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Day 5

8:00 AM

Everyone gets up and goes to the garden when the alarm sounds up. They sing the anthem. Manya and Abdu are dozing off. Everyone in the garden is trying to sleep.

10:15 AM

Abdu hugs MC Stan and tells him to “stay strong, bro.” Why are you so tired, asks Sajid? Abdu claims there is no time for a workout. Sajid predicts that you will marry soon. What are your plans for your wedding night? Abdu does a dance. Abdu threatens to punch you if you don’t get me married. Sajid asks, “Do you remember wedding night?” Abdu smiles and replies, “Thank you, bro.” He becomes shy.

10:30 AM

Tina makes fun of Abdu. Ankit takes MC Stan’s shoe and claims that Bigg boss kicked him out. Tina claims that MC is now her best buddy. Abdu inquires as to the cost. $5000? Even that, according to Ankit, is a lot.

12:00 PM

Everyone has gathered around the pool. Priyanka says Abdu is hot. Abdu dives into the pool. Sumbul claims he has the appearance of a fish.

12:30 PM

Soundarya prepares food. You don’t want me to consume yogurt, according to Gautam. You don’t care about me. She asks, “What is she even attempting to accomplish?” They both laugh. Sajid said that they are all feeding each other like goats and will sacrifice each other. Gautam shares a meal with Sumbul and Shalin.

1:00 PM

Soundarya claims I haven’t been able to work out for days. Bigg Boss informs MC Stan that he left his microphone in the restroom. Bigg Boss calls Nimrit on the phone and tells him he’s fired. He invites everyone into the living room. Nimrit enters the confessional. Bigg Boss tells Nimirt, “I told you I wouldn’t accept you breaking the rules.” You’ve been fired. You will be given the opportunity to save it. The first participant to ring the bell in the garden will have the opportunity to challenge you. Shalin rushes out and rings the doorbell first. I thought ringing the dong would save the captain, adds Sumbul. Nimi says it’s all right. I should not have told you anything that happened on the phone. Shalin says chill. She says I am chill.

1:30 PM

Sumbul tells Sajid I feel completely different. I may not be as entertaining as Soundarya. I’m feeling lonely here. Perhaps I’m too young or don’t belong here. He claims I am older than everyone else. Gori is also lonely. Gori embraces Sumbul. Sajid suggests thinking about Abdu, who doesn’t even speak the language. Abdu inquires as to why you are depressed. Sajid claims she wanted to marry a guy, and the lad proposed to her, but she told him she was in love with someone else. That would be you. They both laugh.

Archana says, “Bigg Boss, you should have said in Hindi.” Sumbul sobs and says, “Before coming to the show, I was afraid that no one would take me seriously.” I feel pushed to the sidelines. Nobody speaks to me or talks about anything. They simply order me about. Sajid asks, “Did you believe that was a picnic?” She claims I had no idea I’d be treated like a child.

2:15 PM

Priyanka reads the task assigned to Nimrit and Shalin. All participants will take part. They’ll be standing on the yellow platform with baskets on their heads. The person who drops it first will lose, and the other will become captain. Priyanka predicts that other contestants will place items in their baskets. Sajid will serve as captain.

2:30 PM

The task begins. Nimrit and Shalin are both standing on platforms. Nimrit’s basket gets a pot from Priyanka. Shalin’s basket is placed in by Soundarya. Sumbul ties Shalin’s knot. Shiv replaces Shalin’s dumbells with two more. Sajid inquires, “Are you all right?” Yes, he says, I’m OK. Shalin, you’re shaking, says Sajid. Sajid expresses concern about Shalin. Priyanka requests a dumbell in Nimrit’s room, and Gori places a pot in Shalin’s. Shalin tosses the basket and declares, “Enough!” Things fall apart. Sajid inquires as to your well-being. Shiv removes Nimrit’s basket. Is everything all right with you, he asks? Shiv, Shalin says, I will return 40 KGs with 400. Sajid says Nimrit is our captain. They all embrace her. Sumbul apologises to Shalin.

3:00 PM

Bigg Boss congratulates Nimrit and tells him that you have to lose your captaincy due to some people. Now make your first choice. Punish three people; will the same people continue to do the chores, or should two new people be assigned? Bigg Boss tells Sounadrya that just because she was asked to do something doesn’t mean she has to make a joke with a prop.

According to Shalin, I would have fallen. According to Sreejita, your friends were in the restroom. He claims I don’t have any friends here. Archana tells Tina, “I was having a good time.” Tina advises against making fun of others. Are you deaf, Archana, since Bigg Boss mentioned it? Tina advises you to watch your language. Don’t call me stupid. Maintain your limit.

Shiv tells Shalin, “I did all allowed in the task.” I knew you could easily choose easier things. That, according to Sumbul, does not imply that you shatter his neck. Shiv claims that we are conversing. Let’s talk about it. Sumbul storms out in rage. According to Shalin, it will come around. Shiv confirms that the world is round. Sumbul sobs in her room, telling Papa, “I can’t do this.” I want to win, but it’s so difficult here.

Archana asks, “Do you have a setting with Nimrit?” I simply want to cook. Sumbul says, “I don’t feel like I belong here.” Shalin. They say things like, “I can’t speak, I’m not going to understand.” He claims you’re feeling lonely because you’re new here. She claims that I have nothing to do. It makes me uncomfortable. Shalin claims that she respects all of the girls. Friends are like family to me. People asked if there was anything between us. I informed them that there is no such thing. That’s not something I’d like to hear about you. I value your consideration. You can grasp my hand, so I expected a lot of people to speak. She claims that I am concerned about my friends. I know I get the family warmth from you. He says I am there for you.

3:15 PM

Nimrit tells Tina My point was, where were you both on the first task? Tina claims that she expected people to put small things.

