Bhagya Lakshmi 7th October 2022 episode written update

A scene from Bhagya Lakshmi serial

The episode begins with Malishka stating that whenever she marries Rishi and comes here, she will lock everyone who is with Lakshmi. She claims she did something major in the hotel and that many people could have died, but nothing happened to Lakshmi, and this Balwinder is useless and incapable of doing any work effectively. She claims I despise Lakshmi. Rishi is returned home by Lakshmi and Virender. Rishi says home sweet home and that while we are away from home, we miss it. According to Lakshmi, we value our relationships as well. Rishi affirms. Mummy ji will be delighted to meet you, according to Lakshmi, and must be waiting. He claims you care deeply about everyone. Lakshmi claims that she does not think about a single person, i.e., you. He invites her to take his hand in hers as they walk inside. Virender wonders why Neelam couldn’t recognise their love.

Rishi’s food is prepared by Neelam. Your servant thinks you appear harsh but are soft. Karishma appears and compliments her. She requests that she come out quickly. Neelam inquires, “Did he come?” She asks her to bring an aarti platter and says she is going to see her son. Ayush opens the door and invites Rishi inside. Karishma stops him and tells him that someone’s unlucky sight is on Rishi, and that we must do aarti to remove it. Neelam performs his aarti and invites him inside. Rishi enters the house with Lakshmi. Neelam inquires, “Why did you do this to me?” Rishi tells Mom that he can’t see tears in her eyes, that he is fit and fine, and that Lakshmi made him eat meals even in jail. He claims he can’t stand seeing her sad and tells her not to cry.

Neelam wonders why you left while you care so much for me. Dadi requests that Neelam celebrate her happiness. Neelam turns to face Lakshmi. Dadi adds Virender would also receive a hug. Lakshmi, according to Virender, deserves a hug. Dadi says I’m going to hug her. Ayush claims that you must climb the stairs to hug her. Lakshmi says I’ll kneel to hug Dadi. She kneels and embraces Dadi. Dadi says we’ll embrace her a lot to thank Lakshmi. Shalu and Ayush embrace Lakshmi. Karishma requests them to stop and explains that Rishi has been released on bond thanks to his lawyer. Virender claims that Lakshmi provided the idea to Basu and convinced Judge that Rishi loves her so much that he blamed himself.

He claims she told him that if Rishi does not receive bail, he will imprison Lakshmi as well. Karishma says you’re always trying to improve Lakshmi. Neelam says she doesn’t want to hear someone’s assessment or fight. She adds she is relieved that my son is OK and that the meal is homemade when prepared at home. She informs him that she has prepared dinner for him and requests that he change his clothes. Rishi promises to return. Dadi instructs Lakshmi to follow Rishi and engage in some romance. Lakshmi inquires, “What are you saying?” Ayush says that if Nani says so, he will hug Shalu. Shalu inquires, “What are you saying?” She invites Lakshmi to accompany her. Dadi asks lakshmi to do some romance.

Malishka becomes enraged because she believes Balwinder is not phoning her. Balwinder dials Malishka’s number. Karishma arrives and is about to answer the phone. Malishka pulls out her phone, thinking this cheapo is calling in front of Karishma. She declines the call. According to Karishma, Rishi returned home and went to his room. She requests that she do anything to stop everyone from saying wow. Malishka believes I must first save myself before claiming Rishi. She calls and inquires about the pendrive. Balwinder confirms, “I got it.” Malishka says it’s a question of life and death and brands him a fool. Karishma inquires as to whom she was conversing. Malishka remains silent. Karishma inquires if Kiran is available. Malishka says no. Karishma asks her to tell Kiran that Rishi came home.

Malishka calls Kiran and informs him of some good news. Kiran inquires about Rishi and your marriage. Malishka inquires as to whether you are my biological mother. This, according to Kiran, is happiness for me. Rishi, according to Malishka, has returned home. Kiran inquires if you have been apprehended. Malishka declines. Kiran requests that she make Rishi hers and win his heart. Malishka promises to make certain.

Shalu dials Bani’s number. Bani answers the phone. Jiju, according to Shalu, returned home on bail. Bani smiles and tells Rano happily. Rano inquires if Bal…and responds with balle balle. She wonders who the rea perpetrator is. Bani responds, “I’m not sure.” Rano instructs her to prepare halwa and informs her that they will consume it. Bani suggests almond halwa. Rano believes she can extort money from him even today.

Malishka collides with Shalu and confronts her. Ayush shows up. Shalu claims Malishka went to meet Rishi. Ayush claims that we will be even faster. Malishka enters and falls on Rishi. Rishi is holding her. Malishka sits on the bed, moaning about her discomfort. Lakshmi inquires about her health. Rishi claims to be in pain. Lakshmi says I’m questioning her. Shalu claims she will heal her foot and has completed a course. Ayush hugs Rishi and tells him that they would treat Malishka’s foot and make it better. Malishka, according to Shalu, will not use her foot here and there.

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