Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 21st October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Anjali chastising Vivek for failing to follow her instructions. She then gets a call and asks Asha to teach Vivek the dancing techniques before leaving. Asha gives Vivek instructions and places her hand on his shoulder. They both have an eye lock. Zoon gives Anjali a paper ring and informs her that she made it for Ritesh’s engagement. Indu’s Anjali tells Ritesh that he will not wear this paper ring because he is a megastar and then leaves the location. Zoon becomes agitated. Sunita and Rajender return home from engagement ring shopping. Sunita shows the ring to family members, saying that they chose one ring in a rush and hope Ritesh likes it.

Sunita’s ring selection is praised by Anjali. Sunita is assured by Asha that Ritesh would enjoy it. Indu serves tea to everyone, claiming that they are all exhausted from the preparations. Indu then notices Ritesh’s ring, which her parents have brought her, and comments on how lovely it is. Sunita approaches Indu and tells her that she has always wanted her to marry, but now she wishes she could spend a few more days with her, which makes everyone sad. Anjali informs her that Indu will be in the same city as her, so she can meet them as many times as she wants, even after the wedding. Sunita claims that after a girl marries, her in-laws have greater rights over her than her paternal house. She further tells the girl’s priority should be her in law’s.

Indu says no and reminds them that even if she marries Ritesh, the Rainas would always be her family. They are all beaming with delight. Kaamna directs the staff on their tasks in Malhotra’s mansion. When the worker begins interrogating her, she becomes enraged and orders them to leave. She encounters Dolly, who is picking out her dress for Ritesh’s wedding, and asks her for assistance, but the latter declines, stating that she is too busy picking out her costume for Ritesh’s wedding.

Rahul arrives to the Malhotra home, hands over the engagement ring to the priest, instructs him to keep it near God and conduct whatever rites are necessary, and then departs. Kaamna overhears this and goes to the priest. She sends him away by asking him for food and then snatches the ring without anyone’s awareness. She smirks and thinks she’ll watch how Ritesh and Indu’s engagement goes without a ring. Sameer urges Nisha to ensure that no one knows about Kadambari’s health condition and asks her to look after her. He then notices Vivaan is busy advising the workers on the arrangements and mocks him. Vivaan tells Dolly gave him this work so he dont have any other option.

Sameer informs them that it is not a wedding, but rather a murder, and that they are wasting money. He then exits the premises. Vivaan becomes perplexed but retreats inside. Sameer introduces himself to Magesh and shows him a map of Malhotra’s estate. He informs him that he will offer him with an access pass so that he can enter. He then instructs him to go to his room, where his friend will be waiting with a waiter dress, which he must change before proceeding to the living room, where the ceremony would take place. Magesh inquires about the rifle, and Sameer informs him that it is in his room and ready for use. He also tells Magesh that he should concentrate solely on Ritesh and not make any mistakes. Magesh agrees and informs Sameer that he is unaware Ritesh’s brother wants Ritesh to die and that he will definitely kill Ritesh and looks on.

Ritesh compliments Kaamna on the arrangements. Dolly greets the visitors. Raina’s car arrives. Dolly inquires about Indu. Indu arrives with Zoon and Anjali. Dolly compliments Indu and brings her to Shakuntala. Shakuntala’s blessings are accepted by Indu. Zoon inquires about Shakuntala’s well-being, to which the latter responds with a yes. Ritesh is also addressed as genie papa by her. Dolly informs them that the engagement ceremony can begin. Indu and Ritesh are standing opposite each other. Ritesh is surprised when he does not discover the ring. Everyone is surprised and perplexed, except for Kaamna, who smiles pleasantly. Zoon reveals that she has a ring, which surprises and perplexes everyone. She displays the paper ring and explains that she made it.

Kaamna mocks her, but Ritesh assures her that a ring is a ring, whether it’s made of paper or diamonds. Indu says she doesn’t mind wearing the ring. Ritesh and Indu both exchange rings. Zoon is overjoyed. Ritesh wraps Zoon in his arms and kisses both Indu and Ritesh. Kaamna is enraged. Later, at the sangeet ceremony, Vivaan and Anjali challenge their side of the people solely to win the dance competition. Indu and Ritesh enter the discussion and challenge one another. Sameer asks Kaamna whether she is going to join in this, and the latter responds that she is not interested and then goes.

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