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Day 3

8:00 AM

The alarm awakens everyone. They all gather in the garden to sing the Bigg Boss theme song.

9:30 AM

Nimrit questions why Priyanka is preparing her coffee. Shalin claims she’s preparing for herself. Nimrit says I should double-check.

9:45 AM

Priyanka tells Ankit that Soundarya is under too much burden. I feel terrible for her. Abdu confesses on video that he misses all of his buddies. Manya has instructed me to clean. Archana claims she won’t aid you again. Sumbul performs a dance around Soundarya. Last night, according to Soundarya, was terrible.

11:00 AM

Nimrit inquires of Soundarya about the availability of groceries. Yes, she adds, I’ll make up for everyone. Archana suggests informing the tasks. Shalin suggests calling him Abdu. Abdu eats spices and describes them as “spicy.” Tina and Shiv are laughing. I’m not eating this, according to Abdu.

12:00 PM

Shiv tells Manya to just do her work. Don’t be concerned about others. Manya claims that I am sick of them. Nimrit and the others are all on one side. Just do yours, he says. This, according to Nimrit, is self-obsession. Shalin and Sumbul, according to Manya, are garbage. They cause havoc on people. Shiv claims that all serial killers are on the same side.

12:45 PM

Abdu works out regularly. Shiv asks Abdu, “Are you tired?” He claims I’m no longer alive. Over, Abdu.

1:00 PM

Shiv and Abdu dance and sing as they meet you. Sajid will always be Hasbullah. I will break your glass, according to Abdu. He goes boxing. Sajid says Abdu forever.

1:15 PM

Bigg boss tells Nimrit that there is one contestant with whom he disagrees, Priyanka. Even when you stop her, she continues to complete the duties. She claims that you specifically requested that just three individuals complete the duties. This appears to be a disaster. Let’s make things simple for you, he says. Let’s take one of them’s punishment and give it to Priyanka. Who are you going to let go of Tina, Soundary, and Manya? She says Manya because Priyanka is worried about her.

1:30 PM

Nimrit believes that enough drama has occurred. People are working for others. Manya’s spokesperson, Priyanka, was feeling sorry for her. Tina, Soundarya, and Priyanka will now do all of the labour. Priyanka claims I arrived late. Nimrit claims you were also encouraging them in the morning. It was their task. It was up to me to make the decision. I know how to complete my tasks. If Bigg Boss has a problem, he will notify me. Shalin expresses his relief that Manya is now free.

1:45 PM

Bigg Boss requests that Sajid perform a stand-up comedy act on the contestants. You will get something pleasant if you do it well. You have two hours to get ready. In the store, there is a pen and paper.

2:15 PM

Manya claims that a girl with such a large fan base is clutching a guy’s hand and not playing herself. If you want to be yourself, you must display your personality. My grandpa, according to Sumbul, adores this kurta. Shalin thinks it’s adorable. Manya claims that Siddharth and Shehnaz only looked attractive because they were pure.

2:30 PM

Abdu goes into the pool. Manya asks, “Are you okay?” Yes, he says, I’m OK. I don’t know how to swim, according to Priyanka. She advises you to dress like a manly man. He emerges. Priyanka calls him a hunk.

4:00 PM

Tina claims we had a dinner date here. Here we can set our supper and a candle. When are we going to be able to do it? He responds, “Anytime.” She inquires today. Abdy becomes shy and adds, “Not today.”

4:45 PM

The comedy session is currently going on. Sajid reads the poem. He reads,

Bigg Boss ka ghar hai nirala
Na chaku churi naa bhala phir lafra dala
Sirf aik ko milega prize money with tax deduction
Chalo aik aik kar k kar deta hun introduction.

He reads about Ankit, who is stuck here. There were no conflicts or smiles. He won’t cause any trouble because, for the record, he and Priyanka aren’t a couple. He claims that the second is Abdu, who became the life of the country from Kazakhistan to Hindustan. He may be little, but his heart is as big as a hall. He claims that Priyanka does not generate issue for herself but must become involved in the troubles of others. She refers to herself as a goddess, yet others claim she knows nothing. He claims Sumbul has arrived for the grand finale. Shiv Marathi BB winner was nominated shortly before the dinner. He describes Archana as “sometimes gentle, sometimes firebrand, always here to forge new combat trends.” He says Shalin, he’s Bigg boss’s voice after Bigg boss. He was saying before coming here, “You’re Farah’s brother, why did you nominate me?” He claims that Manya, an Indian beauty, was in charge of cleaning. Manya, Tina, if you tease her, she will make you kanya (crooked eye). Sajid claims that Soundarya’s primary concern is her teeth. He performs for Gori. Sajid claims Gautam acts like a panellist despite the fact that he is a finalist. Except for Priyanka, she has many pals, he claims. He says this about me. This is my new home, so please bear with my antics.

According to Bigg Boss, contestants will now select thumbs up or down to indicate whether they enjoyed it or not. Archana gives it a thumbs up and thinks it was enjoyable. Soundarya gives her approval. She claims I enjoyed it. Tina claims that this improved the environment. Shalin gives a negative response. Shalin responds, “I assumed you were holding a grudge.” MC Stand gives a thumbs up and suggests that comedy be taken in a lighter tone. Ankit and Manya both offer their approval. Priyanka offers a negative response. She thinks you prepared well, but you brought your grudges with you. Sumbul, Gori, Nimrit, and Shiv give thumbs up. Abdu says really wow, he gives thumbs up. Sajid hugs him. Bigg Boss says now is the time to give you a reality check. When you go back in you will see all the grocery is on carts. Each room will have their grocery and they can eat only their grocery. Sajid will decide who gets what.

