Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 22nd October 2022 episode written update

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Magesh arrives at the Malhotra’s and asks the security how he may gain access to the residence. Security inquires as to his identity. Magesh describes himself as someone who provides catering services. Security requests his identification, which he provides. Security hands over the identification card to his superior, who examines it. Magesh is concerned that the security personnel are becoming suspicious of him. Zoon is playing with a balloon indoors, but it falls to the ground through a window. She is unsure where to go from there. She enters Anjali’s room and asks her to accompany her to the balloon.

Anjali informs her that she is changing her outfit and that she will return outdoors in a few minutes. Zoon decides to go outdoors on her own to get the ball. Magesh is approached by security, who instructs him to use gate number 2 because this entry is only for guests. Magesh agrees and walks away. Indu looks for Zoon. Zoon shows up. Security stops her and inquires as to her destination. Zoon informs him that she will take the ball. Magesh sees Zoon and believes she is the Zoon whom Indu most adores. Zoon is taken by security. He pleads her not to leave and promises to bring her the ball. Zoon accepts and thanks him. Magesh goes to Zoon and starts a conversation.

Zoon informs him that she is unfamiliar with him. Magesh tells her that he first met her as a child. He then considers killing Zoon in order to break Indu. Zoon refuses to speak with Magesh. Magesh stated that her mother urged her not to speak with an unknown individual. Magesh comes close to strangling Zoon but pauses when he hears Indu’s voice. He departs from the individual. Indu approaches Zoon and wonders what she is doing and chastises her for going out alone. Zoon informs her about meeting Magesh and refusing to speak to him. Indu compliments her. When security returns the ball to Zoon, Indu thanks her and leads her inside.

Dolly urges Indu to sit with Ritesh and enjoy the event before leaving. Indu requests that Zoon sit with Ritesh and that she sit with her parents, but Zoon refuses and forces Indu to sit with Ritesh. They are locked in an eye lock. Zoon then takes a seat on Ritesh’s lap. Ritesh tells her that the lights have been turned off to surprise her, which makes Zoon pleased. Vivaan enters the stage and greets the audience. He also describes the dance performances of Raina and Malhotra. Kaamna produces expressions. Magesh arrives in Sameer’s chamber, guided by his previous orders. He notices the catering staff’ attire and adopts it. He then enters Sameer’s wardrobe and takes the book, which contains the pistol.

Sameer tells Vivaan to avoid Ritesh tonight, which surprises the latter, so he asks him why. Sameer smirks and tells Vivaan that he can stare at Ritesh as much as he likes today because he won’t be able to see him again after tonight. Vivaan becomes perplexed. Kaamna overhears the talk and is taken aback. On the other hand, Indu begs Ritesh not to make her pose for the media since she is uncomfortable. Rahul tells her that everything would be fine. Ritesh informs Indu that she would have to get accustomed to this and mocks her, which sparks an altercation between them. Indu refers to Ritesh as a theatre business. Zoon chastises both of them and invites Indu to join them for a photoshoot. Ritesh indirectly taunts and leaves with Zoon. Rahul takes Indu with him.

Dolly spots a disguised Magesh and asks him what he’s doing here. Magesh pretends to be on his way to the kitchen. Dolly points in the opposite direction and informs him that the kitchen is nearby. She also cautions him and orders him to leave the area. Magesh hides himself after Dolly notices the pistol in the book. Dolly believes the book belongs to Ritesh and takes it to his room, which irritates Magesh and causes him to contemplate how to extract the pistol from the book. Zoon and Indu Ritesh pose for the media. Ritesh pulls Indu in closer.

Sunita and Rajender are both thrilled and tearful when they see them. Sunita wishes them happiness. Sameer informs Nisha over the phone that he will attempt to get to Kadambari as soon as possible. He then wonders if Magesh has arrived at their place yet. Ritesh and Indu are asked for a couple shot by the reporter. They request that Ritesh kiss Indu’s hand first, then his forehead. Indu is taken aback and perplexed. Ritesh then exits the building, followed by the journalists. Inside, Kaamna mocks Sunita and Rajender by assuring them that Indu is happy. She then requests that Sunita bring beverages for her and her buddy. Sunita agrees, but Rajender refuses, but the former persuades him and goes inside. Kaamna grins cheerfully.

Sunita with the beverages tray surprises Indu. She handed the tray to Magesh, who arrived. Magesh rushes out of the room. Sunita scolds Indu when she tells her that they have to do all of this since they are bride side family. Later, Indu spills the drink on Ritesh, who scolds her and decides to wipe it up on his own before walking back to his room. Meanwhile, Magesh enters Ritesh’s room to remove the weapon from the book.

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