Doosri Maa 24th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Krishna hurrying Chotu/Nandu to the hospital and requesting that Doctor save him. The doctor requests that another doctor begin the treatment. The driver informs them that the youngster fell from the orphanage rooftop. The doctor advises we must notify the police. Lalita arrives with Girdhari and requests that the doctor not call the police. She threatens Krishna with revealing if he was planning to elope. Yes, Krishna adds, we tried to elope since you were preparing to sell me and Hemu. She then pretends to cry. The doctor says the police will investigate.

Bansal returns home with Kamini and presents a bouquet to Babu ji on his birthday. Kamini wonders where he got his money. She expresses gratitude to Babu Ji. Bansal claims to have a lot of money, but it’s all for the party; else, he wouldn’t have brought a 5000 Rs bouquet. Arvind requests that he inform him where his money is stuck. Bansal claims that his money is trapped in a higher party. Lalita smacks and threatens Krishna when he insists on meeting Nandu. The police arrive. Lalita plays it nice and claims that Krishna caused Nandu to fall. Krishna answers no, explaining that she used to sell infants and that they attempted to flee to complain about her, but Chotu tripped and fell. Lalita claims that he is fabricating stories and that she is an innocent woman. She asks Inspector if I appear to be a sinner who sells children. Krishna shoved Chotu off the terrace, she claims, and my heart sank. The man claims that the youngster Chotu went down on his own and that this boy Krishna did not push him. Inspector requests that the witness appear and provide his statement whenever it is required. He turns to face Kamini.

Bansal continues to tell lies. He inquires as to why they are delaying the cutting of the cake. Yashoda has stated that I will bring the cake. Aastha flung the cake, according to Nupur. Bansal explains to Kamini that he chose the flower from the Christian’s burial yard, where a new dead person had arrived for burial. She notices Sonu smelling it and tells him to keep it down since it is expensive.

Inspector is given greed by Lalita in exchange for a promotion. He informs Nandu that he will not get conscious. He claims he will manage the witnesses and blame Krishna. Lalita extends her hand to shake his. Krishna overhears them and requests that Inspector arrest Lalita. He requests that he contact Yashoda. Yashoda receives a call but declines it because she is trapped in the position. She inquires of Aastha, “Why did you do this?” Aastha claims I became enraged, and you assert that we will not tolerate false statements. Nothing is more important to Yashoda than obeying elders. Nupur claims that we are chastised even when we make no mistakes. It’s not like that, says Ashok. Aastha claims that we were punished for Sonu’s actions, and that Dada ji ordered us to provide proof because we are girls. He suggests we should switch out the cake. My daughters, according to Yashoda, will not lie. Arvind arrives and inquires as to how the cake fell. He claims that Babu Ji was about to chop it. Nupur claims Aastha did it to exact revenge on Dada ji. Aastha claims Sonu ripped our card. Arvind hugs her and assures her that he will be well. Yashoda scolds Nupur, telling her that she is equally guilty. Ashok instructs him to go buy the cake from the rear entrance. Kamini notices them.

Krishna inquires, “Where are you leading me?” Inspector says juvenile detention centre. He claims that he called Yashoda, but she did not answer. Lalita claims she has done a lot for you, yet you have insulted her. Krishna says she’ll answer the phone. Lalita says she will pick up the phone and asks him to accompany her to the juvenile home. Inspector requests that Lalita ensure that no witnesses come to PS to give statements. Lalita reassures him and informs him that Yashoda will not come.  Kamini requests that Mahua blow air into the balloon. She informs Bansal about Aastha and considers insulting Yashoda in front of everyone. While being taken to the juvenile home, Krishna considers Yashoda and Nandu. He remembers Lalita’s comments.

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