Archana and Soundarya are at odds. Archana claims that putting that many things on someone’s head would cause it to break. Don’t tell me what to do, says Soundarya. Gautam says I’m not going to sit here. Are you afraid, according to Archana? You’re a wimp. Tina advises you to watch your language. Gautam, she says, let’s go. Gautam says I’m in charge of this. Tina hugs Shalin and apologises for not being there for her. I had no clue dumbells were so popular. Ankit and Priyank were having a shower. Shalin describes it as a task. Tina advises me to contact Nimrit as well. I need to be invested in something.

Shiv, according to Gautam, said I wasn’t there for my friend. He should be concerned with his own affairs.

3:30 PM

Archana claims that Manya was bringing my chutney crushes for the task. It’s my personal preference. You’re not allowed to touch it. Nobody is allowed to touch it. Sajid, according to Nimrit, was the umpire. Nimrit claims that a pot was also maintained in my mind. Shalin says, “I’ll tell you one day.” Tina claims that if they put dumbells on you, she will do the same. Shalin claims I did not fall. I am strong. Gautam claims that we would play by our own rules.

4:00 PM

Nimrit says Archana makes the place steamy with her words, she can cook. She will make good food. Use smoking spots one by one. I will decide the consequence. Sajid says tell us to know. She says I can be strict too.

5:45 PM

Bigg Boss says, there is a dancer in this house. She has a dancing recital. If she wins, she will be given the opportunity to save one of the nominated participants. Bigg Boss says she can save herself if she wants to. Other nominated contestants will make the final decision. She will be saved if they all wear T-shirts with her name on them and dance with her. She will lose if one of them does not show up. Except for Gori, the other five will then determine who they would save among themselves.

6:15 PM

Shalin claims that none of them will vote for Gautam. Gautam says Shiv won’t agree. Tina inquires of Gori, “Who would you like to save?” Gori expresses herself. However, they are attempting to save Gautam. MC Stan asks Gautam and Shalin, “What are you going to do?” Archana tells Dolly, “I can talk to Gautam.” We can help you. Shalin tries to persuade Sajid. He claims that I will back Gori. Shalin claims that she already has supporters. Gori converses with Shiv. He says everything is good. Gori claims Archana told her she would persuade Gautam.

Nimrit believes Sajid has the ability to change the game. And either they can save Gori or they will never agree and it will all be for naught.

6:45 PM

Gori begins the dance. Shiv, Sajid, and Archana accompany her. MC Stan joins them as well. Gautam puts on the shirt and joins them. Abdu also performs on stage. Everyone applauds. Gori is content. Bigg Boss informs Gori that she will choose a candidate because all of the contestants have joined her. Gori manages to save herself. She expresses gratitude to everyone.

7:00 PM

Tina says to Sajid you’re not going this week for sure. Abdu hugs him and says I will cry.

7:45 PM

Tina tells Abdu Naa, I like you. Archana, would you marry her? What are your plans? He chokes himself and shouts, “Die, finish.” What about Sreejita, asks Nimrit? He says, “No, bro.” What about Priyanka, asks Gautam? Tina promises to cook Rotis for you. On the floor, he chuckles.

Shalin tells Tina, “Never love me.” She claims that I only quarrel with you. Abdu expresses his gratitude. Tina claims that Shalin and I would fight and fix things in two days. Shalin says we’ll connect at night. Shiv, says Abdu, battle with me and become powerful. He engages in boxing with her.

Priyanka and Ankit share their food. Nimrit informs Gautam that they are bringing a lot of food. Come early and seize it. Gautam says it’s all right. That, according to Nimrit, is not fair.

10:00 PM

Abdu interacts with Gautam and says very adorable things. He gives Gautam a kiss. Soundarya chuckles. Gautam says it’s all right for tonight. I’ll hug you tomorrow, according to Abdu. Bro, I adore you. I assist you with various tasks. Gautam refers to the bro code.

10:15 PM

MC Stan adds, “I’m tired, bro, and I want to go home.” You aren’t, according to Abdu. Come on, people. He claims, “I want to make money.” Abdu thinks you’re a celebrity, but this platform has the potential to make you even more famous. People use foul language in Instagram comments. We need to get stronger. It is not always possible to be happy in life. Not every time you’re a celebrity or wealthy. Not every time someone cleans your restroom. That is how you comprehend life.

11:15 PM

Abdu sings tum hi to ho. Nimrit thinks it’s a sad song. Are you all right? Shalin inquires of Abdu, “Are your parents tall?” He claims they’re all large. But alone you are a star, adds Sajid.

1:00 AM

Tina is asked to take a seat by Shalin. She claims I have a cause to leave. Girls would be aware. Shalin inquires, “Is your heart broken?” What is this in the girl’s name, asks Soundarya. Tina says I can’t have it all. I’d like to have some fun with a girl like Sreejita. I can’t be myself in her presence. Shalin has stated that she will depart. Tina says she will not. Soundarya asks, “Are you tired of being the girl?” Shalin thinks I’m not acting like a guy these days.

2:45 AM

Nimrit claims that my wavelength is more compatible with Sreejita’s than Tina’s. Such childish things do not appeal to me. Shalin claims I tried to chat with her. But she doesn’t give up. She claims that because Nimrit is my buddy, she will only support me. That’s what she said about me. She stated that Shalin is a nice friend who will only support me. That is not acceptable. Soundarya describes her as “childish.” However, we are feeding it. Soundarya responds, “I’m delighted you got it.” When I inquired what we should do, they said She stated that Shalin is mute. Why isn’t he able to? Nimrit believes she should not appear to be ruling you. Why didn’t you talk to her like that, I didn’t get it.

Episode Ends

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