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Salman welcomes everyone. He says I’ll meet them through the stage today. He says, “Archana, you look unhappy because you weren’t at the celebration.” He inquires of Priyanka if there was a party outside. She said she had a great time. Salman claims that Ankit doesn’t mind that he wasn’t invited to the party. Ankit believes he will receive what is intended for him. Salman claims that your family contacted and stated that their son departed for Bigg Boss but that they have not seen him in the house. What happened to him? Bigg Boss informed them that you had travelled to Thailand. They both laugh. Salman asks, “Who will be your initial point of contact?” Ankit claims I interacted. I make an effort to interact with everyone. According to Salman, your chemistry is history. Ankit, you must bring energy. You’ve come here to work. You must entertain your audience. You may create your own script right here. Show people your personality. The weekend ka vaar for today is saam and Dhand bhed. According to Shalin, you get what you desire by hook or by crook.

Let’s start with saam, says Salman. You must all judge who is a flop and who is a hit. You will make a hit wear garland and squirt foam on a flop’s face. Shiv is first. He believes Abdu is a success and Shalin is a flop. He apologises and splashes foam over Shalin’s face. Don’t be sorry, says Salman. It is your responsibility. According to Nimrit, hit Gautam and Priyanaka are flops. She’s petty and needless. Gori believes MC is a success and Ankit is a failure. Ankit isn’t very active. Tina is a hit, according to Sounadrya, but Ankit is a flop. Archana is a flop, according to Abdu, whereas Gautam is a hit. He sprays Archana in the face. They both laugh. Tina believes Sumbul was successful while Ankit failed. I’m unable to interact with him. Manya believes Gautam was a hit while Sreejita was a flop. She defied all expectations. She should not disrespect others. Shiv hit, Tina flopped, according to Archana. Shalin claims Stan hit and Sreejita flopped. Shalin, according to Sumbul, was a hit, but Ankit was a flop. Nimrit, according to Gautam, was a hit, but Shiv was a flop. As a captain, I like her. Shiv shifts his position.

Sreejita claims Gautam has been hit. And Manya is a flop; she believes that only she has accomplished something in life while the rest of us have failed. Shiv has been hit, according to Priyanka. He excels in the game. And because Nimrit is a failure, she gets personal. Ankit arrives. Salman claims you’ll adopt your own name. He claims Priyanka is a hit, while Gori is a dud because she hasn’t interacted much with me. Sajid is a hit for me, according to Stan, whereas Priyanka is a dud. She pretends to be other people’s mothers. Sajid believes Stan is a success and Abdu is a failure. Sajid claims to be innocent, but he swallows everyone’s video. Abdu inquires of Sajid as to the reason. He says, “I’ll explain.”

Rashmika and Nina Gupta are welcomed by Salman. Salman compliments them on their film. Nina says I like Abdu a lot. Nima tells Salman that she wants to play an elderly woman in one of his films. But you’re not elderly, he replies. Rashmika reads Telugu dialogues. Salman follows her lead. He tells Rashmika that others have asked her to do something. Can we make a similar request? She says she’ll do it if you do it with her. Salman joins her in a dance. Salman inquires of Nina, “What would you do in Bigg Boss?” She claims I’ll be in the first episode. Salman films inmates once more. Salman greets everyone. He claims Nimrit bears the responsibility of captaincy.

Shiv is the Marathi Bigg Boss winner. Then there’s Gori, Haryana’s Shakira. Then there’s Soundarya, who works as a dentist. Then there’s Abdu, who is every girl’s crush. We adore you, Abdu, they say. Tina, according to Salman, is an actress and Sreejita’s friend. Tina’s friend, Sreejita. Manya is the daughter of a rickshaw driver and was Miss India’s runner-up. Archana aspires to be a Member of Parliament. He’s a rapper named MC Stan. Look at all the gems Salman is wearing, he says. Rashmika describes herself as fancy. Sajid Kahn, says Salman. Priyank and Ankit are mutual pals. Gautam, Sumbul, and Shalin followed. Shalin is a performer both on and off the screen.

