Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th October 2022 episode written update

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Angoori tells Vibhu that she is terrified of rats and informs him that there is a rat before jumping back into Madan’s arms. Vibhu then realises she is terrified of rats. Madan promises to protect Angoori from all the rats. Vibhu warns Madan to be cautious because he is overly comfortable and departs.

BC is holding a gun and threatening Tiwari’s life. Anu summons him. BC abruptly reloads his gun. Anu brings BC coffee. Anu suggests that BC marry. BC inquires of Anu if she has any girls for him in her grooming classes. Anu informs him that no girl in her grooming classes understands him. BC then asks Anu if she can only find him a girl in the colony. Anu informs BC that there are no girls in the colony as well. BC inquires of Anu, who lives across the street from their home. Manmohan Tiwari and his wife, Anu responds. BC inquires of Anu, “How does Manmohan Tiwari look?” Anu laughs and asks BC if he wants to marry Tiwari. BC denies and inquires if he has a sister. Anu denies it. BC expresses his desire to meet Tiwari to Anu. Anu inquires of Tiwari as to why he is so eager to meet him. BC believes that his excitement will fade once he has killed Tiwari. Anu inquires of BC, “How’s the coffee?”

Vibhu tells Anu that Angoori is crying because she is too comfortable in Madan’s arms. Anu inquires of Vibhu, “How was Angoori acting?” Vibhu claims she was completely at ease. Anu inquires, “What did Angoori explain to you?” Vibhu responds that she told him she was scared of a rat and jumped into his arms. Vibhu inquires of Anu what she would have done in the same situation. Anu tells Vibhu she would have done the same thing. Anu questions Vibhu about his overreaction. Vibhu expresses her love for her and tells Anu that Tiwari will be devastated if he finds out. Anu tells Vibhu that she doesn’t agree with the way he thinks, and that his relationship with his brother-in-law is very pure, and that Madan appears to be a good man. Vibhu informs Anu that he appears to be a thief and a fraud. Anu tells Vibhu to sleep and switches off the light. Vibhu falls asleep and decides to check on Angoori.

Vibhu sneaks out the window. Vibhu comes across BC standing on the side of the road. Vibhu inquires of BC, “What is he doing outside this late?” BC responds that he was just walking because he was out of gas. BC also questions Vibhu about why he arrived so late and why he climbed out the window rather than coming in through the door. Vibhu tells him that he wanted to go for a walk and that it is easier to get out the window. Vibhu inquires of BC about his gas problem. BC informs Vibhu that he tried numerous medications but none of them worked. David appears and informs BC that he will provide a powder that will solve all of his gas-related problems. BC says he’ll take it. David drags him inside his house to give him the powder.

Tiwari is becoming concerned about himself. Angoori enters and asks Tiwari why he is so tense. Tiwari is even terrified of her. Angoori inquires, “What happened?” Tiwari tells her that he is becoming increasingly concerned because if BC discovers that he lives directly across the street, he will shoot him without hesitation. Angoori declares that she will not allow this to happen and will defend him at all costs. Tiwari embraces her. Vibhu climbs the windows and notices them hugging. Tiwari becomes alarmed when he notices Vibhu peering through the window. Vibhu descends, becoming even more depressed and crying. Teeka and Tillu are passing by drunk. They notice Vibhu and inquire as to why he appears to be depressed. Tillu believes Vibhu was treated disrespectfully, as he always is. Vibhu slaps them both. Vibhu expresses his sadness and takes the bottle of alcohol from Teeka, drinking it all. Vibhu, Teeka, and Tillu all burst into tears. Saxena emerges from his house and requests that all three of them stop crying. Saxena inquires as to why Teeka and Tillu are crying. Teeka expresses to Tillu that their hearts are broken. Saxena inquires, “Who broke your heart?” Rusa, says Tillu! Saxena inquires of Vibhu, “Who broke his heart?” Nothing, says Vibhu. Saxena informs them that he has a solution for all of their broken hearts and leaves.

Anu and Vibhu are sitting next to each other. Anu informs Vibhu that he requires mental health treatment. Vibhu becomes enraged and asks if she believes he has mental problems. Yes, says Anu. Vibhu informs Anu that he witnessed Madan hugging Angoori and that Angoori was fine with it. Anu inquires about Vibhu’s inebriation. Vibhu says yes, but adds that he only drank a few ml. Anu advises Vibhu to stop drinking because he only needs a few drops to get drunk. Vibhu tells Anu that he enters consciousness after two glasses of wine. Anu wonders if she should bestow an award on him. Vibhu accompanies Anu.

Tiwari emerges from his bedroom and informs Angoori of a new problem. Angoori inquires, “What happened?” Tiwari informs Angoori that Vibhu witnessed them making love. Angoori inquires of Tiwari, “What’s wrong with that, a husband and wife can’t have romance with each other?” Tiwari says it’s fine, but everyone thinks he’s Madan, not Tiwari. Angoori claims she completely forgot about it. Tiwari informs Angoori that Vibhu will now accompany him. Angoori says she will then tell Anu everything. Tiwari warns her not to do so or he will be shot. Tiwari notices Anu’s hands on the window ledge and informs Angoori that Anu has arrived. Tiwari and Angoori begin to act strangely. Tiwari and Angoori begin to argue about sleeping separately. Angoori informs Madan that he should sleep in the bedroom while she sleeps in the hallway. Anu sees them and realises that everything is fine, that Vibhu was just exaggerating, and climbs down. Tiwari and Angoori notice that Anu has left and that they can now act normally.

Anu descends. Vibhu inquires of Anu as to what she witnessed. Anu admits to Vibhu that he is mentally ill. Vibhu inquires, “What?” Anu assures him that everything is fine and that they do not have any love connections. Vibhu claims he noticed they were into each other. Anu informs him that Madan was touching Angoori’s feet. Vibhu says he’ll see and climbs the ladder again. Vibhu witnesses them making love once more.

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