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2:30 AM

Nimrit suggests that we assign tasks. She claims we have someone to cook for us. She requests that Abdu clean. She inquires of Sajid. Sajid said I can do the dishes. Ankit claims I can also do the dishes. Nimrit requests that Stan clean the living room. I can cook, according to Soundarya, but I am a vegan. Nimrit informs Sajid that he must share the bed with Shiv. She requests that Sumbul share it with Gori.

2:45 AM

Sajid says that smoking is risky, but you won’t die of shock, dogs won’t bite you, and robbers won’t come. Because you will cough all day, the dog will not bite. They won’t come because you’ll be awake all night. And you’ll die slowly, so no shock.

3:30 AM

Sajid and Abdu enter the discussion room. Sajid, Abdu is our guest, and we want you to be his interpreter, says Bigg Boss. He requests that everyone be informed. Sajid claims to be Abdu’s official interpreter. Sajid shows Abdu around the house. He warns that the pool is dangerously deep. He claims to be Bakri (goat).

4:00 AM

Abdu tells Bigg Boss that he is comfortable with translation. He requests that small weights be sent to him for exercise. Please, Bigg Boss, says Sajid.

4:45 AM

I sat next to Archana, says Soundarya. Priyanka describes herself as pretentious. She wants to be involved in everything. Yes, Sreejita says she wants to be involved in everything. Archana claims that you prepare for them and that they do this.

10:00 AM

Archana tells Tina that she left the stone on. Take care. Tina claims I did not. I closed it. Accept your error, urges Archana. Tina tells me to stop talking. Then I’m lying, says Archana. I should not have left it turned on. Gori claims to have seen one.

12:00 PM

Everyone rises up and starts dancing.

1:00 PM

Sajid and Abdu are both laughing. He reveals a secret to Sajid. Sajid thinks he’s adorable. Tina agrees that he is quite cute. According to Soundarya, I have never stolen. Sajid responds, “But you claimed you came here to make money.” Manya claims that money is currently more important to her.

1:30 PM

Abdu takes out his little mic. Everyone is content. They all embrace him. He thinks it’s lovely. Tina inquires of MC, “What is your real name?” Altaf, he says. She asks, “Why did you call yourself Mc?” He claims I enjoyed it. When I became renowned, I dropped out of college. MC performs a rap for them. They’re all having a good time. Nimrit has also joined them. They all applaud. Ankit expresses himself extremely well.

2:00 PM

Bigg Boss welcomes them. What’s next, he asks? They’re all saying task. He claims that you all want to establish a name for yourself. First and foremost, I wish you all a happy morning. I don’t want you all to be carbon copies of previous participants. I want you to all change. The system is unique. The morning song is the first item that would be changed. The alarm will wake you all up, and you will all sing Bigg boss alert. Everyone is taken aback. They saw it written on the wall. According to Bigg Boss, this captain’s responsibility. They all sing the national anthem together. They claim we enjoy it. Bigg Boss advises you to learn it so you don’t destroy his mood in the morning. Nimrit instructs Abdu. According to Archana, “I assumed I’d get to dance to beautiful songs.”

2:30 PM

Nimrit says that we have eaten all of the eggs today. We must be careful. Tiina says you’re the captain, so make a decision. Sajid advises taking a stand and carrying it out. Don’t bring it up with anyone. Sajid inquires about Abdu’s girlfriend. He claims I had one, but she’s gone. Partha is given to him by Sajid.

3:45 PM

Sajid asks Abdu if he is rich. He claims that he is not rich, and that he has only recently begun to generate money. My life had been quite difficult. We had a terrible childhood. When I return, I plan to buy a new house. Sajid describes you as intelligent and caring. Let them make fun of you if they want to. He responds, “I don’t care.” It’s their fault if they’re laughing. Sajid advises not going in the pool since it is too deep. They both laugh.

