Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 24th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Ritesh entering his room, while Magesh looks for the pistol in Ritesh’s room. Indu walks behind Ritesh and apologises for pouring the drink on him, explaining that she did so by accident. Ritesh mocks her and tells her that she must have done it on purpose, which infuriates Indu and names him a drama company for making a fuss when all she wants to do is help him. Ritesh refuses to accept her assistance. He also advises her to become accustomed to his demeanour because this is how he will behave after marriage. Indu scolds him and tells him to get used to her behaviour and not to say no when she insists on assisting him. She tells him to go inside his room and she will return with the goods needed to clean his dress and walks away.

Ritesh reprimands her and retires to his room. Magesh notices someone entering the room and hides behind the curtain. Ritesh walks to the restroom, and Magesh returns to look for the pistol. Magesh hides behind the curtain once more when he hears someone approach the room. Indu walks into the room and looks for Ritesh. She walks to the restroom to look for him. Magesh emerges from his hiding place and hunts for the pistol. Ritesh is taken aback when he sees Indu in his bathroom. He chastises her for coming in and carrying tissues with her. Indu mocks him for believing the stain will go with water and advises him to use detergent. They both got into a fight.

Ritesh tries to go but loses his footing, and Indu, who tries to catch him, falls on his lap. They are locked in an eye lock. Indu apologises and separates herself from him. She then asks him to follow her directions and departs. Magesh hides himself once more.

Sameer looks for Magesh and decides to contact him. In the restroom, Ritesh applauds Indu’s suggestion. Magesh’s phone begins to ring. Both Indu and Ritesh believe it is the other person’s room. Indu departs from the location. Magesh emerges and opens Ritesh’s cabinet to retrieve the pistol from the book, but Ritesh emerges from the washroom, so he hides himself once more. Ritesh notices the open cupboard and wonders who opened it. He then closes it and exits the room, oblivious of Magesh’s presence.

Magesh comes up from his room, takes the book from which he draws the pistol, and stares on determinedly. The dance performance begins outside. Rahul and Vivaan dance to a tune. Anjali joins them and they dance together. The dance performances are enjoyed by the entire family. Zoon informs Ritesh that she, too, wishes to dance, so he leads her to the stage and dances with her. Magesh brandishes a gun towards Ritesh. Other family members gradually join in, and Anjali forcibly brings Indu to the stage.

Ritesh introduces Zoon to Indu, and Zoon wraps her arm around her. While the family members dance around them, Indu and Ritesh exchange glances. Magesh pulls the trigger to shoot Ritesh, but one of the waiters walks up behind him and opens the closet, causing Magesh to lose his balance and fire the bullet somewhere else.

Except for Vivaan Anjali and Rahul, both Malhotra and Raina exit the stage. Anjali and Vivaan have an eye lock. Vivaan clutches Anjali’s hand and grins at her, and she returns his smile. Rahul, who observes this, is taken aback but continues to grasp Anjali’s hand. Anjali is perplexed and smiles at Rahul before releasing her hand from his grasp, causing Vivaan to smirk at Rahul. Rahul regretfully exits the premises. Vivaan announces Ritesh’s dancing performance, but Anjali Anjali suggests that Indu accompany Ritesh because it is both of their engagements.

Zoon invites Indu to dance with Ritesh, but Indu declines since she isn’t interested. Ritesh mocks her and challenges her, prompting Indu to accept his challenge to dance with him. the other side Magesh promises Sameer that he will shoot Ritesh before the night is out. When Kaamna discovers Sameer and Magesh together, he takes Sameer to a room and questions him about his plan. Sameer informs Kaamna that someone will die without taking anyone’s name, which astounds her. Kaamna threatens to kill Sameer if Ritesh is his target. Sameer lies and claims that his goal is Indu. Kaamna begs Sameer not to resort to murder to get rid of someone, but Sameer assures her and leaves the scene. Kaamna becomes concerned.

On the stage, Ritesh and Indu perform a dance. Magesh points the rifle towards Ritesh once more. After the song, Indu decides to leave the stage, but Zoon insists on one more dance from Ritesh and Indu. Ritesh informs Indu that she must perform because it is Zoon’s desire, but she refuses and walks away. However, the music begins to play, and Ritesh takes Indu’s hand and dances with her. Ritesh cuddles Indu at the end of the song, and she lays her head on his chest. Ritesh is shot by Magesh. Ritesh becomes stiff. When Indu discovers her hands are covered in blood, she stares at Ritesh. Ritesh collapses to the ground, and a tear falls from Indu’s eyes onto her cheek.

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