Channa Mereya 29th October 2022 episode written update

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Aditya seeks for Ginni and eventually finds her. Ginni looks around, her eyes welling up with tears. Aditya approaches her and is taken aback by her appearance. Aditya assures Ginni that he will explain. Ginni expresses her dissatisfaction with any explanation. She recognises it as her father’s diary and mocks him, asking why she needs to tell him everything because he already knows. She also tells him how she got this diary from his cupboard and that she is unaware of his strategy to trick her and keep her away from this cupboard. Aditya begs Ginni to listen to him just once. Ginni informs Aditya that she does not wish to hear anything from him. She will speak today and requests that you listen to her. She tells him that she loved him and did everything for him wholeheartedly, and that she always believed his words, but he is correct that she isn’t smart enough to recognise the truth in people’s words and actions, and that she trusted them blindly, which is one of the reasons she believed his promise to help her find this diary.

She also claims that he and his family forced her into the marriage because she desired her father’s diaries, believing that once she marries, she will not leave or go against them even if the truth comes out, but they are mistaken. She also expresses regret about falling in love with him. Aditya informs Ginni that he has come to tell her the truth. Ginni claims that she discovered the truth on her own and that all she needs to know is whether he is aware of the diary. Aditya affirms. The Singh family as a whole comes. Ginni slaps Aditya hard, shocking everyone. Aditya looks depressed towards Ginni.

Ginni accuses the entire Singh family of lying to her and considers them traitors. She is also enraged since she and her family have suffered greatly as a result of them. Supreet approaches Ginni and assures her that their purpose is not to harm her, pleading with her to listen to them and stating that they have always treated her like family. Ginni claims that if the truth about her father’s diaries had not been revealed, she would have believed everything, but she no longer does. She then began accusing Aditya. Amber thinks to himself that he doesn’t care about Kushwant from back then or the Grewals who are still living in poverty today. But he doesn’t want Aditya to leave him at any cost, so he goes to Ginni and tells her that Aditya is innocent and that if she wants to hold someone accountable for what happened to her father and family, it’s him, and Rajvant begs Ginni not to punish Aditya.

Ginni is taken aback and looks at Aditya. Aditya grabs Ginni’s hand in his and begs her to look into his eyes and consider whether he is capable of betraying her. Ginni says she wants to confront Rajvant because she wants to know the truth. Aditya informs her of Rajvant’s small heart attack and begs her to confront him once some time has passed. Ginni declares that she will no longer believe their lies and accuses the Singhs of being the cause of her father’s death. Aditya runs to Rajvant when he arrives.

Rajvant approaches Ginni with the help of Aditya and his uncle. Rajvant blames himself entirely and urges Ginni not to punish herself by damaging her future because it is not her but him who has to be punished, as he sobs. Ginni informs Rajvant that she is not the one to punish, and that the person who was intended to punish him for his actions is no longer alive as a result of his actions a long time ago. Rajvant collapses in front of Ginni.

Ginni goes to Aditya and tells him that during his time in Canada, the Grewal’s Grewal’s suffered enough to take Kushwant to the next city for better care. She goes on to say that while Gurleen and Marleen may never have worn the garments a second time, her siblings always did, and they never felt guilty about it. Her father constantly stressed the importance of relationships and the need for confidence in the other person. He also stated that being poor was not their fault, but dying like way was, and that the Singhs killed her father and yelled at them. Rajvant begs Ginni to punish him rather than Ginni. Ginni decides to leave the house, stating that she cannot stay here any longer, which surprises everyone.

Aditya and his entire family beg her to listen to them. Amber informs her of Rajvant’s plan to give the Grewal’s 50% of their profit. Ginni moves towards the door, telling herself that this will not bring her father back. Rajvant begs Ginni not to leave the house. Ginni sobs as she recalls everything that has occurred and then departs the scene. Aditya becomes depressed. Ginni visits the dhaba. Gulraj is surprised to see her and inquires as to what transpired. Ginni shows her Kushwant’s diary. Gulraj holds it in her hand and is taken aback.

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