Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18th October 2022 written update

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Pakhi tells Sai that seeds of lies and betrayal grow only trees of hatred in a land of relationships. She blames Sai for her son’s hatred of her because of Sai, and she snatched her son away from her, and so on. Sai attempts to communicate. Pakhi comes to a halt and says that she showed Vinayak a dream of running in a race and slowly brainwashed him, creating so many questions of identity in a small child’s mind, and she has no idea how she will fix it. Sai consoles Pakhi, saying that they are both mothers, and one mother is requesting that another mother allow her to meet Vinayak; she is a doctor and knows that Vinayak does not trust any member of the Chavan family, and it takes time to regain his trust; Vinayak still trusts her, so she wants to meet Vinayak and speak to him once. Virat claims he doesn’t know anything about Vinayak, but he doesn’t trust her, so Sai shouldn’t leave if she wants to avoid her father’s anger.

Sai claims that as a doctor, all she wants to do is help Vinayak, but that if they don’t want her to meet Vinayak, she can’t. Pakhi asks if she can calm Vinayak down. Sai claims that as a doctor, she can at least try. Pakhi says she can meet Vinayak at that time. Virat advises her not to let SAi meet Vinayak. Pakhi claims to be a mother who is concerned about her son and simply wants to get him out of the bathroom. Bhavani warns Pakhi that she is repeating her error by allowing Sai into her home. Sai claims she is uninterested in their home and its politics, and that she will never return once she has successfully treated Vinayak.

Pakhi and Virat accompany Sai to Vinayak’s room. Sai approaches Vinayak and asks him to exit the bathroom. Vinayak claims he doesn’t want to speak to her because she hid the truth about her adoption. Virat and Pakhi are aware of this. Sai apologises and says she didn’t mean to offend him. Vinayak is out of breath. Sai detects this and instructs him to take a deep breath, as she taught him during exercise. Vinayak claims that his biological parents abandoned him because he is physically disabled and a liability to them. Sai claims that Virat and Pakhi adopted him because they find him too cute and adore him. Even then, Vinayak refuses to come out. Ashwini and Ninad enter. Sai claims that his grandparents are also concerned about him and are crying; he should come out at least for them. Vinayak declines.

Sai goes on to say how much Virat and Pakhi adore him and would go to any length for him. Vinayak inquires as if she adores Savi. Sai agrees and continues to persuade him, explaining the importance of family, and so on. Vinayak walks out the door. Virat and Pakhi are overjoyed and express their undying love for him. Sai tells Vinayak not to be angry with his parents and walks away silently. Bhavani and her team, who are standing in a living room, are frowning at Sai. Ninad stops Sai and thanks her for assisting Vinayak, saying that everyone verbally abused her but she didn’t mind and assisted Vinayak anyway. Sai apologises to Bhavani and her team for any difficulties she has encountered and attempts to leave. Pakhi stops next.

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