5:15 PM

Sajid tells Shalin, “Don’t play games with me.” Sahlin requests that I speak as well. You are free to speak whatever you wish. You had to bring up the past once more. Manya claims I gave him a thumbs up for his smile, but he claims I am constantly grumpy. Sajid says he doesn’t trust you, but give me a chance to earn it back. I apologise. Shalin gives him a hug. He claims you’re sensitive, so I won’t make any jokes about it. Shalin thinks it’s not good that you continually bringing up her name.

Archana questions why you gave it a thumbs up if you didn’t enjoy it. He needed to make others happy. Don’t take everything personally, adds MC Stan. Sajid expresses regret to Manya.

6:00 PM

Nimrit tells Sajid that he must make a decision. He says I can have the coffee. Whoever wants it can have it. Other things are divided by him. He offers Shalin six chicken packs. This, according to Sreejita, is not fair. We should have some packs on hand. Shalin suggests that you cook separately. According to Shalin, there is a medical reason. This is my property. I’m not interested in any vegetables or fruits. You can persuade him and take it from him. Gautam and Shalin disagree.

Sajid assures Abdu that as long as he is present, he would not go hungry. Sreejita informs Shalin Soundarya that she is vegan. Bigg Boss summons Shalin, Soundarya, and Gautam to the confession chamber. According to Bigg Boss, Shalin has a medical problem. We adjust the cuisine to accommodate his medical condition. But there is a 4KG chicken. You can consume cheese and other proteins as well. Shalin says I need 15gms per week. But I’m not sure how long we’ll have this bird, says Shalin. According to Bigg Boss, everyone should know the truth. Shalin apologises. Bigg Boss claims you used the identities of the makers to make these claims. Everyone will get the chicken, according to Sreejita. According to Shalin, this bird came after me. Sreejita claims Bigg Boss told him he stated a half-truth, which is false. That, according to Shalin, is not a falsehood. I haven’t said anything inappropriate. Sreejita storms out in rage.

7:15 PM

Shalin claims we were discussing. We were debating whether or not to separate. In front of everyone, you labelled me a liar. According to Sreejita, Bigg Boss mentioned it. Shiv suggests that we divide the vegetables.

8:00 PM

Stan, Priyanka claims that we kept food in the room. Ankit claims I was distributing it. You didn’t even come to pick it up. We should all work equally hard. He claims that everyone must participate.

8:15 PM

Abdu teaches Sajid his language. Abdu chuckles. Sumbul requests coffee. Shiv, according to Sajid, took it.

Shiv asks Tina, “Who used the word shame?” Soundarya claims I called Sajid for coffee, not you. Sreejita tells her to relax. Soundarya claims you are unfamiliar with the subject. Shiv predicted that I would not receive it. Tina suggests we divide it. Sajid tells Soundarya to relax. He allegedly called me shameless, according to her. Shiv claims I said nothing offensive. You can’t talk to me like this, according to Soundarya. Move to the side. Get the hell out of here. Shiv claims that I will not sit at your feet. Soundarya advises learning to respect women. He claims that we are all equal. Don’t play these games with me, says Soundarya. Sumbul asks Shiv what language he is speaking in. You’re mistaken. All of the cleaning was done by Abdu and me. Soundarya claims he called me shameless and instructed her to proceed from there. Sumbul claims that I always do the dishes. Shiv claims that anyone can say whatever they want. She referred to me as uneducated. Priyank and Sajid soothe him.

8:30 PM

You can’t shout at a girl like that, Shalin tells Shiv. Shiv apologises to Soundarya. She claims she doesn’t need your apology. He claims you also stated I have no shame and am illiterate. Should I kneel, he asks? She claims you’re not serious. You must not disrespect me. Don’t try to excuse your words. She sobs. Priyanka and Shalin soothe her.

Abdu attempts to encourage Shiv. Shiv, according to Soundarya, was always polite to me. Is this what I’ve earned?

8:45 PM

Soundarya decide the bread. Tina performs a song for Abdu. Every good voice, says Abdu.

10:15 PM

Priyanka reads Bigg Boss is giving the captain the key to the chocolate box. Nimrit thanks you. She’s content. Shalin requests that you share.

11:00 PM

Tina reports that I took flour for my two slices of bread. Gori believes we should have our own stoves as well. Sumbul claims I’m eating for two.

12:00 AM

Abdu cracks a joke with Gautam. Gautam claims that once the lights go out, you’re gone. Get yourself some egg bread butter coffee. Sreejita claims that we are teaching him to steal. He sneaks into the other room and takes what he needs. Gautam is shown it by him.

12:45 AM

Manya had fun with Abdu. He says I’ll speak to the camera. He says good night and I love you. Everyone joins him in his celebration. He wishes everyone a nice night and says, “I love you all.”

1:30 AM

Manya claims that Shiv was resolved. Sajid messed it up. Maybe, Priyanka says. Manya believes Shiv needs to come out of his shell. People would say this was a chance, Archana says to Soundarya. People who are lucky enough to go into Bigg Boss.

Episode Ends

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