Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 29th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Ritesh drying Zoon’s teacher with a towel. It is not required, according to the teacher. It’s not a huge thing, says Ritesh. He then discusses their school’s plans to provide education to underprivileged children. The teacher informs Ritesh that their work has been halted since people nowadays seek money even for education. Ritesh expresses his displeasure with those people and informs the teacher of his intention to donate fifty lakhs and assures her that he is not making any false promises, which makes the teacher pleased, so the teacher thanks him and enables Zoon to apply mehendi on her hand.

Indu arrives, but Ritesh fools her and leaves. Vivek approaches Asha and informs her that she can apply mehendi whenever she wants if she moves on from her current state. Asha tells him she already told him she doesn’t want to talk about it and then departs, which irritates Vivek. Indu approaches Ritesh, who is nearby Zoon, and invites him to her room, stating that she wishes to speak with him regarding a marriage-related subject. After entering the room, Indu scolds Ritesh for contributing a large sum of money to the school in order to grant Zoon’s dream.

Ritesh defends himself, claiming that he donated purely out of altruism and without any hidden intention. Ritesh is rendered speechless when Indu questions him. She then informs Ritesh that she doesn’t want him to lavish Zoon with his money and convince her that she can bend the rules on her own. Ritesh tells her not to make a big deal out of trivial stuff and to stop acting like Zoon’s mother, which surprises and pains Indu. A knock on the door interrupts them both, so Ritesh rushes to check who is on the other side.

Anjali appears and invites Ritesh to accompany her so that he can apply mehendi on his hand. Ritesh resists, but Anjali is adamant. He turns away from Indu, whose eyes are filled with tears, and exits the room. Anjali approaches Indu and notices her wiping her tears, so she questions whether they had another quarrel. She also inquires as to her well-being. Indu tells her she is OK and there is no need to worry about her before leaving the room. Zoon later approaches Indu and shows her the mehendi she applied to her hand, asking how it looks on her hand. Indu grins and remarks that it looks lovely on her hand. She then inquires as to where Ritesh is. Ritesh arrives and introduces himself. Zoon requests that Ritesh display his mehendi. Ritesh demonstrates Zoon’s writing with a heart in it. Indu also shows Zoon her mehendi, and Zoon is pleased to find that Indu has also written her name. She expresses her love for both of them. Zoon grins as Indu and Ritesh kiss her cheek.

Zoon then shows the other side to Indu and Ritesh. They are both taken aback when they see Kadambari. Indu dashes across. Ritesh asks Anjali to accompany Zoon and then goes to find Kadambari. Indu inquires of Kadambari as to her purpose for being here. Kadambari informs her that she has come to meet with her daughter Zoon. Indu refuses to provide her permission. Kadambari performs and begs Indu to let her meet Zoon. Ritesh becomes enraged and orders Kadambari to go without making a scene. The footage is recorded from outside the house, but no one notices. Kadambari advises Indu that she must let her meet her daughter and not treat her in this manner. Indu informs her that she is merely asking her to leave.

Kadambari informs her that she knows she had a heart attack and that after being discharged, she came here immediately to visit her daughter Zoon because she is the only one she has. She also informs Ritesh that a great celebrity like him will never comprehend a mother’s love for her child, and that even Indu will not understand because she gave birth to Zoon. When the visitors start chatting about it, Indu feels helpless. Kadambari approaches Sunita and begs her to allow Indu to understand a mother’s love for her child. She then goes and holds Indu’s leg, pleading with her to return her daughter; however, because she is married Ritesh, she can have her child on her own. Sameer arrives and is taken aback to discover Kadambari there. He asks her why she is here instead of resting and tells her they can speak about it later before taking her with him. Indu Ritesh and his family appear concerned. Sameer chastises Kadambari for travelling to Raina’s instead of resting after suffering a heart attack.

Kadambari assures him that she is OK and that everything she has been through is simply a drama, which surprises Sameer. She also claims she did it to gain public sympathy. Sameer becomes enraged and asks her how she could have hidden this from him, reminding her that he has been there for her since the beginning. Kadambari apologises to him and tells him that she does not want to take any risks, and that she wants his concern for her to appear genuine in order to earn public support. Her lawyer claims that they needed this the most because their case is so weak.

Kadambari promises Sameer that he would no longer keep anything from him. Sameer compliments her acting abilities. Anjali shows the viral video of Kadambari in Raina’s residence, which is also receiving support. Ritesh informs the Rainas that it is a publicity gimmick to gain public support. Indu is implicitly mocking Ritesh. Swati watches the comments under the video that are critical of Indu and wonders how someone can write such things. Her helper believes in Kadambari and wishes for her daughter’s return. Swati becomes confused and looks at the footage.

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