4:00 PM

Shiv and Abdu are cleaning. Shiv asks Sajid to bring a dustbin. He brings it out. Shiv receives it from Abdu. They both sweep the floor. The phone rings. Tina chooses. It’s Amir Khan calling. She’s taken aback. He introduces himself as Amir Khan. The season has begun. It’s fantastic. I’d want to speak with Shalin. I genuinely admire your body, he says to Shalin. Shalin claims it’s Amir Khan. Amir asks whether we can undertake a task. I’d like you to jump into the pool. I’d like to see it. Shalin claims that Amir Khan asked her to dive into the pool. It had to be him. I assumed it was a prank at first. They all encourage him to jump. Shalin removes his shirt and jumps. Everyone applauds. When he picks up the phone, Amir Khan tells him to do it again. Shalin leaps once more. Was it perfect now, sir? he asks. Tina thinks you’ll have to do it again. It isn’t ideal. Shalin answers the phone. This was not flawless, according to Amir, and I am a perfectionist. Shalin says it once again. Sir? He returns to the pool and adds, “If this wasn’t Amir Khan and someone was pranking me, I’d go insane.” Shalin leaps once more. According to Amir Khan, this was excellent. He asks, “Are you Amir, sir?” Yes, he says. Shalin is confused.

5:00 PM

The phone rings once again. They all say hello one by one. Soundarya picks it. He says he wants to speak with Gautam. Gautam picks up the phone. He compliments my physique. I want you to show off your physique. He claims I’m being asked to remove my shirt. He removes his shirt. Hirthink Roshan here. He requests that Gautam perform a dance move. Gautam does a dance. He imitates Hirtika’s motions. He picks up the phone once more. Hrithik compliments you on your work. It appeals to me.

5:15 PM

Tina, Manya, Priyanka, Sreejita, Soundarya, and Sumbul will cook, according to Nimrit. Their teams will be divided into day and night squads. Archana says she wants to cook. I made a decision from the beginning. Nimrit says you can cook if you like, but it is not your responsibility. Archana thinks I’m a good cook. What are you thinking? She claims that the cooking section is not your responsibility. Gori stated that she will make tea. You can’t switch duties like this, according to Archana. This is not acceptable. According to Nimrit, I am the captain. Take no mileage. Sumbul claims to be the captain. Priyanka attempts to communicate with her. I don’t want to talk to you, she says.

6:00 PM

Sonu Nigam calls Tina. She asks, “Are you Sonu?” Please sing a song for me. He requests that you assist Abdu with a work. On Dil Deewana, Abdu will sing and you will dance. She inquires as to whether Abdu is familiar with this song. Yes, he says. I’m going to sing. Tina dances while Abdu sings. Everyone else is consuming food. Sonu informs Tina that you did well, as did Abdu.

6:40 PM

Pankaj Tripathi calls Archana. He assigns you the responsibility of going to the most useless person in the house and writing useless on their head with black ink. Archana thinks this would be entertaining. She swipes her Kajal. Archana approaches Nimrit and says, “I have an assignment for you.” Nimrit responds, “I’m not going to let you.” She claims that Bigg Boss has instructed her to write worthless on the individual she considers useless. This, according to Manya, is not acceptable. Are you insane? Archana informs me that I have been assigned this duty and that I must complete it.

Nimrit says, “OK, fine.” She writes ineffectively (bear on her head). Nimrit says I’ll take a stand. I can’t adjust my duties or anything else for your convenience. Nobody enjoyed the tea you made. Yes, no one liked it, but we didn’t say anything because we didn’t want to harm you, adds Priyanka. Archana says, “OK, but I need to write it.” Nimrit becomes enraged. I don’t want to talk to you, she says. Nimrit visits the restroom. Archana informs Pankaj that she has completed her assignment.

7:30 PM

Shalin is lying in bed. He asks, “Where should I go?” Hearing MC Stan’s songs made me want to be rich.

8:00 PM

Manya says, “I am with you.” We can’t support you if you’re wrong, Archana. Archana says she came here to see whether she could do politics. I always apologise when I make a mistake. I am not a servant to anyone. I’m not going to do this kind of work.

8:45 PM

Bigg Boss is on the call. He asks Nimrit. Nimrit informs Nimrit that all of the calls were pranks. Come to the confessional and request that everyone assemble in the living room. Bigg Boss informs Nimrit that he has his eyes on the captain at all times. If I notice the captain is not performing well, I will immediately call and terminate them. You must be accountable at all times. When the captain is fired, the new work for a new captain will be completed immediately. A lot of rules are being breached. If the phone rings, you are in danger. She walks away.

