Bhagya Lakshmi 18th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Balwinder escorting Rishi out of the room. He sees Malishka leave and decides he will not care for her because she was sacrificing him. He goes out, carrying Rishi. Malishka believes Sonia refused to give her her laptop and has no idea what happened to her. She is shocked when she opens the pendrive in her laptop. Bani brings juice for Shalu and Ayush and says she told the waiter she would take it. Ayush admires her sense of humour. Bani claims to have seen Dadi wearing googles. Ayush claims to be similar to me. Shalu compares you to her. Ayush claims to live her life to the fullest. Shalu says we can’t do it. Lakshmi arrives and drinks the juice from Shalu. Shalu takes Ayush’s glass and hands it to Lakshmi. Lakshmi drinks it and tells Rishi that she is drinking her rage. I told you before that Shalu claims Jiju has no affair. What does she want Ayush to say? Ayush claims to have had an affair. Shalu claims that we were aware of Malishka. Lakshmi claims he has an affair with other women. Ayush claims that if he had told me, I would have chosen one of them. Ayush, says Shalu. She requests that Ayush tell the truth. Ayush claims that there is a secret. They take a seat on the chair to listen to him. Ayush claims Rishi bhai is having another affair with Malishka. If you’re joking, Shalu says, I’ll beat you. Lakshmi is taken aback and asks Ayush to tell her about Rishi’s affair. Ayush inquires, “Didn’t you know?” Malishka is aware. Shalu wonders who the third girl is. Ayush claims that she is not the girl. Lakshmi inquires, “What?” Ayush claims that there is no third party. Shalu clenches his teeth and declares that he has an affair with his work and that he is a workaholic. Shalu says you were joking and will now be beaten up. Ayush asks Lakshmi to smile, which he does in order to cheer her up. Lakshmi is upset and departs. Shalu claims they are unaware of their feelings for one another.

Kiran is waiting for Malishka and believes she will force me to drink BP. Malishka arrives. Kiran inquires, “Did you check the pendrive?” Malishka claims that Balwinder has betrayed her. Kiran claims your father informed you. Malishka claims he has never betrayed me before. A young boy requests that Balwinder transport him on the cart. Balwinder invites him to accompany him. He smears the pendrive across the floor. Malishka claims that Balwinder is acting this way because he learned that we were plotting against him and wants to sacrifice and kill him. She claims the pendrive is empty and inquires as to the location of the actual pendrive. Lakshmi is walking when she discovers the pendrive. Kiran inquires as to why he did not give the actual pendrive. Malishka claims he can catch me at any time. Kiran requests that she not be afraid of him. Malishka claims to have evidence against me and blames Kiran and Abhay for their scheme. She says they’ll handle Balwinder like men, and that he’s now a weapon against me. She speculates that he is planning a blunder and takes Kiran’s phone to call him.

Lakshmi enters the room and looks for Rishi. She wonders where he went. She believes she should not have said so much to him, and Shalu and Ayush were correct; he was attempting to make me jealous. She apologises and says, “Let’s end this fight; I’ve come here to cheer you on.” She says, “Come back, where have you gone?” Balwinder arrives at the location, pushing the cart. What’s in it, asks the decorator? Balwinder says cracker and motions for him to leave. Rishi’s hand is noticed by the decorator. Balwinder conceals Rishi’s hand and claims it is only crackers. The decorator shifts the cloth so that Rishi can see him.

Please return, says Lakshmi. Rishi, I’m not feeling well. Balwinder informs the decorator that Virender has requested that he bring the statue. When the decorator sees Rishi’s face, he realises he is not a statue. He introduces himself as Rishi sir and inquires if he murdered him. What are you going to do with him? He claims to be a nice guy. He pushes Balwinder and takes off running. Balwinder receives Malishka’s call and declines it. The decorator calls Ayush, but Ayush is distracted by a game. Balwinder approaches him. The decorator dashes forward and collides with Lakshmi. He thinks it’s a good thing I saw you. Balwinder considers killing him as a way to stop it. A guy, says the decorator. Balwinder keeps the stone inside the cloth and burns it. Lakshmi tells the decorator to relax. She notices the fire and runs to it. Ayush and Shalu also appear. Balwinder knocks the decorator out and causes him to pass out. Suppu was afraid and trying to tell something, according to Lakshmi. Shalu wonders if there is a connection. Virender inquires about Rishi’s whereabouts. Balwinder moves Suppu to the side and conceals him. He claims that he must complete the work before Mahurat arrives.

Dadi thinks it’s great that everything is fine. Neelam asks where Rishi is, and I tell him to come before mahurat. She claims that today’s mahurat cannot be postponed. Virender has stated that he will attend. If Rishi does not appear, Neelam instructs Ayush to perform Ravan dahan.


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