Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st October 2022 episode written update

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Angoori is conversing with Ammaji. Tiwari approaches her and takes a seat beside her. Angoori has placed sarees on the table. Tiwari inquires of Angoori, “Who gave these to you?” Angoori informs him that it is not a gift, but that she shopped her. Tiwari is dissatisfied and asks her how much she spent. Angoori estimates 30k. Tiwari inquires as to where she obtained all of this money. Angoori responds from his locker. Tiwari inquires of Angoori how many sarees she possesses. Angoori responds, “A lot.” Tiwari becomes enraged and questions Angoori about the necessity to boy these sarees. Angoori stated that she enjoyed them. Tiwari becomes even more enraged and declares that she is unconcerned about his efforts. Angoori inquires of Tiwari as to why he is yelling at her. Tiwari advises her to first earn 30k in the market before approaching him. Angoori begins to cry and tosses all of her sarees and departs. Tiwari instructs her to begin preparing dinner.

Everyone is sitting at the tea stand, wondering why Anu called them all. Anu approaches her and informs everyone that she called everyone to launch a campaign against those who consume alcohol and tease others. Teeka becomes depressed and asks Anu, “What is she doing?” Anu informs him that she isn’t against those who drink, but rather against those who drink and tease others. Anu also informs everyone that the commissioner is participating in the campaign with them and orders Manohar to look into the subject further. MasterJi gets enthusiastic and assures Anu that he respects her decision and will assist her in any way she requires. Dr. Gupta proposes that Anu prohibit the usage of alcohol to make things simpler.

Prem inquires of Dr. Gupta as to the nature of his problem. Teeka and Tillu both concur with him. Teeka informs Gupta that they drank with their own money, as opposed to you, who drink with anyone just because it’s free. Gupta explains that he was only making a suggestion. Prem tells him to stop talking. Anu believes Gupta is correct as well. Teeka admits to Anu that he cannot live without booze. Anu tells him that she knows and that this campaign is against people who tease others after being drunk. Saxena also appears and asks Anu whether she is beating those who taunt people after they drink. Yes, says Anu. Saxena inquires as to the process for the beating. Anu informs him that he would first be thrashed with MasterJi’s stick, followed by Manohar’s wooden baton.

Angoori is in tears, lamenting her marriage to Tiwari. Anu approaches and takes a seat beside her. Anu informs Angoori that she has started a campaign. Angoori inquires, “What is she doing there?” Anu informs her that she has started this campaign to combat those who drink and tease others. Angoori respects her decision. Anu hands Angoori a few pamphlets and asks her if she can distribute them among her acquaintances. Angoori has stated that she will do it. Angoori becomes depressed once more. Anu inquires of Angoori, “What happened?” Angoori begins to cry. Anu inquires, “What happened?” Angoori tells her that Tiwari treated her poorly since she purchased three sarees costing Rs.30,000. Anu advises Angoori to earn her own money in order to make Tiwari regret it. Angoori inquires of Anu if this is conceivable. Anu affirms. She, too, is an example. Anu encourages Angoori and assures her that she will find her a job.

David and Vibhu are sitting next to one other. David becomes furious and asks Vibhu where the leftover drink from the night before is. David locates the bottle and begins to consume it. Vibhu urges David to drink it at his own peril because Anu has launched a campaign against drinkers. David replaces the bottle. Anu enters the room and takes a seat next to Vibhu. Anu instructs Vibhu to locate work for Angoori. Vibhu promises to do his best. Vibhu also warns Anu that her campaign may fail. Anu inquires, “Why?” Vibhu informs her that she can drink all the time and will continue to do so regardless of the campaign. Anu informs Vibhu that she is just against individuals who drink and tease others.

David becomes overjoyed and pulls out the bottle once more. Vibhu advises Anu to bring Teeka and Tillu along with her. Anu tells Vibhu that she can’t even take him on this campaign because she doesn’t allow drinks on her team. After drinking, David becomes enraged and begins yelling. Anu dials MasterJi’s number. MasterJi appears and beats him with his staff. Vibhu informs him that he has already warned him. Vibhu inquires of Angoori about the type of job she seeks. Anu requests that Vibhu make recommendations for her. Vibhu expresses his confusion to her. A thief runs past them, his bag in his hand. The owner of the bag is also racing behind him, pleading for assistance. Angoori attacks him with a bottlegourd. Angoori catches the robber as he falls. Angoori begins to beat him and informs him that stealing is a sin. The thief apologises and walks away. After witnessing Angoori, the owner of the bag is taken aback.

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