Bhagya Lakshmi 25th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Neelam stating that there is only one person who can perform this miracle, namely our son Rishi. Lakshmi Rishi Oberoi, Dadi says no. Ahana reports that Lakshmi discovered the pendrive and displayed it to the family. She claims that Lakshmi bhabhi has performed a miracle and that she is a miracle for us. Karishma actually asks; she first captures us and then acts to release us. Virender wonders how you found out initially, and we don’t know. Ahana informs them that Ayush is leaving. Dadi claims Lakshmi informed her early in the morning that Rishi will be cleared of all charges. She expresses a desire for a prize. Virender inquires about the guilty party. Ahana says Rishi Bhai will tell him later. Neelam believes that whomever committed the crime should be hanged. Rishi was imprisoned as a result of that individual. Dadi claims that even Lakshmi was imprisoned. Neelam wishes to see the guilty hung.

Malishka becomes enraged as she hears the door knocking. Balwinder gets out of bed when he hears the door knock. He wonders why someone is pounding on the door while the doorbell is set to ring. Kiran opens the door to find Rishi standing there with Police. She is taken aback and says Rishi. Rishi enters and sees Malishka waiting there. Balwinder sees Police and believes Malishka called them by allowing me to stay here. He therefore believes she would not have phoned police right now. He decides to wait.

Rishi informs Malishka that he has viewed the film and inquires as to when you become this way. He claims you were in the hotel that day, which I have witnessed. He claims we went to the police station in the morning with the footage. A FB is displayed, the inspector examines the pendrive, and declares that the genuine perpetrator has been apprehended. Lakshmi inquires whether Rishi has been proven innocent. Inspector agrees and expresses regret that Rishi has to remain in jail. He asks if you were aware of the CCTV footage. Ayush believes you would have considered it. Lakshmi says it’s fine; the criminal will be apprehended now. Inspector says he’ll go find the offender. Rishi says I’ll accompany you. Facebook is shutting down. Rishi informs Malishka that he has brought an Inspector, a lady constable, and a constable with him. Kiran inquires as to why Rishi. Rishi claims I went to Balwinder’s phone and discovered my phone there. Balwinder believes Malishka will be arrested soon. He believes I will go to jail if I am apprehended and plans to flee.

Rishi confesses to Malishka that she broke his heart. Malishka claims she did not break your heart and promises to tell you the truth. Lakshmi speculates on how the police will apprehend Balwinder, who eloped the day before. Ayush informs her that Rishi has been cleared of all charges. He compliments you and informs you that Shalu is not awful. In the footage, Lakshmi claims that Malishka and Balwinder were seen meeting as Shalu looked on. My heart tells me that Balwinder and Malishka did this jointly. We can’t say till Balwinder confesses, says Ayush, if your heart is telling you something. Malishka says everyone knows that I can do anything for you, for your love and wait so much to marry you. Lakshmi tells that Malishka will confess, just as she thinks that she is about to get caught. She says she just wants Rishi and can do wrong for him. Ayush says she has already done wrong.

Malishka informs Rishi that she didn’t notice him approaching Lakshmi and made a mistake. Ayush swears to you that he will shave her head and force her to ride a donkey around the city. He wonders if Rishi had any doubts about Malishka after seeing the footage. Malishka expresses regret to Rishi. Balwinder believes that you should not say anything. Rishi inquires as to what error you have committed. In the motel, Malishka says. She realises Rishi didn’t come to know anything and considers herself silly for thinking so. Rishi claims that he watched the footage and that Balwinder did it. Malishka claims she didn’t see him and behaves as if she didn’t see him and swears she would have killed him. She says I am apologizing to you for couldn’t do anything for you. He says Lakshmi was not there in kitchen, but you was there. he says he couldn’t see some of the footage as cameras were under maintenance. Malishka thinks that’s why she is not caught. Balwinder thinks she is trapping him.

Kiran questions Rishi about why he brought them here. Rishi claims that Balwinder is not in his home, and the Inspector believes that Balwinder has the ability to kill you. Malishka claims he will not harm me and has no animosity toward me. Inspector says you can be pals with him after that. Malishka claims he is a true foe, and you claim I shall befriend him. Inspector believes he came here to kill Malishka or to seek his assistance. Kiran claims that my daughter has no relationship with Balwinder. Inspector replies, “When I saw the footage, I became sceptical of you.” He promises to search her home. Kiran requests that they inspect her home. Malishka asks, “How can you say that?” Let him check the house, says Kiran. What should Balwinder do? Malishka considers using Rishi to stop Inspector. Inspector is dispatched by Rishi to investigate. Malishka asks Rishi how he can see her being humiliated by the police and if he doesn’t know what their relationship is. She claims you are mine and that I am willing to devote my life for you. She explains to Kiran that she is her daughter and that she does not trust her. She informs Rishi that everyone is aware of their relationship and urges him to consider his image and how he will face everyone after criticising him. Rishi tells Inspector that he trusts her and asks him not to check her house. Inspector says ok. Malishka says you gave me good news that you are freed of charges, and says I will come to the PS with you. She goes to change.

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