Salman claims that there is now a team and a component. If you enjoy it, you will be given a daam (present). I’ll assign you an assignment. He delivers Shalin chicken and requests that he perform a chicken dance. Shalin does a dance. Rashmika isn’t impressed, according to Salman. You will not receive chicken. Salman continues, “Your present is that you will not do any duties till next weekend.” You must put these sashes on persons who deserve them. Manya reads, yearning for footage. She forces Soundarya to wear the runner-up. Manya claims she reads all letters first, followed by the kitchen. She names Priyanka as the first runner-up. Manya claims she becomes involved in other people’s troubles. Rashmika declares, “Winner?” Archana, she says. She takes things in stride. Nina enjoys it, so she wins.

Salman tells Archana that her gift is two items from each room and that he will send extra milk. Your mission is to persuade MC Stan to give you his 80K shoes. MC Stan, Archana advises to stare at my eyes. Boba, according to Salman, is watching. MC attempts to ignore her. Salman predicts what Boba will say. Rashmika declares that the clock has struck twelve. Archana claims he did not give anything to her. My spell did not function. The visitors have left.

Salman thinks the next duty is to determine who does not deserve to be captain at all. The top four names will execute a task, and the lowest performer will lose the opportunity to be the captain. Shalin, says Stan. He is unjust. Sajid claims that Abdu would not listen to anyone and that no one will understand him. Gori, according to Ankit, is unable to make a decision. Nimrit, according to Priyanka, does not follow regulations. Tina, according to Sreejita, breaks the rules herself but discourages others from doing so. Tina claims she asked around and they cleared it for her. Shiv, says Gautam, he doesn’t know how to make his argument. He becomes impolite. Sumbul claims that Priyanka is incapable of leading others.

Shalin tells Ankit that if he becomes captain, Priyanka will rule instead of him. Nimrit becomes petty, says Priyanka. Shiv claims that Gautam does not listen to both views. Nimrit, says Gori. She’s had more than enough chances. Manya, according to Soundarya, does not do any housework. Sajid sir, says Abdu. He chuckles. Why, asks Salman. He says this while pointing to me. Salman claims vengeance? He chuckles. Tina describes Priyanka as “extremely dominant.” Gori, said Manya, I haven’t seen those skills in her. Abdu, says Archana. He’s taken aback. He refers to me? Archana claims he doesn’t grasp what’s going on.

Nimrit, Priyanka, Abdu, and Gori, according to Salman, appear on stage. He instructs them to select their allies who will assist them. Gori pronounces Shiv, Priyanka pronounces Sreejita, and Abdu pronounces Sajid. Sajid lifts him up as everyone laughs. Nimrit goes with Gautam. Salman says you must choose your companion. The person who chooses their partner and the person who drops their partner will be eliminated. Salman tells Sajid, “Your partner is quite light, and you have a very big advantage in this game.” They both laugh. Salman instructs them to go sit and watch others compete. Everyone else chooses their companions. Salman inquires about Gautam’s feelings. Shiv is dropped by Gori. She is defeated. Salman says you can’t be captain the following week.

Salman, who has been nominated? Everyone raises their hands. Salman claims to be the one whose trip has come to an end. Stan, the MC. Who do you believe it is? He states. No one, according to Salman, would go. Just don’t be too relaxed. There is no elimination today.

Shalin is enraged inside the house. Tina says, “Please don’t talk to me like this.” Shalin claims that Tina isn’t in my books. She’s not one of my friends. I am not a slave to anyone. Sumbul claims you don’t even pay attention. Take my advice. He declines. Then do it yourself, she replies. Tina tells Shiv that the game has only just begun. In a positive manner, of course. I am not Priyanka and Ankit, says Shalin. I have my own preference. I don’t need it if you’re so shallow that you get angry at everything. Sumbul says we can talk about it.

Abdu claims that everyone understands me. It’s not as if I can’t be captain. Nimrit thinks he’s adorable. I adore you.

Priyanka tells Ankit that he must be there for his friend. You must take a stand. Say what you believe is correct. Accept some things and say yes or no to others. He says, “I understand.” I told you you needed fans because I want you to be famous, says Shalin to MC Stan. Tina claims that you all knew how Shalin treated me, and that no one came to me. Gautam claims you abandoned yourself. Tina claims that you all witnessed what occurred. Nobody looked for me. I had been sitting alone for two hours. Sorry, I don’t understand you both.

