Bigg Boss 16 3rd October 2022 episode written update

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Day 2

8:00 AM

The bells ring. Everyone gets out of bed and runs to the garden. They all begin to sing Bigg Boss’ anthem.

10:15 AM

Priyanka says Ankit told her that Bigg Boss should pay you as much as you torture. They both laugh. Shalin questions why he is saving so much money. Priyanka claims to be saving for me. For a Himalayan wedding. Shalin asks, “Who are you two?” He refers to his best friends. Priyanka claims I made him laugh with a smile. He was so dull before that.

10:30 AM

Tina agrees to assist Archana. She says that no one asked her for help. Nimrit claims that cooking is not your responsibility. Archana claims that I am cooking for myself. I’m preparing daal. You’ll see. We don’t have to, according to Nimrit. You’re insane. According to Shalin, Shah asked me to make Poha. This, according to Nimrit, will be an issue. Gori claims that you cannot perform two jobs at the same time. Nimrit predicts that everyone will start cooking and that everyone will run out of food. Archana claims that Soundarya also prepares her meals. Nimrit says this because she is a vegan. Everyone is hungry, says Sreejita. It’s not just you. Shiv escorts Nimrit outside. Nimrit asks, “What is her problem?” This is quite disrespectful. Shiv claims that I only took you two outside. Nimrit says I was about to conclude my conversation. You must not drag. Shiv wonders if we’ll keep squandering time in the kitchen.

11:00 AM

Abdu is on camera, and Sajid is speaking to him. Nothing would be visible to anyone. According to Abdu, there are 16 cameras. Balance yourself on one, according to Sajid. Break it and then go on to the next camera. Sajid claims that everyone would become concerned if you were not found. Destroy them one at a time. Abdu claims I’m ruining them one by one. According to Sajid, the cameramen would go insane and strike. We’re all going home. I’ll eat something. If I don’t receive any food, I’ll eat you. Abdu chuckles.

11:15 AM

Shalin tries to steal Nimrit’s mic. Don’t do it, she says. Maniya is picked up by Shalin and thrown into the pool. Everyone applauds.

Shiv does the cleaning. Priyanka claims you’re putting dust in their food. According to Soundarya, I am meditating here. Priyanka requests that you not bother her. We were only joking, according to Priyanka. Let me prank in peace, says Soundarya. Abdu tries to stand next to her on one leg. He chuckles. What are you doing, asks Sajid? You’re a jerk. Shiv and Abdu are both standing on one leg. Sajid believes that the broom is superior to the cleaner.

11:30 AM

Sajid tells Nimrit not to become emotional. Rule with authority. Don’t impose your will on them. Make me captain for a day and watch how I reign. Shiv arrives. Sajid requests that he apologise. Shiv claims I was courteous. You became enraged. We wanted to put a stop to the problem. Sajid suggests making him captain and seeing how he can fix everything.

1:45 PM

Shiv inquires of Abdu, “What kind of girl do you want?” Is it hot or beautiful? Beautiful, according to Abdu. Shiv inquires, “Romantic?” Yes, says Abdu. But not evil. Shiv asks, “Do you like any of the girls in this house?” Which one is it? You’re thinking incorrectly, according to Abdu. Okay, Shiv, Abdu wants one outside this house. He’s looking for a nice girl.

2:00 PM

Nimrit claims Ankit is having fun with all the money. Gautam claims he’s in a good mood and has a partner with him. Ankit claims that you will see once we fight. We have a terrible fight. Nimrit inquires on the status. Ankit claims that we are both quite clear. She desires her future. But, as Nimrit points out, she was with someone. Ankit claims I don’t want it in the first place. We don’t think about how pure it should be.

2:15 PM

Gautam works out. Archana says she wants to be s*xy as well. But you wanted to be a politician, says Gautam.

2:30 PM

Abdu refers to his father. I’m missing you. Ankit suggests calling Hasbullah. He says, “No, bro.” Abdu tells Hasbullah to come here. Ankit asks if you’re buddies with him. He says, “No, bro.” They practise boxing.

3:15 PM

Tina asks Abdu, “Can I be your girlfriend?” He responds, “No, why?” She asks, “Do you not like me?” Shiv wonders if you like Archana. He says no way. Tina asks, “Can I be your girlfriend?” He claims I’m at work. Shiv thinks Archana is a nice girl. Tina claims she’s preparing for you. I’m not talking to you, says Abdu. Tina expresses her admiration for you. You’re adorable. Shiv asks, “Do you like her?” He declines. Tina claims that you broke her heart. He is just interested in Archana. Shiv suggests Archana or Tina. He says, “I despise you.”

Gautam tells Nimrit that he should nominate the strongest contender since they can be taught to him.

4:45 PM

Everyone eats food. Abdu claims it’s quite spicy. Sreejita claims to have eaten green chile. MC pours more water for Abdu.

