Channa Mereya 22nd October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with the doctor informing everyone that he has begun his treatment and that if there is no change, they must take Ginni to the hospital, which surprises everyone. Amber approaches Aditya and requests that the doctor allow Aditya to meet Ginni. Doctor refuses, but Aditya begs him not to say anything. The doctor concurs. Aditya enters the room. He recalls his moments with Ginni, then places his forehead on her and thinks to himself that he is nothing without her, closing his eyes and asking to God to help Ginni recover quickly.

Outside Akash inquires of Amber about Ginni’s well-being. Amber tells him that she will. Shailaja, on the other hand, explains how the wedding will take place. This surprises everyone. Supreet suggests that they concentrate on Ginni’s rehabilitation, but Shailaja points out that she purchased an attire for the wedding and wonders what she should do with it. She also states that in this situation, the wedding will not take place. Her husband chastises her for her actions. Aditya appears outside and informs everyone that the wedding will take place at any cost, which surprises Amber. Shailaja informs him that Ginni is unconscious.

Aditya expresses his complete confidence that Ginni will regain awareness before the sun rises the next morning. He also says that after the wedding, he will file a lawsuit against Simran for all she has done with him and Ginni up to this point, and that he is certain Simran is behind Ginni’s attack as well, so he will not spare her at any cost. Amber acts as if he is with Aditya. Armaan informs Aditya that his entire family is supporting him. They then all agree to pray to God for Ginni’s recovery. Both households pray to God. Aditya enters Ginni’s room.

Aditya sits next to Ginni in bed and tells her that their wedding is tomorrow. He also threatens to abandon Ginni, who is unconscious. He sobs again and tells Ginni that, like any other couple, they are equally excited for the wedding. She understands the type of person he is, yet he is happy about his wedding, so why is she stubborn and not gaining consciousness? Rajvant sobs in his room and begs God not to punish Ginni for what he has done, so he begs God to do something to help Ginni gain awareness. Amber later receives a phone call from Simran. Simran boasts to herself that she always follows through on her goals, even if it means risking her life. She also claims that Ginni will not become conscious.

Amber requests that Simran refrain from flying high or celebrating her victory until the results are released. He also informs her of Aditya’s plot to imprison her because he believes she is the one responsible for Ginni’s attack, and advises her to slip underground and leave the city at the appropriate time. He also informs her that he will send her money. Simran agrees and instructs Amber to send money to the address she is about to send him. Amber accepts and hangs up the phone. Simran is upset since Ginni is suffocating her the most in this state and doesn’t know what to do.

Ginni becomes restless the next day after discovering the diary. Aditya and Gulraj become aware, and Aditya requests to be awakened, claiming that someone has come to see her. Ginni wakes up, takes the journey from her grasp, and attempts to flee by reciting Papa Ji’s notebook. Aditya and Gulraj try to comfort her. Amber and Rajvant are taken aback. Aditya approaches Ginni and attempts to calm her down.

The doctor arrives and scolds them for what Ginni done. He then orders everyone to go except Aditya. Ginni is then asked to calm down by the doctor, who informs her that she has to rest. Ginni claims to have discovered the diary. Aditya assures her that he believes her, but that she has to relax first. He then tells the doctor that even before Ginni was attacked, she was talking about the diary, therefore she could be hallucinating. Doctor says that could be the cause, but Ginni rejects and says she saw the diary and took it in her hand, but she doesn’t know what occurred after that. The doctor told her not to overstress herself.

Ginni always prioritised others’ needs over her own, according to Gulraj, who tells Amber and Rajvant this outside. She goes on to say that Ginni’s father’s dhaba and diary are everything to her, and that since the dhaba burned down, she is growing restless and insane since she can’t find the diary. Today is her wedding day, and she can’t bear the thought of seeing her in this predicament. Rajvant promises Gulraj that he will acquire the diary at whatever cost and hands it up to Ginni, which surprises Amber. Amber interrupts their chat, persuades Gulraj, and dismisses her. He then begs Rajvant not to reveal the diary to anyone. Rajvant is powerless and sobs loudly.

Later, Supreet and Gulraj get Ginni ready. Shailaja is enraged because she believes Ginni is having a decent life. She then attempts, but fails, to steal the ring without anyone’s notice. Ginni recalls the diary and becomes dizzy, which scares Supreet and Gulraj, but Ginni assures them that she is OK and that she would not back out of this marriage at any cost, which pleases Supreet and Gulraj. Gurleen arrives and gives Ginni a jewellery. Ginni thanks and compliments her. She then decides not to talk about the diary until she knows whether the glances she is getting are true or not and forces a grin.

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