Bhagya Lakshmi 24th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Malishka concerned that Rishi has captured Balwinder and forced him to speak the truth by truth. She considers not thinking negatively, considers calling Balwinder, and then decides not to call him for fear of being detected. Rishi and Lakshmi have returned home. Malishka believes they have arrived, but they appear normal, as if they have not come to learn the truth. She questions Rishi about why he went following an attack on him. She then asks Lakshmi why she took him with her, so that the attack on him might happen again and she can save his life and become great again. Rishi inquires as to why he is speaking to her in this manner. If that attacker returns to kill you, Malishka says. Lakshmi inquires as to why you are waiting to see if the attacker is apprehended. If you’re curious about Rishi, he says sure. Malishka expresses concern for you and wishes to learn more about the assailant/murderer. She inquires as to whether you are acquainted with him. Rishi answers no and promises that if he/she makes a mistake, we will catch him/her. Malishka decides to remain silent and tells Rishi that she is relieved that he is safe and that nothing is important to her. She wants Rishi to look after him and expresses her love for him. She hugs him goodbye and walks away. Rishi calls Lakshmi and tells her he will apply ointment to her. Lakshmi claims she did not sustain the major harm. Malishka arrives at her home. Balwinder is grabbing Malishka from behind. Malishka smacks him and asks, “How can you touch Rishi and seek to snatch my life and make my love leave me?”

Balwinder claims I warned you and your father that you were ready to ruin my life. He claims that you were initially behind Lakshmi and now behind me. Malishka claims that I paid you to send Lakshmi to jail rather than kill her, and that what you were doing was killing Rishi. Balwinder claims he did not die and refers to her as a chameleon. Malishka claims you handed me the wrong pendrive and referred to me as a chameleon. Balwinder claims he did it on purpose. He asks her not to be hostile to him and warns that it will be difficult. He requests her assistance and informs her that Rishi has battered him, that he has taken clothes from the mechanic garage, and that she must make plans for her stay. Malishka worries if he’s gone insane. Balwinder has informed me that I will remain in this room. Malishka invites him to accompany her. Balwinder requests that she preserve her make-up and informs her that it will be needed in jail. Malishka inquires whether you are threatening me. Balwinder claims that I am your partner and that we would assist one another. Malishka responds, “Fine, I’ll help you.” She asks him to respect his boundaries. She says you can stay if you give me your pendrive. Balwinder checks his pocket and says he has no idea where it dropped. He claims he didn’t see the pendrive and only had it with him for his own safety. Malishka wonders if you’ve gone insane. Lakshmi dials Rishi’s number. Rishi shows up. Lakshmi inquires if it is yours. No, replies Rishi, but it is employed in our hotels. If it dropped from the robber who took it, Lakshmi says. Balwinder wonders what’s on that pendrive. Malishka claims it is our death warrant.

Lakshmi claims the pendrive was stolen and that the thief threw it away. Rishi believes Balwinder may have had it. He goes to retrieve his laptop. Malishka becomes concerned when she learns that it has fallen near the Ravan effigy ground. She becomes concerned that someone could obtain it. Lakshmi and Rishi are playing with the pendrive. Lakshmi claims it is substantial evidence that can prove our innocence. Rishi claims that we now know who the true criminal is. Malishka leads Balwinder to his room. Balwinder is overjoyed when he sees the beautiful chamber. He requests a drink. Malishka says you’re welcome to remain. Balwinder claims he can get one murder every month for you and will stay here for the rest of his life.

Malishka says you’re welcome to remain for a while. She warns him and tells him to keep inside his limitations or she would notify Neelam. She asks him once more whether he has a pendrive. Balwinder swears on Kiran before swearing on his mother. Malishka is concerned that Lakshmi will obtain the pendrive. She asks him to remain hidden in the room. Balwinder claims I don’t sleep alone at night. Malishka gives him a slap. He questions why you slapped me, claiming that he cannot sleep without drinking. Malishka requests that he open the almira and drink. He considers his remarks and believes she misunderstood him. He enjoys wine.

Rishi informs Lakshmi that God granted them this pendrive because their hearts are pure. Lakshmi claims that we have apprehended the true criminal. Malishka believes this pendrive poses a threat to my life and hopes Lakshmi does not obtain it. She notices the broken star and declares that they will not see the pendrive, and if they do, they will not know anything about me. Lakshmi informs Rishi that the pendrive will be given to the police. Rishi claims that we have suffered greatly as a result of the criminal and vows to punish him. He claims that he will have dreams about 7 births jail rather than 7 births relationship. Malishka believes she should think about Rishi and her so that she might dream about him for 7 lifetimes. She tries to sleep and falls asleep on the bed.

The next day, Ahana approaches Neelam and Virender and informs them of some exciting news. Karishma arrives and says, “I shall say.” She informs us that the criminal has been apprehended. They both say the same thing at the same moment. What did you say, Neelam and Virender? Dadi says she will say something and informs Rishi that he went to the PS. Karishma wonders if good news is delivered in this manner. She informs him that the true criminal has been apprehended and Rishi’s innocence has been proven, and that he has been released without incident. Virender expresses gratitude to God. He claims they will now be proven innocent. Neelam claims that our name will now be saved. She wonders what occurred. Dadi asks who can perform miracles because there is only one person who can do this? Neelam says yes, our son Rishi. Dadi says no, Lakshmi Rishi Oberoi.

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