Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Virender calling Lakshmi. Lakshmi embraces him. Virender thanks her for saving Rishi’s life and says she has done him a great favour. Lakshmi adds, “Don’t say anything; this is my responsibility.” Dadi greets her with your love and inquires about her well-being. Lakshmi claims to be OK. Dadi claims she is ancient, but her eyesight is excellent. Ayush agrees and explains what Dadi was saying about love. Who sends you to help Rishi, Dadi says, because your love is greater than your responsibility. She asks Lakshmi to say something. Neelam requests that Dadi refrain from pressuring others to believe her. She expresses gratitude to Neelam for saving Rishi and requests her not to believe, as others do, that she saved Rishi for her love. Dadi inquires, “What was it then?” Neelam believes Lakshmi would accept herself as she is. Neelam, says Virender. Neelam explains, “For the time being, what concerns to me is how my son got into Ravan’s effigy.” She claims Rishi apprehended Balwinder, so if Balwinder. She inquires Lakshmi as to how she arrived there. Lakshmi claims that while looking for Rishi, she came across Subhu, who was chained and told her that someone had rendered Rishi unconscious and that when she arrived, she saw Rishi. So you didn’t see him, Virender says. Rishi is sorry and believes I am alone enough to manage Balwinder.

Later, Rishi, Lakshmi, Ayush, and Shalu board the bus. Rishi believes that I am alone enough for Balwinder. Ayush claims that we will not leave you alone. Shalu inquires as to why you did not inform the family. Rishi believes they must have become concerned. Lakshmi claims that they are still concerned. Rishi claims that he planned to catch him first and then inform everyone. They inquire as to their destination. Rishi suggests they go to Balwinder’s place. Lakshmi says he knows you’re OK and won’t be there. Rishi cites instances and says that Balwinder would only be there for a short time and that we will catch him.

Balwinder becomes uncomfortable and informs Guddu that Rishi is welcome to visit at any time. He requests gastric issue medication and says they will get it from the chemist. He says we’ll run because Rishi is a step ahead of him. They are packing their belongings and preparing to flee. They push open the door. Rishi strikes Balwinder with a blow. Rishi claims he did not die and is being saved by Lakshmi. Ayush grabs Guddu and inquires as to what you were doing outside the office. Malishka enters Rishi’s chamber and wonders what they are up to and where Rishi has gone. Rishi informs Balwinder that even if 1000 Balwinders arrive, they will not be able to kill her because Lakshmi is his shield. He then grabs Guddu and inquires as to what he was doing outside the office. Guddu claims I’ll die but won’t reveal how. Ayush beats Balwinder and claims that my bhabhi is with my brother and serves as his bodyguard. Balwinder believes that if she had been his wife, she would have saved him in the same way that Rishi was saved. Malishka considers alerting Balwinder so that he flees.

Lakshmi becomes enraged and slaps Balwinder. She then grabs a rod and asks, “How dare you try to kill Rishi?” Balwinder declares, “I adore you.” Rishi becomes enraged and seizes him. Malishka dials Balwinder’s number. Lakshmi hears his phone ring and assumes Malishka has called; she will not be revealed. Balwinder believes Malishka will not be apprehended and pushes Rishi. Lakshmi takes out her phone and answers the call. The wrong number is on the line. Malishka notices that the number is occupied. Karishma approaches and places her hand on her shoulder. She inquires if you have any work. Malishka claims she came here to make Rishi understand since she was concerned about him. She claims Rishi and the uneducated girl are not present. She inquires whether Lakshmi has taken him with her. Karishma says it’s tough to say.

Balwinder is asked to tell the truth by Rishi. Lakshmi informs Ayush that Rishi is unaware of Malishka and Balwinder. Ayush requests that Balwinder tell him about his partner. Rishi asks him to say something. Malishka informs Karishma that Lakshmi is manipulating Rishi and capturing him. Karishma claims that I have no control over my own son. Malishka inquires about Ayush. Karishma claims that he is not at home. Malishka feels it’s a good thing her phone call didn’t connect since she would have exposed herself. Balwinder informs Rishi that no one was with him and inquires as to where he should write.

Rishi slaps him. Balwinder faints and collapses. Karishma tells Malishka not to be concerned about Ayush. Malishka adds, “I know,” which is why I’m only thinking about Rishi. Karishma cuddles her and assures her that everything would be alright.

Ayush examines Balwinder and reports that he has fainted. Rishi claims to be an actor. Lakshmi says we’ll turn him over to the police. Rishi agrees with you. Balwinder blinks open his eyes and gestures to Guddu. Balwinder and Guddu both push them and flee. Rishi and Ayush chase after them, but they’ve gotten away. Lakshmi and Shalu appear. Lakshmi collapses. Rishi becomes concerned and lifts Lakshmi. Ayush summons Shalu and promises to drop her off. Shalu requests that he bring the car. Lakshmi requests that Rishi leave her alone. She claims she had no leg injuries. Rishi believes you are prone to mishaps. Lakshmi predicts that you will become fatigued. Rishi claims that I work out at the gym. Okay, says Lakshmi, I’ll sit correctly. Rishi claims that I am concerned about you becoming overweight. Lakshmi inquires whether you labelled me obese and inquires about the lean female. Rishi describes her as thin, similar to Malishka. Lakshmi claims she was not distressed. He asks if I want to go out with other girls, and you won’t mind. Lakshmi begs him to hold her down and tells him that now that you’re going out with girls, you can lift them. Rishi says he’ll call you later. Ayush arrives with a car. Lakshmi claims that a car is better for me, but he is unable to get me home. She is sitting in the car. Rishi takes the front seat, then gets down and sits next to Lakshmi. Lakshmi beams.

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