Channa Mereya 25th October 2022 episode written update

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Aditya tells his business partner that the assignment he assigned to him has not yet been completed and urges him to wait for the call to speak with Rajvant before going to his room. Rajvant apologises to Kushwant and poses for a photo with him. He is then taken aback when he sees Aditya’s reflection. He throws away the photo frame. Aditya takes the photo frame from Rajvant and inquires as to how he knew Ginni’s father and why he is apologising to him. He also questions why he hasn’t told him that he knows Kushwant. He also asks him repeatedly to tell him the truth.

Rajvant begs Aditya not to reveal the secret that he works hard to keep hidden from everyone. Aditya informs Rajvant that he is not asking answers from him, but rather that he reveal the truth. Rajvant sobs and begs him not to push him to confess the truth, which will demolish everything and everyone, but Aditya is adamant in his determination to uncover the truth. Rajvant tells Aditya that he and Kushwant were once pals. The photos on Facebook show Rajvant and Kushwant having a good time together. Rajvant informs Aditya that when Kushwant was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, he began keeping a recipe notebook. While Singh’s company was losing a lot of money.

Kushwant decides to start a restaurant, and they plan to split the earnings by doing it together. He further says he told Kushwant that if he gets sick, he will provide their business profit to his family. The FB is over. Rajvant sobs as he informs Aditya that this is the first time he has broken a promise to someone. Aditya assures Rajvant that he will not think he betrayed someone.

Rajvant remembers pleading with Amber to quit being difficult and give him some food. Amber expresses concern over their business loss and asks Rajvant why he is not realising that they are in desperate need of a large loss and begs Rajvant to steal Kushwant’s diary so that they can start a new hotel with it.

Rajvant refuses, saying he will never betray his friend and assuring Amber that they will find a solution to their economic loss. Amber manipulates Rajvant, but when the latter refuses to comply, he threatens to kill himself and flees the scene. Rajvant warns Aditya that if they had a kid like Amber, they will end up doing dreadful things that they never imagined committing in their dreams.

The FB shows Rajvant going to meet Kushwant. Kushwant conveys his excitement to Rajvant about their plans to build a restaurant together. He also mentions how he frequently forgets the smallest details these days. Rajvant inquires about Kushwant’s diary and requests that he demonstrate him the method. Kushwant agrees and informs Rajvant that by writing in this notebook, he has practically completed all of the recipes. He hands over the diary to Rajvant and excuses himself to use the restroom before leaving.

Rajvant observes the recipes and thinks to himself that this diary will undoubtedly affect someone’s future and hides it beneath his coat. Kushwant returns, forgetting that he was speaking with Rajvant earlier, and greets him. Rajvant is taken aback by his condition. He excuses himself to speak with him later because he has an urgent task, and then he departs the location. The FB is over. Aditya sobs and tells Rajvant that he is God and a great hero to him, but he never imagined he would sink this low and betray Kushwant. He also questions why he would steal the journal when Kushwant is willing to make a deal with him. Rajvant sobs and declares himself helpless. He also begs Aditya to forgive him and promises Ginni that he will tell the truth.

Aditya informs Rajvant that the Gulabo¬†will never forgive him for what he did to them because he cannot forgive himself. He then discusses how he returned from Vancouver and stayed with him solely for him, and how he has always seen him as a God, and expresses his disappointment at realising such tremendous reality. He then promises Rajvant that he would tell Ginni the truth at any cost and then goes. Rajvant sobs. Amber is perplexed when Aditya dismisses him and walks to his room. In his chamber, Aditya yells. Ginni questions Gulraj about her wanderings outside Gulabo’s house. Gulraj informs her that she wants to offer Aditya a meaningful gift when he comes to take her to her in-laws, but she has no idea what to give. Ginni assures her that Aditya will not mind and that her valuables are hers, which she has already given to Aditya, so there is no need to worry.

Gulraj informs her, but she wishes to provide him with something. She then looks at Kushwant’s photo and goes to the cupboard, where she takes her wedding ring, which Kushwant gave her, and decides to give it to Aditya, telling Ginni that if Kushwant was still alive, he would have given her the same ring. Ginni becomes emotional. She then phones Aditya and informs him of Gulraj’s present for him. Aditya, on the other hand, begs her to consider whether he merits the gifts. Ginni informs him that he is the only one to whom she bows after God and her father. Aditya is helpless and observes.

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