9:30 PM

Nimrit tells Archana that everyone cooked, so the place got dirty. Archana suggests that you cook Sreejita. I’ll clean up later. It won’t be a problem if you cook cleanly. I’m not going to do that all the time.

10:00 PM

MC Stan enters the confession room. He thinks you’re incredibly talented. Would you be willing to teach me how to rap? Bigg Boss follows him while MC Stan instructs him. According to Bigg Boss, MC Stan on stage and in the house are not the same. He admits, “I know, I’m trying to fit in.” I will give it my all. Feel me, bro, says the big boss. The MC laughs and adds, “Yes, bro.” Nimrit tells Stan You haven’t completed any tasks yet. You will have to do something. He thinks I should.

11:00 PM

Sajid does the dishes. Let’s leave the mugs, says Ankit. Sajid suggests that we make it a rule that everyone is responsible for their own plate and glasses. Nimrit, according to Gautam, has too many dishes. We’ve done it three times. Nimrit claims I can’t even talk to anyone. We’re all grown-ups here. There will be no problem if you do your own work. Archana I can’t clean until they finish the dishes. According to Gautam, it should be washed before the dishes. So, Archana, will I clean the sink and water again? Sajid describes her as irritating. She becomes enraged. Manya believes she is overly self-confident. We will leave the cup if we find leftovers, according to Gautam.

12:00 AM

Gautam asks MC to complete his cleaning on time. We are not here to serve anyone. When did I say you’re my servant, MC asks? Don’t act like this around me. Soundarya tells him to relax. Gautam claims that he is not being rude to you. Lower your voice, urges the MC. Nimrit requests that they remain calm. According to MC, all you want to do is sit and watch folks go about their business. Gautam claims that I am not the captain. I didn’t have a bad attitude. Are you planning on hitting me? The MC claims you’re shouting. Shalin claims to be a harmless individual. MC requests that I clean it. Sajid tells Gautam to relax. Sajid claims that he is a rapper. Gautam says that I did the dishes first. Gori claims he completed his task. The skipper is double-checking their responsibilities. Gautam claims he requested me to sit here while he works. According to MC, there was not even a problem. Nimrit claims, “I know he got it incorrect.” Shalin claims to speak in that tone. Gautam, you’ve got it wrong. Sajid says he’s a good man, and you are as well. Let us go, and be bigger men. Gautam claims I have no issues with him.

Sajid invites Gautam inside and asks them to hug. Gautam and MC hug. MC promises to clean twice for you, dude. Gautam, according to Sajid, is a fan of yours. MC says I respect him as well. Sajid adds, “Give me 20 rupees immediately for setting you both up.”

12:30 AM

Tina and Sreejita enter the confession room. Bigg boss says that both fans and I are confused. You both claimed to be old friends, yet the media reported that you both had problems. Tina claims that the media continues to promote rumours. We have never given any media bite. Sreejita claims that our mothers are friends. We’ve been in too much contact over the past two years. Tina claims that we have no problems with one other. Bigg Boss questions Sreejita about her comments about Tina’s domineering demeanour at the Goa retreat. Tina asks, “When did I start dominating you?” Srajeeta claims you preferred doing things your way. Tina says that it wasn’t even my place. Why would I want to rule it? According to Sreejita, we were there for three months. There were some conflicts there. Tina claims that there were minor difficulties. I wasn’t in charge. According to Sreejita, I felt like way. Even though I am rather dominant, there are occasions when we clash. Bigg Boss claims that both we and the fans are in a hurry. Sreejita claims it’s only been a day. Tina appears to be one of the other contestants to me. So I’m using the same strategy as she is. Tina claims you’ve known each other for ten years. We notice no connection between you two. Both the fans and I wanted clarity. You are now free to leave.

2:45 AM

Archana claims that while she was cleaning, they expressed an interest in doing the dishes. I stated that it was difficult. Sajid Bhai, according to Shalin, should be given something else. Tina expresses a desire to be a captain. According to Nimrit, everyone does. Correct, according to Nimrit. Archana claims Sajid is dissatisfied. He does not sit with others. Shiv claims to. He converses with people and makes them laugh. You can always learn something from him.

Episode Ends

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