Bhagya Lakshmi 6th October 2022 episode written update

Jail scene from Bhagya Lakshmi serial

The episode begins with Virender and Lakshmi arriving at PS and informing them that they have come to obtain Rishi’s bail. Virender speaks with Basu and informs Inspector that he is on his way. According to the inspector, obtaining bail is difficult. Lakshmi inquires as to whether Rishi has been granted bail. We’re moving him to another jail, according to the inspector. Basu enters the room. Lakshmi inquires, “Did he get bail?” She enters to see Rishi. Rishi smiles when he sees her. He asks if he got the bond and asks her to do anything, saying he doesn’t want to leave here and that he is being transferred to another jail. Lakshmi claims we came here for your bail. Rishi says, “I am very proud of you.” Lakshmi reports that Bau ji and Basu uncle are speaking with Inspector. Rishi is summoned by the constable. Lakshmi requests that he come out first. Rishi says I’m not going anywhere. Lakshmi says I’ll accompany you. To jail, he says. Lakshmi says you received the bail and we’re leaving. Rishi smiles and hugs Lakshmi, then the constable. Virender informs Rishi that he was granted bail because of Lakshmi.

Dadi instructs Shalu to ask juice from Mahesh. Shalu says I’ll bring it. Sonia informs us that no pendrive will be arriving. Ayush claims that if it hadn’t been edited, we would have seen the footage by now. Sonia claims that no footage will be released because it is all Lakshmi’s drama. Sonia, according to Karishma, is correct. Dadi believes they will be quiet once the footage arrives. Rishi Bhai, according to Sonia, will not be granted bail. Virender instructs Lakshmi to contact Neelam and inform her that Rishi has been granted bail. He says Neelam will realise that you are not unlucky. Neelam inquires as to why Sonia is speaking in this manner. Sonia claims he will not be granted bail because he brought the unlucky Lakshmi with him.

Lakshmi dials Neelam’s number from Virender’s phone. Neelam asks, “How dare you contact me from Virender’s phone?” Lakshmi claims I intended to say that. According to Neelam, you have become an eclipse for my son. Lakshmi responds, “I understand your concern; we came here for Rishi’s bail.” Neelam claims Rishi was denied bail because of your bad luck. Lakshmi says no, Rishi has been released on bail and is returning home. Malishka smiles as she hugs Sonia. Neelam embraces Malishka. Ayush hugs Dadi and tells her that Lakshmi Bhabhi accomplished it and that she is bringing Bhai home. Dadi claims that everyone is suddenly quiet. She informs Neelam that if Lakshmi makes a mistake, you scold her severely and wonders if you will now respect her. Neelam inquires as to why you only see Lakshmi and what her current situation is. She claims your son went to seek bail for Rishi, and that’s why he’ll be remembered fondly by everyone. She informs Ayush that it was done by his mother. Yes, says Ayush. Hooray hip hurray, he says. Malishka considers whether she should rejoice or be upset.

Lakshmi hugs Virender and expresses her desire to meet Mummy ji as well. He claims that one of the bricks broke today. Rishi appears and says, “Dad, your daughter may divide you from me.” If you say this, Lakshmi says, I will have you beaten up by Bau ji. Rishi also embraces them.

Guddu is on his way, following Ravi’s automobile. Balwinder claims that I stored the nails in order to puncture the automobile. Ravi shows up. Balwinder threatens him with giving up everything he owns. Ravi claims that he has nothing. Balwinder inquires as to what you have in your pocket. He robs him of his money and pendrive. He then invites Ravi to sit in the car, and they drive away. Ravi sits down and observes.

Balwinder informs Guddu that he did the theft in order to obtain the pendrive. Mangesh phones Ravi and inquires as to his whereabouts. Ravi claims that some thugs robbed him and stole his pendrive. Mangesh is taken aback. Ravi claims, however, that he has the footage pendrive in the car.

The Servant is scolded by Neelam for allowing Shalu to work in the kitchen. She says she’ll prepare meals because my kid is arriving. Shalu notices and smiles. To stay in her sister’s sasural, Malishka labels her shameless. Shalu claims this is my sister’s sasural, but you know nothing about it. She claims I am Shalu, not Lakshmi, and that I reveal my identity to everyone. She responds appropriately and departs. Malishka claims that soon she arrives, she will crush Lakshmi and Shalu under her feet.

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