Channa Mereya 21st October 2022 episode written update

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Amber begins the episode by telling Rajvant that if he hadn’t backed him that day, they would not have built an empire. Rajvant claims that what he did is inexcusable, thus no excuses can justify what he is capable of. He then expresses his desire for Ginni to marry Aditya as soon as he discovers she is Kushwant’s daughter. Amber is taken aback. Rajvant goes on to state that he made a vow to God to convey the truth to Ginni, which he intends to keep. Amber believes he can’t let Rajvant tell Ginni the truth. He informs Rajavant that he is feeling powerless right now and that he and everyone else attempted to help him reunite with Aditya but failed. Ginni achieved the impossible by reconnecting him with his son because she adores him. He then requests that Rajvant give him the diary so that he can burn it.

Rajvant resists and wonders how he can think of burning it. He advises them not to conceal their errors in order to correct them. He then informs Ginni that God will not forgive him if he hides the truth from her, therefore he will go to Ginni and tell her the truth without fear of the consequences. Aditya and Ginni’s marriage will take place in the depths of reality. Amber warns him that if he tells Ginni the truth, they would be questioned about why they kept all of this while this diary.

They will also be held responsible for Kushwant’s death. He also informs Rajvant that what he did years ago was for the sake of his family’s well-being, and that he will do the same and go to prison if necessary. He also assures Rajvant that Ginni will leave Aditya once she discovers the truth. Aditya adores her, hence he will suffer the most. Ginni also adores Aditya, and because she lacks a father figure, she deserves a partner like Aditya in her life, so he will not let him spoil their pleasure by disclosing the truth. Rajvant sobs and throws the diary to the ground, which makes Amber happy.

Rajvant sobs and pleads God to explain what is going on, saying that he may keep the vow, but his children’s lives would be damaged, and he doesn’t know what else to do. Amber grins and grabs the diary from him. He then claims to be the one who advised them all that if they can’t come up with a solution, they should let God decide whatever God wants. He also encourages Amber to let Aditya and Ginni marry and that they should attend their wedding because it is their happiness. He then invites him inside to participate in Aditya and Ginni’s sangeet. He also says that when the truth wants to come out, it will come out and they will have to face it, and he asks him not to ponder too much. Rajvant retreats inside because he feels helpless. Amber grins and walks over to the fire. He rips the paper one by one and throws it into the fire. Ginni arrives to look for Sam. She looks around but doesn’t notice Amber, who is burning the diary.

Both Singh’s and Grewal’s dance cheerfully inside the house. Rajvant walks into the house, forcing a grin. Ginni stumbles outside and steadies herself against a flower vase. Amber sets fire to the entire diary and then flees the scene. Amber enters and requests that Rajvant enjoy the ceremony. Rajvant wonders where Aditya and Ginni are. Amber is also aware that they are nowhere to be found. So he tells Rajvant he will go get them and bring them back, as well as get him a drink, and then he leaves.

Ginni looks for Simran. When the wind blows, a burned portion of Kushwant’s diary falls near Ginni. She grabs it in her hand and wonders what it is. She is taken aback when she realises it is Kushwant’s diary. She recalls telling her father as a child that she kept a notebook and wrote everything down. Ginni notices the diary is on fire and goes to it, taking it outdoors to try to prevent the fire from spreading. Aditya wonders where Simran went on the other side. He tells himself that he’s had enough of Simran and that the next thing he’ll do is file a complaint against him.

Ginni holds the diary in her hands, tears welling up in her eyes, and wonders who set it on fire. Simran comes up behind her and hits her on the head. Ginni falls unconscious after dropping the diary, which falls inside the flower vase. Marleen and Akash question Aditya about his being here and invite him to accompany them inside because Rajvant is looking for him and Ginni. Aditya sends them inside, stating he’ll bring Ginni.

Simran resolves to kill Ginni and raises the wooden stick, but she hears Aditya calling Ginni’s name and flees the scene. Aditya is taken aback when he notices Ginni is unconscious. He runs over to her. When Aditya brings an unconscious Ginni into the house, the family members are taken aback. Aditya brings Ginni to his room and informs him that he has already notified the doctor. When the doctor comes, he sends everyone out to examine Ginni.

Aditya is overcome with sadness as he recalls Ginni informing him about Simran’s participation during their sangeet. He takes a sad seat. Amber approaches him and describes Ginni as a warrior who will recover quickly. Aditya visits a doctor. Amber believes Ginni may have assisted him in obtaining Aditya, but he is unable to assist her in any way. He also decides to thank Simran for her efforts. The doctor assures Ginni that internal bleeding is not occurring in her head, but they must keep a tight eye on her and transport her to the hospital for additional treatment if she does not wake up by the next morning, which surprises everyone.

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