Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st October 2022 episode written update

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Teeka and Tillu are investigating Anu’s home. Teeka informs Anu that her maid has not cleaned the house adequately. Anu claims that Vibhu cleans the house. Tillu informs her that they were merely discussing the unemployed person. Anu chuckles and asks them why they are talking about their brother in this manner. Tillu asks, “Brother?” He plays pranks on them as well. Anu inquires as to what Vibhu thinks of her. Tillu informs her that Vibhu has had enough. Teeka tells Tillu to stop talking. Teeka informs Anu that Vibhu holds a high regard for her. Anu claims to know everything; Vibhu must have told them to be courteous to her. Anu inquires of Teeka and Gillu whether they are aware of Vibhu’s romance. Teeka explains that he was telling them about a female. Anu becomes enraged and demands to know who she was. Teeka requests that Tillu tell the story. Tillu informs Anu that in college, he had a relationship with a lady named Annie. Teeka begins to agree with him as well. Anu tells them she was Annie, and Vibhu used to call her Annie before they married. Teeka and Tillu tell her that Vibhu never even looks at other women. Teeka and Tillu keep cleaning the house. Teeka is cleaning a cabinet when she discovers gunshots. Teeka inquires of Anu as to the purpose of these bullets. Anu inquires of Teeka as to where he obtained these bullets. Teeka gestures to a black duffle bag. Tillu inquires of Anu, “Whose luggage is that?” Anu explains that the bag belongs to her cousin BC. Anu becomes sceptical of BC.

In the cell, Happu is cleaning his face. Manohar inquires of Happu as to what happened to his face. Happu informs him that someone put cow dung on his face. Vibhu goes into the police station and inquires of Manohar about the whereabouts of Happu Singh. Manohar informs him that he is in jail. Vibhu enters and brings Happu outdoors. Vibhu informs Happu that a lady requires immediate assistance. Happu informs him that he is unable to go since his uniform is being dried. Vibhu informs him that it is urgent and takes him without his uniform.

Madan is on his way back home. A random lady approaches Madan and requests instructions. Madan refers to her as “aunty.” She tells him she isn’t that old. Madan still refers to her as aunty. She informs him that if he doesn’t spend a few days with her, he will stop calling her aunty. Madan says he doesn’t have time for it. She grabs his hand and yells that he’s taunting her. Angoori and Anu appear. Angoori inquires of the lady, “What happened?” Madan was mocking her, she claims. Angoori is taken aback and questions him on his actions. Madan responds that he did nothing wrong, but that the lady was mocking him. Anu invites Angoori to stay with her because she has never found Madan to be innocent. Angoori assures her that he is innocent and that he is her brother in law. Anu informs her that she is aware of this, but she still does not believe him. Angoori claims she used to play with him when he was a baby. Anu thinks he appears older than Angoori. Madan insists on his innocence once more. Angoori grabs Madan’s arm and tells him to accompany her back home. Vibhu and Happu arrive. Vibhu orders Angoori to stop and informs her that Madan will now rot in jail. Madan becomes terrified. Happu informs Madan that Vibhu has filed a FIR against him and that he is now detained. Vibhu informs Happu that he wishes to speak with Madan. Vibhu approaches him and begins hitting him. Madan wails in agony. Vibhu warns Madan that he should not have picked up Angoori. BC is watching them all from behind.

Tiwari tears up as he exposes his disguise and informs everyone that he is Tiwari. The lady only admits that he was David in disguise. Everyone is taken aback. Anu questions him about his identity. Yes, says Tiwari. Vibhu describes him as a horrible person. BC discovers that he is Tiwari and draws his gun to shoot him, but Teeka and Tillu grab him and inform everyone that he was carrying a gun. Anu inquires about BC’s intentions. BC responds that he was attempting to murder Tiwari. Tiwari becomes even more terrified? Anu questions BC on why he attempted to do this. BC informs her that Tiwari witnessed him murdering another person.So, in order to destroy all evidence, he planned to murder him. Happu informs Anu that the investigation has taken an unexpected turn. Tiwari also informs Anu that BC is speaking the truth. BC informs Anu that he has slain a large number of people. Anu informs BC that he is not his brother. BC informs Anu that he is only Bhal Chandra for her, and that he is Black Cobra for everyone else. Anu instructs Happu to arrest him. BC tries to flee, but Teeka and Tillu grab him again and begin beating him.

Anu, Angoori, Tiwari, and Vibhu are sitting in their yard together. Tiwari and Vibhu are drinking. Anu apologises and admits that she had no idea her relative was a murderer. Tiwari claims that he was probably spoilt as a child. Anu informs him that as a child, he was quite innocent. Vibhu begins to narrate his narrative. Anu instructs him to stop and asks Tiwari if he is still giving him 25,000 rupees. Tiwari confirms that there are no problems, and that he is carrying the cheque in his pocket. Anu bursts out laughing. Vibhu says it’s a good thing Madan is Tiwari, else he would have killed that Madan guy. Angoori inquires of Vibhu, “Why?” Vibhu informs her that he was becoming too close to her, which he did not enjoy. Angoori claims, but it was merely Tiwari. Vibhu promises to do the same to Tiwari. Angoori begins flirting with him and instructs him to do so immediately. Angoori expresses her undying affection for Vibhu. Vibhu also expresses his affection for her. Vibhu looks her in the eyes. Anu pushes Vibhu, who is delusional. Tiwari also expresses his feelings for Anu. Anu also expresses her love for him. Tiwari Angoori inquires, “Where is he lost?” Tiwari was also delusional, claiming that everything is OK. Angoori informs everyone that dinner is ready. Everyone agrees with her and rises to their feet.

Saxena, Tillu, and Teeka are sitting at a tea shop together. Teeka and Tillu are in immense pain. Saxena inquires as to how they are feeling. Teeka concurs. Saxena claims that he inflicted the misery on them since they were fortunate enough. Tillu and Teeka are both staring at him. Saxena stands up and walks away. Rusa approaches them and takes a seat beside them. Rusa questions why they didn’t aid her when that person kidnapped her. Tillu claims you were interested in him as well. Rusa begins cursing him and tells them not to use his name again. Rusa informs them that she has realised they are her actual friends. Tillu and Teeka begin to feel happy. Rusa inquires about their well-being. Teeka informs her that Saxena thrashed them with a belt. Tillu concurs with him.

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