Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Neelam asking Rishi how he got into the Raavan Effigy. Rishi decides not to inform them about Balwinder because it will make them nervous. Guddu wonders if Balwinder is insane. Balwinder claims he is insane, that Rishi has escaped again, and that Lakshmi has saved him. Balwinder screams at Guddu. Guddu inquires of Balwinder whether Rishi saw him. Balwinder claims that he told Rishi that he would die today as a result of Balwinder. Rishi claims he has no recollection of how he arrived. Karishma questions Rishi about his inability to remember. Rishi invents a rationale and claims he was unconscious. Rishi expresses gratitude to Lakshmi for once again saving his life.

Balwinder and Guddu disagree. Guddu instructs Balwinder to go immediately. Balwinder claims that if someone were to come, they would have already come, and that no one would believe that a criminal would stay in his home after committing a crime. Balwinder has stated that he will remain here. Balwinder requests alcohol from Guddu.

Rishi thanks God for ensuring that nothing bad happened to Lakshmi. Rishi wonders why Lakshmi has become so important to him. Rishi considers Lakshmi to be more vital than his own life. Rishi notices Ayush. Rishi tells Ayush that he has no idea when Lakshmi became so important to him. Rishi describes what occurred in the fire. Rishi wonders when Lakshmi became so important to him. When Ayush loves Lakhsmi, he responds. Ayush reminds Rishi of his behaviour with Lakshmi and asks why he won’t accept it’s love.

Shalu is concerned about Lakshmi. Shalu wonders why Lakshmi had to go through all of this. Lakshmi becomes aware. Shalu inquires about Lakshmi’s health. Lakshmi requests Rishi. Shalu says she’ll call him later. Lakshmi meets with Rishi. Shalu stops Lakshmi and tells her that she needs to relax. Lakshmi says Rishi will be unhappy with her and departs. Rishi tells Ayush that Lakshmi and himself like one other but do not love each other. Rishi claims that if another individual were in his shoes, they would feel the same way. Rishi claims they are not in love. Rishi then walks away.

Malishka lashes out, claiming she would have killed Balwinder if she had known he was planning to murder Rishi. Malishka calls Balwinder to share her thoughts. Balwinder answers the phone. Malishka begins yelling at him over the phone. Balwinder tells Malishka to stop talking and claims Rishi stole his love and attempted to murder him. Malishka claims that if she had known he was coming to kill Rishi, she would have killed him. Malishka claims he is a cheat and that she discovered nothing on the pen drive. Balwinder claims he gave the pen drive knowing there was nothing on it as they attempted to backstab him. Balwinder hangs up the phone.

Lakshmi recognises Rishi and embraces him. Lakshmi inquires about Rishi’s health. Rishi claims that nothing bad would happen to him because she saved him by being his shield. Rishi asks Lakshmi if she has any special abilities as she leaps into the flames to save him. Lakshmi says she couldn’t think of anything else because he is in danger and that she first thought of saving him. When he is in danger, Lakshmi says she can’t think of anything. Rishi questions Lakshmi about her thoughts. Shalu notices this and believes it is time for Lakshmi to voice her feelings. Ayush believes that if Lakshmi does not express her feelings, Rishi should take the initiative and do so.

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