Priyanka tells Ankit that we are extremely different people. I’m unable to communicate with Gautam or Shalin. You’ve never lied to me like that. From my perspective, everything was one-sided. I can’t go on like this after big boss. He claims that if I remain silent, it would ruin our friendship. She mentions your nature, which I used to avoid at Udaariyan since we met every day. I’m not sure, but let’s go this way and go with the flow.

Tina claims she is doing all of this on purpose in order to create stories. Years ago, I had some problems with Sreejita. We aren’t the best of friends, but we were polite. She claims that Gautam and SHalin are making life difficult for me. I have no objections, but just be patient with her. Nimrit will remain captain, Sajid tells MC Stan. Stan believes we can defeat her. If we all stand up to her. Sajid claims to know them all because they were on television. They will help each other. Tina questions Gautam about breaking the team for a girl who will never back you. Shalin apologises to Tina, saying, “I’m sorry, but I was upset.” I’m not sure why you take everything so seriously. Tina says you called Sumbul for dinner. He claims we didn’t get along. She asks what my top priority is.

Soundarya claims that I oppose Nimrit. Why is she focusing the show on herself? In the kitchen, Priyanka and Archana argue. Archana attempts to persuade her. Sumbul says I’d like rice. Archana advises making it yourself. Sumbul claims I wasn’t present. I can’t yell at them to get them to eat. There isn’t any rice. Sumbul claims I wasn’t even present. Archana claims that she is not your servant. Make your own meal. Archana requests that the rice be cooked. Without it, I can’t cook.

Gautam claims it was Sumbul’s responsibility, and she is now at conflict with Archana. Sumbul remarks, “I can’t believe I was battling for rice.” Nimrit tells Sumbul that if she doesn’t get rice, she doesn’t have to cook. Nimrit tells Archana, “I promised Sumbul you won’t cook unless she gives you rice.” She says I won’t cook again if they don’t provide me what I need on time. Soundarya is fighting Archana. Soundarya claims to be insane. Gautam tells Archana that you gave her food twice. Archana claims I was yelling, “There’s food!” I can’t make people stop. Sreejita claims she became enraged. Archana believes I’ve gone insane. I can’t request that people eat less rice. Gautam claims that this has been going on for the last four days. Priyanka has joined it. Nimrit tells Archana that if someone is stealing a lot of food, she can stop them. Nimrit declares, “I am the captain, and I will decide what happens.” Priyanka believes that as captain, you cannot do everything. Archana instructs Nimrit to bring her groceries and divide the food. I’ll only be cooking.

Soundarya tells MC Stan Tina enjoys being with Shalin and she becomes mad. We have talent. Stan claims that we are genuine. We don’t have to pretend. Everyone is squabbling over food. Archana weighs the food. You can’t count correctly and serve, according to Sreejita. According to Nimrit, there will be 27 roties. Everyone yells. Nimrit has said enough. Have you all gone insane? I’m not feeling well. Nobody is even paying attention. If you don’t want to eat, leave. Where has humanity gone? Archana asks, “Why are you highlighting me?” She tells everyone to quiet down. She storms out in rage. MC Stan attempts to console her. Gautam gives water for Nimrit. They won’t even let me breathe for a minute, she claims. Why do we constantly have to quarrel, asks Nimrit. We can get things done without all of this. She cries. Tina and Stan attempt to comfort her.

Priyanka claims that neither of us has eaten. Nimrit claims that room charges are ineffective. This is really unneeded. They’ll drive me insane. Stan claims they are doing it for the footage.

Sajid claims that you are all equal to him. Archana visits Nimrit. She says, “I know she’s not feeling well.” I’ll prepare the food and then leave it there. Anyone who wants to eat is welcome to do so. I don’t want to argue with anyone. Shiv tells Sajid that Shalin has two faces. Yes, Shalin is also shutting people off, according to Stan. He claims that Soundarya and Tina are also behind Shalin. Shiv has stated that they would not be separated. Priyanka claims that we have all eaten. Abdu’s stomach is upset, but this is excellent. Archana is hugged by Abdy. Shiv suggests kissing her. He kisses her on the cheek. Shiv thinks you’re clever. Archana chuckles.

Episode Ends

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