Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th October 2022 episode written update

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Angoori and Anu are sitting next to each other. Anu inquires of Angoori whether Tiwari has arrived. Angoori becomes concerned again and informs her that he has not yet arrived. Anu inquires whether Happu called or informed her. Angoori denies once more. Anu also inquires whether Tiwari has left any 25 thousand rupee cheques behind. He’s lost, Angoori says, and you’re worried about your check? He did not leave a check. Tiwari has changed his appearance and is pretending to be someone else. He enters, points his finger at Anu, and asks if she is Angoori. Anu informs him that Angoori is sitting next to her. Angoori inquires, “Who is he?” Tiwari responds that he is “Madan Mohan Tiwari,” Manmohan Tiwari’s brother. Angoori pretends to recognise him and claims that he has changed a lot since their marriage because he was very different then. In addition, all of the hairs have grown out. Madan tells her that he owns a hair salon. Anu thinks it’s a strange business idea. Madan inquires of Angoori about Anu. Angoori introduces herself as her neighbour. Madan greets her and informs her that he can tell from the shape of her head that her husband is unemployed. Anu inquires as to why he is speaking in such a manner. Madan claims it’s the truth, but you disagree. Tiwari is terrified when AmmaJi arrives. AmmaJi greets Angoori and takes a seat. AmmaJi notices Tiwari disguised as Madan and inquires of Angoori, “Who is this stranger?” Angoori begins to stutter and informs her that he is Tiwari’s cousin. AmmaJi inquires, “Which cousin?” Tiwari approaches AmmaJi and whispers that he is Tiwari disguised as another person due to unforeseen circumstances. AmmaJi also begins to act as if she knows him. Madan fabricates a story and informs Ammaji that he left his hometown because he disliked the environment there. Everyone turns to look at him.

Angoori is cooking in her kitchen. Vibhu approaches her and inquires whether Tiwari has returned or is dead. Angoori responds angrily, “He’s alive.” Vibhu informs Angoori that he believes Tiwari had an affair and fled with that lady. Angoori becomes enraged and orders him to stop talking about Tiwari in this manner. Madan also approaches Angoori and inquires, “Who is this guy teasing you?” Vibhu responds that he is not joking with her. Madan requests another introduction from Vibhu. Vibhu introduces him as Angoori’s neighbour, living directly across the street from her home. Vibhu requests that Madan introduce himself as well. Madan requests that Angoori inform Vibhu about him.

He’s Madan, her brother-in-law, Angoori tells Vibhu. Vibhu tells her that he isn’t denying it, but he is also his next-door neighbour. Madan tells him that his neighbours aren’t any closer than his brother-in-law, and he should leave. Vibhu and Madan begin to argue. Vibhu eventually leaves and tells Madan to get lost. Tiwari breaks character by telling Angoori that he can no longer disguise himself. So, Angoori asks, what is he trying to accomplish? Tiwari tells Angoori that he will tell Anu everything. Angoori concurs with him.

David and Anu are sitting next to each other. Anu is telling her client about the 25,000 rupees Tiwari gave her. Anu hangs up the phone and begins to worry about Tiwari and money. Madan and Angoori arrive. Angoori informs Anu and David that she has come to reveal a secret. Anu questions Angoori about why she brought her brother-in-law with her. David describes him as a strange in-law. Angoori informs Anu that Madan knows something about Tiwari and has come to inform her. Madan begins to speak, but someone knocks on the door. Tiwari sees him at the door and remembers him as the killer he saw. Tiwari becomes terrified. Anu introduces him as her brother “Baal Chandra,” also known as BC. BC tries to greet Tiwari, but he keeps his distance. Anu requests that Madan finish what he was saying about Tiwari. Madan says he will continue another day. Anu suggests that he tell it now. Madan denies this. Angoori also makes Madan tell her everything. Madan transports Angoori back to his home.

Tiwari questions Angoori on how Anu’s brother could be a murderer. Angoori informs Tiwari that she believes Anu is also involved in the case. Tiwari informs Angoori that Anu is unable to do so. Angoori warns Tiwari that Anu might tell her brother everything. Tiwari concurs with her. Angoori says she doesn’t know about Anu, but she prefers Madan to Tiwari. As Madan, Tiwari begins flirting with Angoori. Vibhu is disheartened when he sees them dancing together.

Commissioner informs Happu that BC is the murderer. What?! says Happu. Commissioner informs Happu that BC stands for Black Cobra, and that he writes BC on every bullet he fires, including this one. Tillu and Teeka are brought to the police station by Manohar. Tillu questions Manohar about why he brought them here. They are already down. Manohar informs Happu and the Commissioners that they have identified the murderer. Tillu tells the Commissioners that they saw a man and a woman eating ice cream, and the man took the woman with him. Tillu and Teeka begin crying and inform the commissioner that the girl’s name was Rusa. The commissioner orders Manohar to imprison Teeka and Tillu for attempting to defame his sister-in-law.

Madan is holding Angoori in his arms. Vibhu notices them and enters. Vibhu looks at them and begins to cry. Madan knocks her down. Angoori informs Vibhu that there was a rat in the area, which is why Madan carried her in his arms.

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