Doosri Maa 17th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Yashoda inviting Babu ji to tea and asking what he wants for breakfast. Babu ji requests that Amma prepare poha. Amma says you enjoy Yashoda’s poha. Yashoda expresses his regret to Amma. Amma begs him to forgive Yashoda and declares that she will not be leaving. Babu ji claims she is destroying the atmosphere in the house. Yashoda claims that she should not have promised Krishna’s mother. He inquires as to whether she was your friend and what her name was. Yashoda is about to introduce herself. No, according to Ashok, she was not her friend. Yashoda begs her forgiveness, believing Kamini is in front of her. Her hand folds. Babu ji says don’t do it and asks if I ever scolded you. He says, “I’ll let you do social work for the family.” But you’ve gone above and beyond for that orphan child, he says. Yashoda claims he is a very nice boy, which you will discover if you meet him. Babu ji refuses to meet with him. He requests that Yashoda not meet with him again. Yashoda requests that he give her a day to find his father and obtain NOC from him so that she can hand over Krishna to Gayatri. According to Babu ji, we will never be able to get rid of him. Ashok expresses regret to Babu Ji. Babu ji chastises him. Yashoda says he will not meet Krishna until he has his family. Babu ji declares that only he will rule in this house and that everyone must obey him. He warns them and departs.

Arvind informs Mahua that Amma has requested that you give grand son. Mahua inquires if he will raise the child with the assistance of his brother. He asks her not to mock him and says that if Babu Ji had focused on me, I would have been a collector today. Mahua says Babu Ji knows where to invest, that I saw your results, and that you have the shop, which is sufficient. When my time comes, Arvind says, we’ll see. Mahua tells him to rejoice that Ashok does not have a son.

Nandu informs Krishna that Lalita informed someone on the phone that she is sending Krishna in exchange for Hemu. He requests that he notify Yashoda and Gayatri, and informs them that he has heard that they sell organs and sometimes make them work. Lalita approaches and inquires as to what they are discussing. Nandu becomes terrified. Krishna claims to have had a bad dream. Lalita advises them not to eat too much because they will sleep well but have nightmares. Lalita informs Krishna that she has spoken with the English teacher and that he needs to go out with him for a while to write the test. Okay, Madam, says Krishna. Lalita requests that he not tell Gayatri and Yashoda. Okay, he says.

Manoj informs Gayatri that he will not adopt Krishna. He claims that we will adopt the small child. Gayatri claims that she, too, wanted to adopt a small child until she met him. Manoj can say whatever he wants, but we can’t adopt him. Gayatri claims that if Krishna’s father gives his permission, no one can stop her from adopting him. Manoj inquires about Krishna’s father. Gayatri claims they will find out today.

Yashoda informs Mahua that all the sarees have been pressed and that only one saree remains. She promises to do it. Mahua feels bad about doing all of her work. She claims she cannot gamble with the future of the schoolchildren. Yashoda notices her incorrectly marking the correct question and informs her. Mahua offers an explanation. Yashoda promises to correct the papers.

Ashok recalls Yashoda’s words. Yashoda receives the courier and opens the envelope (he imagines). She is taken aback when she learns Krishna’s father’s name. Ashok is adamant about speaking with her. Yashoda declares a major betrayal. I will make you understand, says Ashok. Yashoda questions why you betrayed my trust. Everyone congregates there. Yashoda begs him to help her understand and begs him to defend himself as a big lawyer. Let’s go inside and talk, says Ashok. Nothing will be said in a closed room, according to Yashoda, so we will speak in front of everyone. She requests that he say something. Babu ji wonders what happened because he has never seen you shouting like this before. Yashoda claims that a major betrayal has yet to occur with me. Amma inquires as to what transpired. Yashoda claims that my life was an illusion and that I was betrayed. Babu ji inquires as to what transpired. Yashoda says that your birth certificate arrived today, that you were upset because you didn’t have a grandson, and that your pain is over now that Krishna is your grandson. Babu ji examines Ashok while checking the birth certificate. Yashoda claims that the orphan you referred to has the same father as your son. Krishna Ashok Gupta, she claims, is Ashok Gupta’s son. Imagination is exhausted. Ashok becomes tense. Manoj arrives and inquires about Ashok’s well-being. He asks if I should call the doctor.

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