yuvan’s eyes.

Yuvan has no recollection of their relationship, but he is making her feel more unique by treating her with greater respect and love. Atharva believes she can sense love in his eyes as well. Banni says she’s chosen to convey her feelings for Yuvan on stage when his singing round is over, and she needs Agastya’s assistance. Agastya claims that no one understands the essence of love better than him, and he will undoubtedly assist Banni. Banni describes her strategy and claims she knew he would never refuse her plea.

The competition has begun. The host summons Yuvan to the stage for his performance and announces that Dr. Tulika Anand, a neurologist, will duet with him. Tulika/Bunty enters. Banni is taken aback to see her. Tulika is taken aback to see Yuvan as her companion and recalls their first meeting. They both sing Dhoop Se Nikal Ke.. wonderfully. Banni is saddened by their chemistry and is surprised to see Tulika wearing a ring she gave to Yuvan. After the show, everyone applauds.

Yuvan looks for Banni. Tulika greets him and asks why he didn’t tell her he was an excellent singer when they last met. Yuvan is confused. Shreya invites Yuvan to join her for a few video nibbles. Banni enters Yuvan’s changing room with Tiffin and is embarrassed to find him changing his T-shirt. She shuts her eyes. Yuvan pretends to have wrist discomfort in order to catch her attention and asks her to serve him food. Banni brings him food and inquires as to how his ring got to Tulika. Yuvan jokingly says he must have given it to Tulika.

Banni is jealous but pretends to be joyful, saying Tulika and Yuvan would form an excellent singing duo. Yuvan relishes her jealousy and claims he was joking and did not give Tulika a ring; Tulika must have a similar ring. He looks at her in the mirror and says he’s never given a ring to a female before and wants to give it to someone special. He claims he has something important to tell her. Banni timidly asks him to proceed.

Tulika expresses gratitude to Agastya for recognising her skills. Agastya says it made him happy to see her singing alongside Yuvan. Tulika inquires if Yuvan has another name. No, says Agastya. Shreya wants Yuvan to describe how he feels before and after surgery in front of the media. When Yuvan watches Tulika crying after she loses her job, he transforms into his alternate personality Kabir and delivers a media interview. He wonders who is bothering her, saying that no one can bother her till he is there for her. He gives her a hug and calms her. Agastya is taken aback when he notices this.

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