Bhagya Lakshmi 20th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Ayush questioning Shalu about why she told Neha. Neha becomes agitated and asks Ayush why he made the joke. Ayush asks her not to say anything because he is now in the form of God. Neha takes another seat and declares that she will not be angry. Shalu dispatches Neha. She asks Ayush why he is laughing like Ravan and tells him he is now Shri Ram. Ayush invites her to ask him anything and tells her that she can get blessings from him and that if she does not, God knows what will happen to her. Shalu claims that you are only pretending to be God and that you are not God himself. If she doesn’t want to upset God, Ayush suggests she touch his feet. Shalu touches his feet and wonders if God truly bestows special blessings. She has the same thoughts as I do. Ayush enters Rishi’s room and wonders where he is. He, like Lakshman, believes he is younger than him. He believes Rishi will perform Ravan dahan. Neha waits for Ayush and informs Shalu that he has not arrived yet. Shalu believes I once thought of him as God and carried that thought with me. Neha compares him to Shri Ram and says that if you hadn’t come, he would have blessed me. Shalu claims he was joking with you. Ayush appears and addresses them as balika.

He invites Shalu and Neha to accompany him. Karishma considers what these middle-class girls are doing with Ayush and invites him to accompany her. Shalu invites Neha to accompany her. Neha refuses, but Shalu drags her along. Karishma inquires if Ayush is prepared. Yes, he says. Lakshmi wonders who messaged Rishi’s phone. She collapses and notices Sukhu’s shoes. She notices his legs moving and goes to check on him. She locates Sukhu and requests that he stand. Balwinder looks at her and thinks his fate is bad today, then realises Sukhu doesn’t know his name. Sukhu regains consciousness and reveals that one man was abducting Rishi while he was unconscious. He passes out once more. Balwinder is overjoyed and texts Lakshmi, asking her to come home because he is in trouble and is trapped inside. When Lakshmi reads the message, she believes Rishi is inside. She considers inviting Shalu to Sukhu. Lakshmi continues from there. Balwinder considers locking Lakshmi in the house and believes Rishi will die today.

Neelam requests that Karishma to do Ayush’s tilak. Ayush intervenes. Karishma inquires whether you are insulting me. Ayush says no and tells them to wait for Rishi bhai because he is small. Neelam informs him that Ravan dahan will take place at the appropriate time and requests that he perform the dahan. Karishma happily performs his tilak. Lakshmi is still there, looking for Rishi. Ayush is about to shoot an arrow at Ravan. Rishi notices it through the gap. Balwinder believes that history will be made today when one brother murders another. He believes that evil will triumph over truth today. Ayush fires an arrow at the Ravan, which falls to the ground. He does this on purpose. Rishi becomes concerned. Karishma inquires as to why he is not aiming well. Sonia believes that if Rishi bhai had been present, he would have done it correctly. Ayush instructs them to contact Rishi Bhai. Virender believes you are not acting appropriately. Neelam says you’re doing it on purpose and asks him to perform Ravan dahan for Rishi. Lakshmi overhears the Ravan dahan story and believes it is a trap set by Ravan. She considers calling Shalu. Balwinder believes Rishi will perish this time. Rishi claims that I am inside Ayush. Lakshmi calls Shalu and requests that she look after Sukhu. Shalu inquires, “What happened?” Lakshmi claims Rishi’s life is in danger. Balwinder sees Lakshmi return and believes she won’t be able to find Rishi this time. As Pandit ji says Shri Ram Chandra ki Jai, Virender orders Ayush to fire the arrow.

Malishka informs Kiran that she is now concerned that Balwinder has done something to Rishi. She swears that she will kill him. Balwinder believes that no one can beat him today. Malishka approaches him and inquires about Rishi’s whereabouts. Balwinder inquires, “Who?” Regards, Rishi He inquires if I am his bodyguard. Malishka claims that if you don’t tell her, she will shout and inform everyone that you have arrived. Balwinder declares that today is Ravan’s dahan and that if Suparnakha’s dahan had occurred, he would have performed it. Malishka becomes enraged. Balwinder says he’ll tell who did the hotel incident and that they’re partners in crime. Rishi notices Lakshmi and informs her that she is looking for me. He yells at her, but she can’t hear him.

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