Bhagya Lakshmi 19th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Ayush telling Neelam to relax and that he will go find Rishi. He says Rishi Bhai will accompany me. Balwinder binds Rishi within the Ravan. Ayush dials Rishi’s number. Balwinder has sent him a message. Ayush believes Rishi will arrive. Balwinder speaks to the unconscious Rishi, telling him that he will be in hell until he awakens, and that the soldiers are waiting for him. He claims that if you regain consciousness, you will die of a heart attack. He says I’m doing you a big favour by killing Ravan, and the big thing is that your own family member will kill you. He says we’ll meet in the next birth and goes out of Ravan. Lakshmi misses Rishi and remembers him giving her clothes for Ravan dahan. Rishi checks his clothes after seeing a fb. Lakshmi assists him in putting it on. She compliments you on your appearance. Rishi thanks her and states, “I know I look good.” He says I’ll perform the ritual of firing the arrow at Ravan and that if I hadn’t gotten bail, he would have given me special permission to come here. She inquires as to why it is significant. According to Rishi, victory is required. fb is over. Lakshmi dials Rishi’s phone number, but he does not answer. Lakshmi summons him to Ravan dahan as soon as possible. Balwinder is having Rishi’s mobile and says Ravan Dahan will happen, but Rishi can’t do it, as his own dahan will happen and he will be swaha.

Ayush wonders where Rishi is; he promised to come. Malishka informs Kiran that Rishi is not returning calls or messages. Kiran wonders if Balwinder is seeking retribution from Rishi. Malishka becomes concerned. She dials Balwinder’s number. Balwinder does not answer the phone and informs her that he will not return her call today. Malishka becomes sceptical.

Lakshmi dials Balwinder’s number. Balwinder believes that if she had loved him, he would have made her Rani. He tells her that today is the day of victory over evil, but this is Kalyug, and the opposite has happened; my heart is broken, so let someone else do the Ravan dahan. Lakshmi reads the message and wonders why Rishi would send such a message. She believes someone has his phone and that he is in danger. Ayush approaches the Ravan and smells Rishi’s perfume. He considers where it is coming from. Malishka arrives and asks Ayush if Rishi has been found. Ayush claims that if he had been found, he would have told everyone and that he will not meet anyone secretly again. Malishka inquires, “What do you mean?” Ayush says, “I’ll tell you what I mean as soon as Rishi Bhai is found.” Malishka is annoyed. She smells Rishi’s perfume and asks Ayush if he has found Rishi. Ayush claims that he, too, detected the odour. Malishka inquires if he found him. Ayush claims that if he had been found, he would not have stood here. Sonia calls Ayush and requests Ravan dahan, saying Rishi Bhai is less like Mom and more like Lakshmi. She instructs him to go and change as the mahurat dictates. Ayush claims that if mahurat had not occurred, Rishi bhai would have performed the dahan. Sonia claims that we only have one Ravan at home, Lakshmi, and that she must be evicted.

Lakshmi asks, “Where is Ravan?” Shri Ram asks, “Where is my Ram?” Rishi regains consciousness and becomes enraged, recalling how Balwinder had tied him there. He claims that he will not abandon Balwinder. Neha is sipping on juice. Rano questions why you’re acting as if you haven’t drank. Neha claims I only drank soft drinks and juice. She claims that this is a rare fruit juice that can only be found in wealthy households. Rano asks her to become wealthy and tells her that Dadi sent Shalu to bring Ayush. Neha claims that Dadi assigns work to everyone. Rano instructs Neha to seduce Ayush into marriage. Neha smiles and says she’ll go. Rano requests that she finish her juice. Neha claims that rich people throw away their juice and asks her not to drink. Neha enters Ayush’s room and notices him dressed as Ram. Shri Ram is his given name. He decides to tease her by asking what her wish is. Neha says her husband varies. Vardhaan wala var, says Ayush. He threatens to get angry and asks her what she wants. Neha requests that he give her heart. Ayush tells her that he is busy and that she should ask him what she wants. Neha expresses her desire for a good husband who is loving, caring, and wealthy, and who will keep her as queen. Ayush suggests you must put in some effort. Neha inquires, “What?” Shalu arrives and summons Ayush. Ayush signs her name. Neha says that God is in front of her. Shalu claims that I couldn’t see him. Only Neha believes she can see him. Shalu asks Neha to recognise him as Ayush.

Balwinder believes he has escaped, but Rishi will perish. He imagines Rishi inhaling Ravan and possibly dying before Ravan dahan. Rishi’s face flushes.

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