Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 25th October 2022 episode written update

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Ritesh becomes rigid when Magesh shoots him in the beginning of the episode. Indu glances at him, then at her bloodied hands, then at Ritesh, who looks at her and collapses to the ground. Indu is taken aback. Family members are likewise taken aback. Kaamna believes Sameer lied to her and that he simply brought his man to kill Ritesh. Sameer approaches Magesh and begs him to go through the back gate. Everyone rushes to Ritesh’s side. Vivek prevents Zoon from observing what is going on. Indu is startled as he witnesses everyone attempting to awaken Ritesh.

Ritesh is examined by the doctor, and Rahul summons an ambulance. Ritesh is taken out by Rahul and others. Anjali contacts Indu and informs him that Ritesh has been brought to the hospital. She inquires about Zoon, and Anjali informs her that she is with Vivek. Indu requests her and the other family members to stay with Zoon and that she would head to the hospital with the others before leaving. Rajender inquires about Zoon’s whereabouts, and Vivek summons her. Zoon inquires as to what is going on, to which Rajender responds by taking her inside the room. Both Malhotra and Indu arrive at the hospital, and the doctor orders that he be taken to the treatment room.

Magesh attempts to escape the house through the rear entrance but is surprised when the door locks itself. Rahul informs Vivaan and Sameer in Malhotra’s home how someone may enter the house and dare to shoot Ritesh. Sameer acts and claims that he, too, is perplexed. Rahul informs Sameer that someone on staff is participating in this, which is why he used the electronic lock to shut all the gates. Rahul says he phoned the cops as well and then leaves. Vivaan recalls Sameer’s instruction not to approach Ritesh and stares him down.

When Sameer encounters Magesh, he informs him that all of the doors are shut except one, which leads to the storerooms, and urges him to follow him. Magesh complies. Sameer is surprised to see Vivek there. Vivek claims that after discovering it was a manual door, he stayed to ensure that the perpetrator did not exit the premises. Sameer also performs and claims to have come here for the same reason. They both depart when they hear the police vehicle siren. Magesh goes into hiding. Zoon inquires about Ritesh and expresses her desire to meet him. The Rainas are helpless.

Sunita weeps and prays for Ritesh’s safety. Ritesh is being treated by a doctor in the hospital. The guard informs Kaamna that the media has learned of this and that journalists are waiting outside. Kaamna requests that he prevent them from accessing the hospital. Indu walks inside the door and sees Ritesh. She is overcome with sadness as she recalls her interactions with Ritesh. Dolly says she has no idea why this happened.

Vivek alerted the Rainas about the police inquiry and told them not to be concerned if they were interviewed. Zoon questions Vivek about the cause for the police presence. Vivek informs her that they are come to apprehend the thief and that she can then meet Ritesh before leaving the location.

The police examine each person inside the residence one by one. One of the staff members drives Magesh to the location of the cops. Sameer is concerned that if Magesh is apprehended, he will assume his name. Magesh is concerned about how he will leave the residence. The doctor arrives to the hospital and informs Indu Kaamna and Dolly that the bullet has been removed, but Ritesh is still in serious condition. The bodyguard enters and informs the reporters that things are out of control, and that some of them have entered the hospital despite their attempts to stop them.

One of the reporters enters and begs to take one photo of Ritesh, which enrages Indu, who lashes out at him and throws him out. Kaamna expresses her concern for Ritesh’s safety and begs the doctor to enable them to transfer Ritesh to his home. The doctor concurs. Magesh notices the door to Malhotra’s mansion is open, so he pulls out his gun and shoots it, causing everyone to scream and run around. Magesh takes advantage of the situation and departs. Sameer sighs with relief.

The inspector leaves the house after assuring Rahul and Vivaan that they will find the person. Later, Kaamna learns from Deep about the person responsible for the shooting. Ritesh duped them and fled, which surprises her. She then confronts Sameer for lying to her, but he behaves. Kaamna criticises him and warns him about the dangers of not siding with her before leaving the scene. Sameer observes.

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