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Day 4

8:00 AM

Everyone wakes up to alarms and gathers in the garden to sing the Bigg Boss anthem.

9:00 AM

Sumbul hugs Shalin. He sings ab tum hi ho. Tina makes a cup of coffee.

9:30 AM

Sajid claims that the cameras are getting closer. I keep an eye on them, according to Abdu. Sajid imitates animal sounds. They are all laughing. Who in this house despises you the most, according to Sajid? We’ll figure it out. Ohh very hot, he murmurs as he brushes Gori’s ear. Killer. Gori believes in theatrics.

10:45 AM

Gori claims that we are unable to prepare our own food. Manya claims Archana is in the kitchen. Nimrit suggests I take Tina or Soundarya’s name. Manya didn’t even notice it. Manya, according to Gautam, is like that. She becomes envious.

11:00 AM

I won’t prepare spicy food for you, Abdu, claims Soundarya. Archana claims that eating spicy foods will cause you to feel heated. He’s hot, according to Soundarya. He sings and dances with Soundary. Everyone participates in Abdu’s dance. According to Bigg Boss, Abdu I can see you but not hear you. Nimrit says microphone. He apologises to the boss. According to Bigg Boss, we want to delight our audience. We’re going to start a reel competition between MC Stan and Abdu. Sumbul is MC’s manager, and Shiv is Abdu’s manager. The manager must get as many individuals as possible in the house to sign the NOC for their artist and work on reels with them. The victorious team will be treated to a surprise. We also have a special guest who is well-known for his reels. Kili Paul arrives. Everyone is content. They all run into him. On Chota Bhai Jaan, Abdu does a dance with Kili Paul. MC raps, and Kili dances to it. Kili and Shalin do push-ups. They all dance with him on tu cheez Badi hai mast. Bigg Boss expresses gratitude to Kili for visiting the house. Kili twigs

12:15 PM

Shiv predicts that I will win all of the contestants. Sajid and Ankit make fun of Abdu. Shiv tells Archana that if she makes a reel with Abdu, she will become internationally renowned. She claims you first went to Soundarya. I am not a viable alternative. You should prioritise me. Abdu thinks it’s fine and that we can find someone else. What are the requirements, Shalin asks Sumbul? Who sells more effectively?

12:30 PM

Sumbul gives Shalin a heart. Archana is fast asleep. She claims she wants to sleep. Tina embraces Abdu. Shiv claims that everyone likes you. But no one agrees with Abdu. Sumbul tells Nimrit that we need to form a team. Gautam, you’re on your own. She tells Tina that we must form a team. Tina will be with Shalin and Sumbul, Manya tells Shiv. Sumbul informs Shalin that he promised Tina that if he gained any authority, he would share it with her. She tells Ankit, “I will make a decision that is better for everyone.” Shiv persuades Gori. Shiv, according to Sreejita, stated that Abdu has made numerous contributions.

2:15 PM

The buzzer sounds. Nimrit reports that the task has begun. Shiv is still trying to persuade people. Sajid has signed MC Stan. He tells Abdu, “I adore you.” He claims you’ll get a lot of autographs. Sajid performs the reel alongside MC Stan. Abdu is signed by Priyanka. Shiv, she claims, put in a lot of work. She performs a clip with Abdu. Sajid tells Sreejita that no one else would accompany Stan. Archana claims she chose to stand in order to make him happy. Abdu is singing inna sohna. Shiv performed a good job, according to Sreejita, thus I’m with Abdu and Shiv. She does a reel with him. Gori describes MC as a close buddy. She does a reel with him. Ankit and Abdu create a reel. They do boxing. Soundaarya and MC Stan make it. Shiv claims that Sumbul, not MC Stan, is receiving these votes.

Shalin steams MC Stan’s sneakers before filming a reel with him. Sumbul hugs him and thanks him. Sreejit tells Abdu that he may hire Shiv as an outside manager as well. Tina collaborates with MC Stan to create a reel. Gautam collaborates with MC Stan to create a reel. It’s fine, according to Abdu. Nimrit also collaborates with MC Stan on the reel. Manya succeeds with Abdu.

3:15 PM

Bigg Boss declares Sumbul and MC Stan the winners of the day. Nimrit provided you with all of the beds. Any contestant’s bed can be changed by MC Stan and Sumbul. Hers will not change because Nimrit is the captain.

Sajid tells MC that Sumbul must have gotten the room with the bed. Gautam tells Abdu that it’s not you or Stan. I adore both of you. It’s all about other people. We’re bros. We’re fine, according to Abdu. Nimrit claims he was assigned a terrible boss. If I were with him, he’d get every vote. Shalin, Sreejita, and Sumbul, according to Tina, can share a bed. They are all laughing. Nimrit tells Shalin that if we bench Archana, a lot of people will go into another room.

Tina tells Shalin that she does not agree with having less grocery room.

4:00 PM

Who left this dish here, asks Soundarya. Manya claims that it is not your home. I’ll do whatever I want. Talk to my hand, says Soundarya. It was my responsibility to clean solely from the sink. Gautam asks Manya, “Why are you causing such a fuss?” Manya claims to have laughed at Abdu. Soudanrya wonders what that interpretation is. You can’t keep things the way you want them. If you keep it here, you will not receive food. You’re doing this to attract attention. Manya asks, “What are you going to do?”

