Channa Mereya 19th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Shailaja questioning why cops are here. Ginni Grewal is identified by the inspector. Shailaja gestures to Ginni. Ginni introduces herself to the inspector and expresses her desire to file a complaint against Simran, her sister-in-law. The inspector informs her that she can file a complaint against her later, but for the time being, she must accompany them to the station because a domestic violence case has been filed against her.

Everyone is taken aback. Aditya, on the other hand, wonders who filed such a complaint. Simran arrives with a cut on his forehead. She claims to be the one who filed the complaint against Ginni and claims Ginni attempted to murder her and her unborn child. Ginni tells the inspector not to trust Simran and claims she is the one who set fire to the dhaba. Aditya and Gulraj also beg the inspector not to believe Simran’s words.

Ginni and Simran argue after the latter claims Ginni tried to burn her alive by pouring kerosene on her. She also displays her bleeding brow. The inspector informs Ginni that Simran has filed a complaint against her and requests that she be handcuffed. Aditya loses his cool and argues with the inspector, prompting the inspector to file a complaint against him as well for attempting to prevent them from performing their duties. Amber and Simran smriks contentedly. Ginni soothes Aditya. Ginni is handcuffed, and her eyes are filled with tears as she looks at Aditya. Aditya appears helpless.

Shailaja mocks Ginni by reminding them about the wedding if Ginni is arrested. Inspector warns the Grewals to treat Simran properly or else he will put them all in jail. He then brings Ginni along, followed by the rest of the family. Amber acts and says he will contact the commissioner to have her arrest halted.

Ginni remembers Simran recording a video when she entered her room, so she demands her phone back. Simran is taken aback. Simran and Goldie both inquire as to why she requires her phone. Inspector also inquires. Ginni informs them that there will be a video on Simran’s phone that will help her prove her innocence. Simran backs up a few steps.Aditya arrives behind her.

Simran is taken aback when she sees him. Aditya demands her phone, which Simran gives him after seeing how angry he is. Ginni receives the phone from Aditya. Ginni looks through the video. She is unable to locate it and informs everyone. Simran smiles as she remembers how she deleted that video without anyone’s knowledge. Aditya mocks Simran after discovering the video on her phone. He then shows the inspector the video of Simran confessing to her crimes in connection with the dhaba fire.

The inspector becomes enraged with Simran and scolds her for duping them. He then asks Ginni to come to the station and file a complaint against Simran before leaving. Amber becomes agitated. Ginni drags Simran out of the house and throws her to the ground. Gulraj is shocked and upset when Goldie goes to support Simran, and she cuts all ties with him. Aditya and Ginni both threaten to not spare Simran if she bothers their family and goes inside. Goldie and Simran leave the location.

Aditya informs Amber that he wishes to postpone his wedding for the following day, which surprises her. Amber informs them that arrangements must be made, but Aditya and Supreet assure them that they will be fine. Simran later recalls what happened and wonders why Amber hasn’t arrived yet. Amber appears and mocks Simran for attempting to defeat Ginni but failing each time. He also claims that it was her stupidity that caused her to lose Aditya only once, as well as the opportunity to reclaim him. Simran tells Amber that she is going to do something that will make Ginni very unhappy and that she will be unable to show her face to anyone. Amber makes fun of her. Simran assures him that she will not disappoint him this time and asks him to prepare to pay ten lakh. She also warns him that if she is caught, she may go to jail.

Amber promises to give her one crore in addition to bailing her out if she removes Ginni from his life. Simran assures him of this. Simran later enters Singh’s mansion without anyone’s knowledge, where the next ritual is being performed. Amber thinks to himself that if Simran removes Ginni from his path, he will find and burn the diary. Aditya sends Akash to the storeroom after he causes havoc with his paper plane.

Simran knocks out one of the workers and then smiles. Aditya approaches Amber and asks him while he is alone. Amber acts as if he was thinking whether they ever thought they’d be in good enough terms to attend a function like this? He then offers Aditya a drink, but the latter declines. Aditya is then captivated by Ginni, who arrives dressed to the nines. He gestures at her, and she blushes.

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