Banni Chow Home Delivery 31st October 2022 episode written update

Banni Chow Home Delivery serial poster

Yuvan’s unconventional personality Tulika is consoled by Kabir. Tulika admits that she lost her job as a result of the competition. Nobody should bother Kabir, she claims. Agastya hunts for Yuvan and informs Banni that he witnessed Yuvan holding Tulika and told her that nothing bad will happen to her till he is with her. Vanni refuses to believe him, laughs, and claims that Yuvan solely cares for her and cannot think about another girl. A man phones Banni and informs him that Yuvan has assigned him the task of decorating a plot in Bulleshah. Even Banni refuses to trust him, claiming that the location is too far away for Yuvan to visit. The man claims he is not lying. Banni decides to pay a visit to Bulleshah and asks Agastya’s assistance.

Kabir brings Tulika to a decorated location and informs her that he purchased this plot for her and plans to establish a hospital for her because he does not want her to beg for work. Tulika becomes worried and says he doesn’t have to do that because she doesn’t even know him; on stage, he is Yuvan and now Kabir. Kabir claims that his love for her is pure, and that if she does not embrace his love and stops him, he will go. Tulika comes to a halt and feels chilled. He kisses her while draped in his blazer. When Banni sees this, he shatters. She recalls Yuvan’s failure to recognise her following surgery, as well as Hemant’s challenge. Tulika is embarrassed and leaves.

Banni approaches Kabir and slaps him hard. Kabir returns to Yuvan and inquires as to what happened. Banni wonders how he can betray her while yet romancing Tulika. Yuvan claims he has no idea why they are here. Banni warns him to quit acting; she has discovered why Tulika has given him her ring. Yuvan claims to have been suffering with a headache for a few days. Banni tells him to quit pretending and walks away, vowing never to see him again. She sobs while sitting near her scooty. The song Chadariya Jheeni Re Jeeniā€¦ is playing in the background. Tulika smiles as she recalls Yuvan’s devotion and attention to her. Yuvan wonders what went wrong with Banni’s reaction.

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