Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th October 2022 episode written update

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Virat consoles Vinayak and inquires as to how he learned about his adoption. Vinayak says this through doctor aunty. Pakhi inquires of Virat how Sai learned of this. Vinayak declares his desire to live alone and locks himself in the bathroom. Virat and Pakhi knock on the door and ask him to open it. Pakhi is sceptical that orphanage manager Swati informed Sai about Vinayak’s adoption and declares that she will not spare Swait now. Virat admits that he told Sai about it when Sai declined the orphanage job. Pakhi chastises him for his error and wonders how Sai, as their mother, can do this to them. Ashwini overhears their discussion.

Virat dials Sai’s number. Sai believes he learned about her resignation from her job and believes whatever she did was correct. Virat yells at her for daring to tell Vinayak he is adopted. Sai is taken aback and claims she did not. Virat claims Vinayak informed him that he learned it from her. Vinayak, according to Sai, must have overheard her and Usha’s conversation. Virat accuses Sai of seeking vengeance by revealing the truth to Vinayak and attempting to separate Vinayak from him. Sai tries to justify herself, but Virat, as usual, does not listen.

Pakhi asks Vinayak to let her in. Vinayak inquires whether he is so bad that his parents abandoned him. Pakhi claims that they adore him and consider him to be their son. The Chavans learn about Vinayak after Sai informs them about his adoption. Bhavani, Sonali, Omkar, and Ashwini curse and yell at Sai, claiming that he is a curse on Virat’s life and that she will never allow him to be happy. Mohit and Ninad back Sai and say they don’t believe Sai would go so low as to play with a child’s life. Bhavani’s team is still cursed.

Mohit opens the door after hearing the doorbell and discovers Sai at the door. He refers to her as Sai (without a suffix). Virat notices Sai and cautions her not to enter his home. Bhavani yells at her, and Ashwini yells back that she never imagined Sai would exact revenge on a mother, that she is a disgrace, and so on. Sai claims she came to inform them that she did not notify Vinayak and wishes to meet with him to calm him down. Karishma informs Pakhi that Sai (a name without a suffix) has arrived and wishes to meet Vinayak.

Virat and his family are still verbally abusing Sai. Sai claims she would never harm a child and has long warned Virat to reveal the truth to Vinayak. Virat claims he intended to do so after Vinayak’s legs healed, but she ruined everything. Pakhi enters and pushes Sai away. Virat tries to put a stop to her. Sai says she understands a mother’s rage. Pakhi demands to know why she is separating her from her son. Sai denies her accusations and defends herself once more.

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