5:30 PM

The dishes are done by MC. Shiv claims to have completed them. Nimrit believes you are making them uneasy. SHiv asks, “Why are you overdoing stuff?” Gautam claims it isn’t about that. Nimrit claims that I have no objections to you. Everyone is talking. Shut up, Nimrit says. Shiv, you’re producing a mess that I don’t like, she adds. He claims I will not listen. Shiv says you’re not allowed to yell at me. She claims I’m not shouting. Shiv claims he respects you but will not listen if you yell. Nimrit asks, “If the person doing the dishes has no trouble, what is his problem?” Shiv said that Priyanka and Soundarya Sajid asked him to do the dishes. Sajid and I had no issues. She is causing complications and claiming that it should be done by the person whose responsibility it is. Shiv stated it as though I was asking Sajid to clean the dishes, according to Nimrit. Gautam thinks you’re doing a good job. Allow him to be.

6:30 PM

Bigg Boss, we shall make the most significant adjustment. The nominees. Nominations are always made for a cause. You are the sole reason. I’m sure if I question why, you’ll say we’ve been here for 24 hours, I’m being forced, no hard feelings. I don’t want to waste time hearing sugar-coated explanations. A fire artist is on his way. It’s your turn now, so burn images of the two persons you want to designate. Nimrit, he adds, you’re safe since you’re the captain. You also have the option of directly nominating two candidates while the rest of the people nominate the others.

Nimrit nominates Shiv and Archana, stating, “I had disagreements with them.” Bigg Boss orders that the reasons not be revealed. Shalin proposes Sajid and Abdu. Their photographs are destroyed. Sreejita suggests Gori and Tina. Gautam proposes MC and Gori. Tina proposes Sajid and Stan. Gori and Stan are nominated by Manya. Ankit proposes Stan and Gori. Archana proposes Stan and Sajid. Tina and Shalin are nominated by Sajid. Shiv recommends Gautam and Sreejita. Sajid and MC Stan are nominated by Priyanka. Sumbul proposes Manya and Sajid.  Stan nominates Gautam and Priyank. Soundarya nominates Abdu and Ankit. Gori nominates Gautam and Ankit. Abdu nominates Soundarya and Shalin. Shalin says thank you. Bigg Boss says it’s done.

7:15 PM

Manya is insane. She claims I won’t speak to anyone. Archana claims I was nominated for captain. Century. Shiv claims that it made no sense. According to Sreejita, this will begin at an actual angle.

8:15 PM

Shalin says, sir, you’re not going anywhere. They are not going to let you go. Everyone has put in a lot of effort. Abdu might go. Shalin says, “I will always respect you.” Bigg Boss provided me with a choice. She may have more dreams than you. You’ve accomplished so much. That is the finest and stupidest thing I have ever heard, according to Sajid. Sajid claims that I have also worked for 14 years. So, am I undeserving? Everyone is treated equally here.

8:30 PM

Shiv, Archana, MC Stan, Sajid, Gori, and Gautam from Bigg Boss are among those nominated. There are still people who regret exercising their right to vote. They apologised. Tina, Manya, and Soundarya Why did you apologise? You were perceived as an image-conscious and risk-averse individual. As a result, all three of them will have to perform all of the housework. You’ll have no problems now. You will not be sorry. Nimrit will make the final decision on who will do what. Tina has asked me to cook. Priyanka recalls, “I was wondering why they were saying sorry.” Nimrit believes we must obey Bigg Boss’ instructions.

9:00 PM

Archana comes with the brooms. She claims that this one is used indoors and this one is utilised outside. Shiv adds, “Take mine as well.” Tina claims that people like Archana want to provoke others. Nimrit requests that Archana refrain from doing so. She thinks I’m having fun. Tina expresses her joy. Priyanka tells Ankit that Sajid breaks rules and then feels awful because he doesn’t get attention. He has a personal issue with Shalin.

10:30 PM

Shalin is in the confessionl room. Bigg Boss says, “I’m going to call some names and say the first term that comes to mind.” Stan, the MC. Yo, he says. Gori, Bigg Boss says. He says he has no idea. Gautam says Bigg Boss. He refers to the body. Archana, according to Bigg Boss. He exclaims loudly. Manya, according to Bigg Boss. He describes himself as edgy. If Bigg Boss says you have opinions, why don’t you express them? He claims I do. Bigg Boss questions why you chose Sajid and Abdu. Shalin claims he acts as if the performance is unimportant to him. Was what you said to Bigg Boss personal? He declines. If I am nominated, I will not take it personally. So you won’t have a problem leaving, according to Bigg Boss? He responds, “No, I wouldn’t mind.” I want to win. Bigg Boss says you’re looking cowardly and overly kind, and that no such person should win.

11:15 PM

Bigg Boss tells Gori, “So many people nominated you.” Even then, you’re so polite to everyone. People, she claims, dislike pleasant people. So you’re ready to go, he says? She claims that this residence has a team. Gautam, Priyanka, and Ankit work as one unit. They are ignoring me. I have not come to fight. I don’t comprehend what they’re saying.

