Bhagya Lakshmi 21st October 2022 episode written update

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Balwinder looks at the Ravan and hears Rishi’s voice at the opening of the episode. He wonders if Rishi has acquired consciousness. Rishi promises that once I leave, he would not abandon Balwinder. Balwinder plays the music system kept near the Ravan, confident that no one will hear him today, and that his passage to heaven is guaranteed. When he sees Malishka approaching, he tries to hide his face. Malishka grabs his collar and asks, “Where is Rishi?” She claims that if anything happened to Rishi, she will kill him even if she is sentenced to death by hanging. Balwinder claims that I prefer Lakshmi to Rishi. He claims to have faith in Ravan, which is why he is forgiving her today. Malishka says you?┬áHe tells her that Lakshmi is gazing at her and that she will make her life terrible. Malishka says blo*dy hell and walks away. Swaha, says Balwinder.

Lakshmi approaches the Ravan and summons Shalu. From the start, Rishi looks at Lakshmi. Lakshmi inquires of Shalu whether Subhu has regained consciousness. No, says Shalu. Lakshmi dials Rishi’s number. Rishi notices her and adds, “I am here within,” inviting her to look inside. Rishi, Lakshmi believes, is somewhere inside. Rishi begs Lakshmi to help him. He closes her eyes and says, “Are you hearing me?” Yes, Lakshmi responds, I can hear you. Rishi adds, “Look at me, I’m trapped inside the Ravan.” Lakshmi glances at Ravan and understands he is viewing his garments from inside. Rishi says, “I am within the Ravan; please save me.” Lakshmi notices Ayush ready to fire an arrow at the Ravan and attempts to stop him, but Ayush ignores her and fires the arrow. The fire arrow lands near the Ravan, and the flames quickly catches up with it.

Lakshmi enters the Ravan. Balwinder believes Lakshmi found him. Rishi urges Lakshmi to accompany him because the fire has engulfed him. Lakshmi has stated that she will not abandon him. Lakshmi climbs the bound wooden logs to free Rishi. Balwinder selects a stone and hurls it at Lakshmi’s head. Lakshmi inquires as to who has tied you here. Balwinder tosses a stone on her head, causing her to pass out. Rishi believes she will be wounded if she falls. He manages to embrace her with his tied hands and holds her, telling her that he can’t live without her, that he doesn’t want to lose her, that he wants to live with her, that he likes her, and that he wants her to open her eyes. He says I will not let anything happen to you.

Lakshmi awakens and declares, “I will not let anything happen to you.” Rishi begs her to open her eyes and then saves him as his saviour. They notice Ayush poised to shoot another fire arrow. They yell Ayush. Rishi instructs Lakshmi to leave and let him die. Lakshmi slaps Rishi and exclaims, “I will kill you, I will die, but I will not leave you.” Rishi claims that you cannot save me. If I can’t save you, Lakshmi adds, “I’ll die with you.” Rishi inquires as to our plans. Ayush unleashes the flaming arrow. It pierces Ravan’s stomach and enters. Lakshmi catches the arrow just as it is about to strike Rishi. Virender notices Lakshmi’s dupatta piece emerging from Ravan and orders Ayush to stop, stating that if Lakshmi is present, Rishi would be as well. Ayush is stunned and claims I launched a flaming arrow at them. Dadi instructs them to go save Lakshmi and Rishi. Kiran informs Malishka that Lakshmi and Rishi are trapped within the Ravan. Malishka remembers what Balwinder said.

Ayush and Virender enter the Ravan. Lakshmi requests that Ayush do something. Lakshmi attempts to undo the rope. Balwinder considers burning Rishi and believes he must also burn Lakshmi. He ignites the arrow and strikes the Ravan. The arrow enters the Ravan and ignites her dupatta. Rishi and Lakshmi both collapse. Neelam explains who shot this arrow. Malishka and others witness the Ravan’s arrow being fired. Lakshmi passes out. Rishi contacts her and assures her that nothing will happen to her. He drags an unconscious Lakshmi out of the Ravan. Ayush and Virender also appear. Rishi pulls Lakshmi into their room and tells her to get up and wake up since she has saved him. She says, “Get up for me.” She says, “I told you to save yourselves and let me die, but you didn’t listen.” He assures you that he is with you and would not let anything happen to you. He requests that Neelam investigate what Lakshmi done. He instructs Virender to request that Lakshmi awaken. He claims she’s strong and would have stood up by now. He instructs Virender to contact the doctor. Virender claims to have already called. Rishi instructs Lakshmi to regain consciousness and instructs Virender to contact the doctor once more. He requests that she open her eyes for him. Malishka is taken aback by his feelings for Lakshmi.

Ahana, Dadi, and bani all pray for Lakshmi’s health. Dadi claims that God will hear our prayers and that nothing bad will happen to her. She claims that a major incident has occurred, and she requests that he protect her.

Neelam tells Rishi to relax and that she will be OK. She requests that he see himself. Malishka inquires as to your well-being. Rishi exclaims that he is alright, while Lakshmi is in pain. He urges Neelam to pray for Lakshmi and says that if anything happens to him, he will be OK because Lakshmi is fine. He requests that they pray for Lakshmi. Ayush shows up. Neelam inquires as to how you entered the Ravan. Rishi says we’ll discuss after Lakshmi recovers. A doctor arrives and examines her. He claims she fainted as a result of the trauma. He inquires as to what exactly occurred. Neelam claims to have fallen near the Ravan. She is OK, according to the doctor. Rishi claims she has not yet gained consciousness. The doctor assures them that she will be OK and instructs them to go fetch the medication. He walks away. Shalu arrives and asks Ayush what Doctor said. Ayush claims that the doctor advised Lakshmi not to be stressed. Karishma claims that we all heard. Neelam begs Rishi to explain how he got there. Virender inquires. Rishi remembers Balwinder driving him there.

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