Channa Mereya 24th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Amber going outside to look for the diary and wondering where it is. He then finds it within the flower vase and grabs it in his hand, telling himself that even though it burned, it still bothers him. He goes on to say that he is grateful Ginni was harmed because else he would be in big trouble and plans to hide it in his car. Rajvant visits the temple to pray. He then walks up to a window.

Aditya and his family arrive. Without anyone’s awareness, Rajvant wipes his tears and walks over to them. Ginni appears and takes a seat next to Aditya. Both accept blessings. The priest calls Ginni’s brother to perform gadhabandhan. Shampy steps forward to carry out the rite. Ginni becomes depressed and glances at Gulraj, who grins at her. The priest instructs Aditya and Ginni to rise from their seats and execute the rite. They both do this and begin taking pheras.

Aditya promises to be Ginni’s friend and protector through all of her ups and downs. Ginni recalls recovering her father’s diary from the fire and feels disoriented, yet she manages to take pheras with Aditya on a regular basis. The members of the family appear to be content. Aditya thinks to himself that despite the changing time and weather, Ginni is his life’s love. Ginni is agitated. Rajvant appears to be guilty. They both then travel to receive God’s blessings. Following then, Aditya and Ginni resume the ritual.

Aditya swears that Ginni’s entire problem is his, and that he will become those who are bothering her. Ginni is agitated. Aditya and Ginni approach the God’s idol. The priest announces that the marriage has been finalised and congratulates both families. He then requests that they present their marriage certificate in order to register their marriage. He also asks Aditya and Ginni to accept the blessings of their family members. Ginni becomes disoriented and unconscious, shocking and worrying everyone.

Later, Aditya approaches an unconscious Ginni and gently embraces her. He then notices Ginni opening her eyes. Ginni takes a seat next to Aditya on the bed. Aditya says hello to his wife. Ginni responds, “Hello, husband,” and flushes profusely. Aditya then informs Ginni that he spoke with her over the phone and advised her to maintain the meds till she fully recovers. He also asks Ginni not to force herself to learn what happened before she was attacked. He then gives Ginni the medicine, but she refuses, so the former resorts to his old tactic of attempting to have the medicine on his own, prompting Ginni to take the drug from him and consume it. Aditya tells Ginni that he never told this to her before and says that she is beautiful.

Ginni blushes and expresses gratitude. She then informs Ginni that he realised her attractiveness later since his ability to detect is a little lesser, but the first time she saw him, she knew he was an angry young man but handsome and glances at Aditya. Aditya gives her a friendly smile. He then approaches her, strokes her face with his hand, and kisses her cheek and forehead. Ginni becomes embarrassed and decides to leave, but Aditya stops her. He then becomes passionate with her while taking off her jewellery. When someone knocks on the door, he becomes irritated. Ginni glances at him, and Aditya urges her to wait a minute before leaving.

Ginni recalls the diary she was holding and wonders where she found it. She then gets dizzy and falls asleep with her head on the head rest. Aditya returns and is unhappy to find her sleeping. He sits beside her, covers her with a quilt, eats dessert while making expressions, and eventually falls asleep with his forehead on Ginni’s. The following day, Aditya and Ginni arrive at the dining room. Both accept Rajvant’s blessing. Rajvant assures her that she does not need to touch their feet to receive their blessings and wishes her a speedy recovery. Ginni then seeks the blessings of all family members. Ginni goes to seek Supreet’s blessings, and the latter tells them she is frequently torn between removing the bad eyes from them and blessing them both.

Gulraj comes there. Gulraj informs Ginni that she has come to accompany her to the first rite after marriage. Supreet and Gurleen accompany her inside to assist her in getting ready, while Gulraj requests permission from Rajvant to speak with Aditya, which the latter grants but keeps a watch on them. Amber resembles Gulraj and Aditya. Gulraj begs Aditya to spare Simran one more time. Aditya refuses, claiming that she is the cause of Ginni’s condition and that he would not punish her. Gulraj explains that she is requesting this for Ginni’s sake because she is already going through a lot.

Aditya agrees not to file a case against Goldie and Simran, but warns them that if they approach Ginni, he will not spare them. Gulraj accepts it. Aditya then enters his room. Gurleen teases him before leaving. Aditya informs Ginni that she will take his heart with her. Ginni persuades him to tell Gulraj about his chat, but the latter refuses. Aditya then pulls her close to him and wants a kiss, but she refuses. He then teases her about their getting intimated the night before, which surprises Ginni.

Ginni becomes enraged when she realises Aditya is joking and threatens to leave him if he continues. Aditya asks her not to discuss leaving him. Ginni apologises and swears not to leave him, as well as to do whatever he wants of her. Aditya teases her by asking whether they may do their first night routine again the next day. Ginni scolds him and departs. Aditya smiles.

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