Sumbul claims that I was not nominated. It bothers me. Do I appear to be that simple? They stated they’d see you later, according to Ankit. Gori claims she informed Bigg Boss she couldn’t understand English. Priyanka claims that we are all buddies. Tell me what you desire. Tell everyone to speak Hindi.

11:30 PM

Gautam inquires about MC Stan’s jewellery. He claims it is a diamond. Tina estimates that it may cost 1.5 crores. Tina claims that we can kidnap him. Stay here, we’ll let you win before kidnapping you. He claims that if I sell this, I would be able to purchase a Mercedes.

11:45 PM

Bigg Boss calls Priyanka to the confession room. He says I’d want some suggestions. You constantly provide advise to everyone. Why do you believe that persons who are summoned to the confessional have a flaw, and do you have one as well? She advises me not to provide too much advice. He asks, “Who would you advise if you felt like advising too much?” She only says Ankit. He claims he urged him not to forget his microphone.

MC Stan sings. Gori dances. Gori claps. She says be loud.

12:00 AM

Tina claims that Manya has such simple tasks. Manya claims it is difficult. Cleaning is a challenging task. Tina claims I’ve done a lot of dishes. Manya informs me that I must clean the restrooms. Everything is equally essential. Tina claims I was joking. Don’t stretch yourself too far. I’m going to draw the line. Manya advises you to do so.

12:15 AM

Tina shows Nimrit that she has completed the dishes. She refuses to clean the sink. Nimrit, on the other hand, cleans the sink. She believes that whoever is responsible for cleaning should do so. I’m not going to clean anything. People should be courteous.

12:30 AM

Bigg Boss calls Sajid to the confession room and inquires about his thoughts on the nominations. Sajid believes that everyone has a cause. Everyone has their own set of colours. I was taken aback by Shalin. I don’t understand his reasoning. He claimed that I did not deserve to win as much as the other contenders. Bigg Boss claims his reasoning was that you were uninterested. Sajid questions why I’m here. Is there any logic or pattern to all of the nominations, according to Bigg Boss? Sajid claims that I don’t understand. Is it TV vs. non-TV, according to Bigg Boss? Sajid describes me as a TV person. According to Bigg Boss, this was my perception.

12:45 AM

Shalin claims I left at that point. Manya pushed his hand away. Abdu shows up. Sumbul gives Shalin a hug and says, “Enjoy.” He comes to fetch her up. Sumbul also chooses him. What is your weight, according to Abdu? He claims 85KGs. Shalin is pleased with you.

Abdu performs his tune. Gori does a dance. Everyone applauds. Sumbul performs a rap. His song is about the safety of women and daughters, as well as praising women. Everyone applauds them. Shalin expresses her wish that everyone hears it. I’m proud of you.

1:15 AM

Priyank expresses his want just to cry. Ankit holds her and tells her not to cry. She claims that I can’t be evil. Bigg Boss doesn’t like it when I’m friendly. Is there something wrong with being nice? Just play your game and be yourself, he advises. She claims that I can’t change myself.

1:45 AM

Manya claims that I am incapable of cleaning the sink. It is filthy. According to Nimrit, you must clean it. Let me clean it, says Archana. Nimrit says it’s not your responsibility. According to Nimrit, this has to be cleaned. Manya says I’m not allowed to put my hand in that. Gautam claims I argued with Archana about it. Manya scrubs it clean. She says she will not do it again. Manya claims that if Bigg Boss orders the sink to be cleaned, she will comply. These folks, according to Archana, have no brains. They may do dishes by removing the cover. Tina claims I removed the cover. Manya inquires about the availability of water. Tina claims Ankit was present. I noticed it. Gautam says I cleaned the washroom. What’s the big deal with the sink?

Tina asks, “Are you mad?” Manya asks, “Who did you call insane?” Take care with your language. Tina declares, “I don’t care.” Manya, says Shalin. What exactly is your issue? Go there and yell. It’s late, and you’re yelling for no reason. She also called me an idiot. What exactly is your issue? Manya claims you’re all on the same team. Shalin believes you’re battling like a child.

2:15 AM

If this is kitchen labour, Priyanka believes she should also clean it. Nimrit asks, “What are you doing, Priyanka?” Tina is responsible for cleaning the sink, according to Nimrit, while Manya is responsible for cleaning outside. This, according to Priyanka, is incorrect. Nimrit claims that isn’t your problem. Priyanka explains, “I am a contestant here, and I will do whatever I have to say.” Gautam advises not acting like everyone’s mother. Proceed from here. Shut up, Priyank says. You’ve been yelling for two days. I’ll say when I’m ready. Don’t try to be political, advises Gautam. Enter the house. What if I don’t, Priyanka asks? I’m not going. Okay, then keep standing here, he says. Nimrit requests that they remain calm. Priyanka mentions hearing his tone. The task is seeing.

3:30 AM

Priyanka says Bigg Boss has asked us to stand where anything is unfair. Do you agree that one person has to clean and do dishes as well? He says I was mad about your tone. You were shouting for no reason. She says this is my pitch. He says we have to live in this house. She says don’t fight with me. We will be friends.

Episode Ends

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