Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th October 2022 episode written update

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Anu is lying on the floor, staring Vibhu in the right eye with no emotion. Vibhu becomes concerned and believes she is dead. Vibhu begins to cry. Anu begins to laugh at Vibhu and stands up. Anu inquires of Vibhu about her performance. Vibhu responds, “Terrible.” Vibhu questions Anu about why she was acting dead. Anu chuckles and responds that everyone has to die one day, so why not practise it now? Vibhu claims that it is out of their hands and that God will decide. Anu tells Vibhu that he is in a massive misunderstanding, that every other guy is killing someone, that the roads are filled with blood, that dead bodies are floating in that blood, and that one of those dead bodies could be your mother. Vibhu sobs and begs Anu to stop the unpleasant words. Anu expresses concern to Vibhu that he has the ability to murder his own mother.

Tiwari, Vibhu, and David are seated at a tea stall together. Tiwari inquires of David when his friend “Ojha” will arrive to assist them. David informs them that he is on his way and that they should just wait. Ojha appears. He greets David and takes a seat beside him. Tiwari inquires if he is Ojha. Yes, says Ojha. Tiwari inquires as to how he intends to assist them in dealing with their wives’ sadness. Ojha responds that he will first take their wives to the disco and then to the clubs. Vibhu tells him to quit talking smack. Tiwari is also enraged. Two guards from the mental institution arrive and inform them that this individual named Ojha escaped from the hospital and that they are here to return him. Ojha starts acting different and also sings. Both the guards grabs him and takes him with them.

Teeka and Tillu make and sell Jalebis. A man approaches them and tells them that he, too, wants to start a Jalebis business and requests their formula. Teeka and Tillu advise him to use every expired ingredient to achieve the desired flavour. He is taken aback. Tillu chuckles and tells him that it’s the recipe; go make it. Ramesh, one of the guys, discloses that he is a food inspector and threatens to shut down their shop. Tillu begins to cry and begs for pardon. Teeka breaks down and tells him that he may test their Jalebis in any machine.

Tiwari and Vibhu arrive and ask Teeka and Tillu who this person is. Tillu introduces himself as a food inspector to Vibhu. Vibhu notices him and recognises him as a buddy. Vibhu and Ramesh exchange hugs. Vibhu wonders what Ramesh is doing here. Ramesh informs him that he has been promoted to the position of food inspector. Ramesh questions Tillu and Teeka about why they told him they use expired ingredients. Tillu informs him that they believed you were here to steal their recipe. Vibhu requests that Ramesh leave Teeka and Tillu alone. Ramesh accepts their apology. Teeka and Tillu are grateful to Vibhu. Teeka inquires about Vibhu and Tiwari’s Diwali celebrations. Not very good, says Vibhu. Tillu inquires if they had ever argued with their wives. Tiwari claims that Anu and Angoori are merely speaking nasty stuff. Tillu proposes they buy their Jalebis, after which Anu and Angoori would begin to chat positively. Vibhu requests that they pack 1 kg of Jalebis.

Anu is conversing with her buddy Meenal. Vibhu enters and takes a seat beside her. Anu was speaking negatively about Meenal’s spouse when she hung up the phone. Anu thinks it’s unusual that Meenal hung up the phone. Vibhu tells Anu that she was talking negatively about her spouse, something anyone would have done. Tiwari and Angoori are also seated together. Angoori inquires of Tiwari as to why he is staring at her. Tiwari informs her that her aunt called to wish her a happy Diwali, but you made her hang up due of your insightful comments.

Vibhu and Tiwari are wandering outside their respective homes. Vibhu tells Tiwari that their colony used to light like stars every year, but this year is dark and dreary. Vibhu informs Tiwari that Anu is behind all of this turmoil and that she is to blame. Tiwari informs Vibhu that Anu is innocent, and that Angoori must have instructed Anu to act this way. Vibhu denies, and they begin to dispute. Suddenly, every light turns on, and the entire contemporary colony begins to gleam. Everyone comes out of their dwellings decked out for Diwali. Anu inquires of Vibhu as to why he is surprised. Vibhu is perplexed and says nothing.

Angoori suggests that Vibhu and Tiwari join them in their celebrations. Tiwari questions Anu about their dismal demeanour. Anu informs Tiwari that the tournament was organised by the proprietor of the magazine “chant saheli.” Anu brings the chant saheli representation. The occultist is the same. Vibhu informs Tiwari that the individual reciting with his eyes curled up is the same person. He tells Vibhu that it’s a health issue, and his eyes roll up involuntarily. He informs them that they have won the tournament and that they have received a spoon and a bowl.

David is grateful to Anu and Angoori for making things difficult for this bowl and Spoon. David claims that he was terrified by Anu. Saxena also appears and informs everyone that he has dispersed everything. Vibhu requests that Saxena inform everyone about what he’s been disseminating over the last few days. Saxena claims that his grandfather made 4 crore rupees through shares and that he utilised all of that money to spread happiness in orphanages. He also encourages everyone to spread joy. Everyone admires Saxena. Everyone wishes you a great Diwali!

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