Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16th October 2022 episode written update

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Vinayak’s physiotherapy exercises are performed by Sai. Vinayak inquires as to whether she enjoyed the party. Sai instructs him to concentrate on his exercises. Vinayak inquires as to how his family knew him previously. Savi asks the same question. Sai accepts that Vinayak’s family is familiar with her. Savi insists on returning to Vinayak’s house. Sai refuses and assigns Vinayak and Savi to the game. Usha inquires as to why she is still at home rather than attending her first day of work. Sai says she is writing a resignation letter because he made a mistake by returning to Nagpur for Vinayak’s treatment, then allowing Savi to visit Chavan Nivas and accepting the orphanage job; she simply wants to return home.

Vinayak informs Savi that he will ask Sai to allow Savi to visit his home. Sai explains that she accepted the orphanage job because she wanted to help children like Vinayak. Usha inquires as to what she means. Sai reveals that Virat and Pakhi have adopted Vinayak. Usha responds. Sai instructs her to speak slowly and never reveal her secret to anyone. Vinayak’s heart breaks as he recalls not finding her baby picture in his family album. Pakhi arrives at Sai’s house and expresses her desire to speak with her. Sai says she’s leaving for some important work and will call her later. Savi tries to feed Vinayak sabudana poha, but he remains speechless. Pakhi enters and says that because Vinayak prefers his mother’s prepared poha, she will bring it the next time they meet. Vinayak walks silently away and sits in his car. Pakhi attempts to speak to him, but he does not respond.

Pakhi agrees that they adopted him, but they love him immensely and he is their son. Vinayak asks if his biological parents don’t like him that they sent him away. Pakhi says they truly love him. Vinayak asks then why did his parents disown him, is he a bad kid. Virat says he is the best son in the world, they wanted to reveal truth and were waiting for a right opportunity, nothing will change between them with this truth and he will always be their son. He asks who informed him this truth. Vinayak says via doctor aunty. Virat is shocked and recalls revealing truth to Sai. Pakhi asks how did Sai find this out.

Pakhi admits that they adopted him, but they adore him and consider him to be their son. Vinayak wonders if his biological parents disliked him so much that they sent him away. Pakhi claims that they adore him. Vinayak then wonders why his parents disowned him and if he is a bad kid. Virat claims to be the best son in the world; they wanted to reveal the truth and were waiting for the right opportunity; nothing will change between them as a result of this revelation, and he will always be their son. He inquires as to who informed him of the truth. Vinayak says this through doctor aunty. Virat is taken aback and recalls telling Sai the truth. Pakhi wonders how Sai discovered this.

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