Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th October 2022 episode written update

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Vibhu and David are scrubbing the floors. David informs Vibhu that he never expected to see these days. Vibhu informs him that he is not a king in London and instructs him to keep cleaning the house. Anu enters and inquires as to why they are squabbling. Vibhu informs Anu that David is in pain. Anu inquires as to why David is in pain. David responds that she is treating them like servants and wonders why he is upset. Anu reminds them that they should not feel embarrassed about cleaning their own house. David requests that Anu employ a servant. Anu claims that she is the sole earner and cannot afford a servant. Vibhu requests that Anu hire a servant for a few days only. No, says Anu! Vibhu argues to David that it is beneficial for both of them to return to work. David concurs with him. Anu requests that Vibhu go bring her some coffee. Vibhu gives the command to David. David accepts and goes to fetch some coffee.

Tiwari is working on the balcony. Angoori enters with a large mop to clean the room. Tiwari becomes annoyed when Angoori begins cleaning. Angoori approaches him again and begins cleaning. Tiwari becomes frustrated and requests that she get him breakfast. Angoori tells him that she doesn’t have the time. Tiwari claims to be starving and may drop out in a few minutes. Angoori says she has to clean the house for Diwali and asks Tiwari to go grab some boiled potatoes.

Tiwari notices David in Anu’s kitchen while boiling potatoes. Tiwari chuckles and asks, “What are you doing?” David responds that he’s sowing seeds and asks if he wants to join him. Tiwari inquires, “Why is he rattled?” David responds that despite being the oldest in the house, Anu and Vibhu still force him to undertake household chores. Tiwari mocks him and inquires if he is making coffee. David confirms and asks Tiwari what he is doing. Tiwari responds that he is cooking. David inquires, “Where is Angoori?” Tiwari explains that she is cleaning the house. Teeka and Tillu were yelling and hawking “Jalebis.” Tiwari inquires, “What are you selling?” Teeka inquires about Tiwari’s vision. Tiwari notices them and thanks them for selling Jalebis. Tillu inquires of Tiwari whether he would like some? Tiwari declines, stating that if he wants some, he will order it from a friend’s shop. David inquires of Teeka and Tillu whether he may taste the Jalebis. Teeka declines, and they both depart.

Masterji is standing in the middle of a forest, waiting for a rickshaw. Prem approaches MasterJi and inquires as to what he is doing here. MasterJi informs him that he is awaiting a rickshaw. Prem informs him that he will not be able to get any rickshaws today because it is the wedding of the rickshaw union president, and all rickshaw drivers have gone there. MasterJi says that they lack manners. Prem wonders why he isn’t buying a bike. Master Ji informs him that his wife and kid enjoy riding motorcycles as well. Prem suggests that MasterJi buy them both a bike. Prem claims he does not have enough money. Saxena is walking through a cemetery while saying that he enjoys giving away things. Prem wonders what Saxena is giving away. MasterJi tells him he has no idea. Prem requests that MasterJi sit with him so that he can drop him off.

David is doing the dishes and inquires of Tiwari whether his paratha is ready. Yes, says Tiwari. David invites him to exhibit is creation. Tiwari shows him his homemade paratha. When David notices it, he can’t stop giggling. Tiwari inquires as to why he is laughing. David tells him that his paratha resembles a map of Uganda. Tiwari summons Angoori to the basement. Angoori enters and asks Tiwari if he may eat meals by himself. Angoori scolds Tiwari, and David observes Tiwari from his kitchen.

Tiwari and Anu enter Anu’s home. Anu greets them warmly. Angoori is greeted by Vibhu. She responds by greeting him as well. Vibhu begins to tease Tiwari. Anu motions for Vibhu to halt and invites everyone to settle down to play cards. Everyone is seated and ready to play. Prem arrives and asks Vibhu shuffle the cards for him as well. Prem enters and takes a seat beside David. Anu inquires of Vibhu, “Who invited Prem?” Vibhu informs her that he invited him since he is a buddy of his. Anu inquires of Vibhu whether he is aware that she dislikes his friends. Vibhu informs Anu that they cannot force him to go since it would be impolite. David agrees and instructs Anu to leave him alone. Anu agrees and informs Prem that he can sit with them but not play poker with them. Angoori instructs Anu to allow him to play. Anu informs her that Prem is a gambler and that they are merely having fun. Vibhu informs her that Prem is a sloppy player who constantly loses. Prem concurs with him. Tiwari also requests that Anu allow Prem to play.

Anu asks David to¬†get tea for everyone because he is currently broke. Vibhu encourages David to do it. David departs to deliver Tea. Anu informs everyone that they may only wager between 10 and 20 rupees. Everyone makes a wager. Anu draws favourable cards and informs everyone that they can place larger wagers if they like. Tiwari, Prem, and Anu all receive good cards and begin gambling with everything they have. Anu bets her property on a bracelet and watch worth lakhs of rupees. Tiwari also bets on Angoori’s 6 lakh bangles. Prem bets his shop on his car. When Anu calls, everyone flips their cards. Prem triumphs. Anu and Tiwari are distraught. Prem bursts up laughing. Anu becomes enraged and questions Vibhu on how he won. But he never did! Prem teaches Anu that every dog has his or her day. Angoori begins to cry because Tiwari bet her gold bangles. David serves everyone tea. Vibhu informs David that he is late and that he should now bring poison for everyone because gambling is wicked.

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