Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th October 2022 episode written update

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Anu questions Vibhu about why he invited Prem to their house party. Vibhu informs her that he has never won anything in his life, but no one can help him because gambling is wicked. Anu accuses Vibhu of distributing the cards and claims that he must have already made a deal with him regarding the winning money. Anu begins to cry and claims that Prem has taken everything from them. Vibhu claims she is blaming him without reason. Anu instructs Vibhu to sleep with David since she does not wish to see his face. Vibhu accuses her of telling Ever to increase the bet and blames her instead. Anu tells him to go find himself. Vibhu stands up and walks out of the room. Anu says that Prem robbed her and Tiwari.

Tiwari is speaking with his client, informing him that he has lost a lot of money and asking if he can finish the payment fast. Vibhu appears in his garden and inquires as to what happened. Tiwari also blames Vibhu for his misfortune. Vibhu informs him that he was not involved in the incident. Tiwari informs Vibhu that Prem is his friend and that he was the one who invited him. Vibhu Tiwari tweeted that he is not the only one who has lost money. Tiwari informs Vibhu that he did not make any lists, but Anu did. Vibhu describes Anu as his wife, with whom he shares everything. Tiwari continues to blame Vibhu for this and says he may grab a piece of the robbed money as well. Vibhu tells him not to blame himself and claims to be one of the most honest and trustworthy people in Kanpur. Saxena passes by, proclaiming that he is a very giving man who want to offer everything he has. Vibhu questions Saxena about what he is sharing. Tiwari claims that he is, as usual, insane. Saxena calls them idiots and urges them to shut up if they don’t understand what he’s saying before moving on. Tiwari inquires, “Where are you going?” Saxena responds, graveyard, and departs. Tiwari informs Vibhu that he believes something is amiss. Vibhu concurs with him.

Angoori is performing her religious rituals in the morning. Vibhu approaches her and greets her. Angoori responds by greeting him and asking how he is. Vibhu responds that he is well and well because of her blessings. An occultist observes them and begins chanting his garland. Angoori claims that when drugs do not work, only blessings do. Vibhu claims that he did not receive it. Angoori warns Vibhu that if he develops kidney stones and the doctor is unable to heal them, he will require more prayers than medicine. Vibhu assures Angoori that he will never have stones because he exercises every day. Angoori asks, “What if his heart stops working out?” Vibhu believes Angoori is talking terrible things and tells her to leave this matter alone. Angoori claims that everyone will leave this world one day. Vibhu questions Angoori about why she is speaking so harshly. Angoori begins to give examples of people’s deaths once more. Vibhu makes the decision to go. The occultist keeps an eye on Angoori and Vibhu.

Tiwari is sipping some coconut water. Anu approaches him. Anu informs Tiwari that she was late due to job. The same occultist is also watching them from behind a newspaper. Anu inquires about Tiwari’s health. Tiwari responds that he is alright. Anu warns Tiwari that he may believe he is fit, but he might have a stroke in a matter of minutes. Tiwari rejects this, claiming that he enjoys running in the chilly weather. Anu informs Tiwari that running can cause brain hemorrhage. Tiwari questions Anu about why she is uttering so many bad things. Anu informs him that she is merely making him aware, and that he may also go into a coma due to brain haemorrhage. Tiwari becomes terrified and decides to return home.

Vibhu and David are scrubbing the floors. David becomes frustrated and informs Vibhu that Anu has made him his servant. Vibhu encourages him not to worry because it is only their house. David claims to be the oldest in the family. Vibhu claims that they are concerned about him. Angoori appears. Vibhu invites her inside. Anu inquires of Vibhu, “Where is Anu?” Vibhu responds that she is not at home. The occultist reappears and observes them once more. Angoori starts uttering bad things again. Angoori informs David that nowadays, anyone can die at any time, and that no one is safe on the road; any vehicle can run over him. Vibhu requests that Angoori quit this issue and inquires as to why she is present. Angoori informs Vibhu that she has come to fetch some sugar. David informs Angoori that if she makes kheer, she should send some for him as well. Angoori advises David not to eat kheer since it may worsen his diabetes.

Tillu and Teeka are selling Jalebis next to a cemetery. Tillu and Teeka make the decision to rest. Tillu claims that Saxena is completely insane. Teeka believes people should not be concerned about this. Tillu concurs with him. Tillu inquires of Teeka as to the whereabouts of Saxena, who had given an order for Jalebis just near this graveyard. Saxena demonstrates. Teeka and Tillu give him his order. Saxena inquires if they are fresh, as these jalebis will only be enjoyed by a few souls. Tillu and Teeka are terrified and inform him that they are new. Saxena begins to repeat that he is a very nice person who will share whatever he has.

Tiwari is on the phone with someone. A random stranger on a vehicle almost hits him. Tiwari avoids him and collapses on the ground. Anu notices him and chooses him. Tiwari takes a seat at the table. The occultist appears again and observes them. Anu inquires about Tiwari’s well-being. Tiwari assures her that he is OK. Anu refuses, telling him that he must have had an injury and asking him to check. Tiwari insists he’s fine. Anu warns him that he could have a stroke and pass out. Tiwari becomes terrified and returns home. Teeka and Tillu sell Jalebis near the graveyard. Prem approaches them in his vehicle and inquires as to why they are selling Jalebis at the graveyard. Tillu informs him that Saxena merely provided them this address. Teeka claims to have gone inside to distribute Jalebis. Prem advises them to flee because Saxena is insane and can do anything. Teeka and Tillu stand up and decide to depart.

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