Shalin and Sumbul inform Soundarya Gautam that they would be shifting with you. She claims she doesn’t mind. Manya returns to Soundarya. Soundarya advises you to be more mindful.

4:30 PM

Nimrit believes that situations like these will occur again. Shalin, Tina, and I will be in the same room, according to Sumbul. Nimrit says it’s fine with him. Tina is informed. Tina says she doesn’t want to be in the room with her.

4:45 PM

Tina asks Shalin, “Is there anything between you and Sumbul?” What’s wrong with you, he says. She’s a child. Tina says she doesn’t want me in that room. That’s exactly how I felt. He claims that is not the case. Tina claims that I felt like it. No, he says. Sumbul shows up. Tina claims that I enjoy being close to my pals. I can stay behind if you have an issue. That, according to Sumbul, is not the case.

5:00 PM

Abdu tells MC I’m sorry. Sajid promises that everything will be alright by tomorrow. Sajid claims it’s just a game. Nobody dislikes anyone. Sumbul tells Shalin that he, Gautam, and Gori can all be in the same room. Archana and Priyanka can both be in the same room.

5:30 PM

Gautam says Tina creates a problem when she doesn’t get what she wants.  Nimrit claims Sumbul is pleading with her. Tina, according to Gautam, will be handled by us.

7:00 PM

Archana asks, “How much is your crown worth?” Manya advises returning it. I don’t need to tell you how much my crown is worth.

Bigg Boss inquires as to whether Abdu is the closest participant in this house. Everyone agrees. According to Bigg Boss, his manager was at blame. Shiv was the reason he lost it. Shiv owes Abdu an apology. Shiv apologises to Abdu. Stand up, urges Archana. Shut up, Shiv says. Take care of your own affairs. Bigg Boss requests a choice from Sumbul and MC Stan.

Sumbul suggests a room for Soundarya and Tina. Not you, Archana. Ankit, Priyanka, and Archana share a room. I’m in room 4 with Gautam and Gori. Stan, Sajid, Abdu, Shiv, Sreejita, and Manya are in a six-person room. According to Bigg Boss, these are the final beds.

Archana tells MC Stan, “You planned all of this.” Tina was the first person you spoke with. According to Sumbul, Bigg Boss has approved it. Sumbul claims that I made a mistake. Bigg Boss declares that whatever you stated is final. Gori says you can’t change your mind right now. Shiv tells SAjdi that they’re all on the same side. What will happen next, according to Sajid? He claims they will make an attempt to nominate me. Gori tells MC Stan Only she said everything when Bigg Boss asked you both. He claims she made an error.

7:15 PM

MC Stan says it’s not Shiv’s fault.  Shiv and Sumbul, according to Sajid. You were nothing more than puppets. Abdu is correct. Manya claims Tina has been getting close to Gautam. Archana says, but she’s also hitting on Shalin. Manya claims that I am not here to marry or find a boyfriend.

7:30 PM

Abdu dances to the music of MC Stan. Sajid asks if you will leave Stan or the girl if you both fall in love with the same girl. He says I’m going to leave the girl. Sajid asks, “What exactly?” Will you abandon the girl for him? But I’m not going to leave her for you, Stan replies. Abdu suggests that you keep her. Abdu strikes him. He sobs outside.

8:30 PM

Gori replies I’d want to swim as well. Shiv claims Abdu enjoys it. Shiv claims that MC and I were both your pals. Gori claims that I spoke with both of you. Shiv says, “I thought we’d do it.” She claims I didn’t form a group. They’re all phoney pals.

11:15 PM

Archana cracks a joke with Gautam. Sreejita arrives.

1:00 AM

When you come from the ground and others think you’re lucky, Sajid says you feel terrible. MC Stan claims that my buddies do not say such things. Shiv was also a friend of mine. Shiv considers you a bro. I was merely joking with you. They exchange handshakes. MC Stan believes you have a shwed me mentality. Shiv claims that I keep people in their lanes. MC walks away. MC advises him not to discuss these personal matters. Shiv advises you to spend your phoney wealth elsewhere. Stan tells you to stop talking. I can buy ten of these folks. Shiv describes me as “heart-rich.” MC Stan, you scumbag. I see you, Shiv, replies Abdu. You wanted to apologise.

1:15 AM

Stan claims he told me to go lost. Sreejita claims to speak in this manner. MC Stan claims to harbour numerous grudges in his heart. Gautam believes you become too intimate. Shiv claims you don’t understand the situation. I don’t want to speak with you. Keep your hands off it. Gautam advises you to change your attitude. Shiv says, “Cry for the footage!” Shiv is asked to cool down by Gori and Sajid. What is Shiv’s attitude, he asks? She claims I already apologised. He also began to speak after that. Sajid escorts him outside. Gautam claims he is a jerk. Sajid tells MC Stan to grow up and hug him. The MC sobs. Shiv shows up. Shiv is hugged by MC. Shiv says, “Sit down, bro.” I am very proud of you. There are no resentments.

2:45 AM

Good night, everyone, and see you tomorrow, says Abdu.

Episode Ends

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