Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19th October written update

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The episode begins with Pakhi expressing her gratitude to Sai. She expresses gratitude to the latter for assisting them in convincing Vinayak and becomes emotional, while Sai assures her and states that she feels relieved after assisting them. She declares that she felt guilty after learning about the situation, but she can now feel relieved that it has been resolved. Pakhi thanks Sai with a hug, and the latter reciprocates. Sai leaves while Sonali and Bhavani gossip about her and declare that she will undoubtedly cause a disaster in their home. Ninad defends Sai and recalls how she helped them, to which Bhavani responds that they are unaware of Sai’s influence on Vinayak.

Bhavani declares that Vinayak listens to Sai more than them, which is a cause for concern. She claims that Sai always brings them bad luck and warns everyone about her. Meanwhile, Savi communicates with Vinayak via video call and shows him food. She eats it while he laughs at her antics. When Virat and Pakhi enter his room, they both hang up the phone.

Virat and Pakhi plan a surprise for Vinayak and lavish him with attention. They feed him burgers and chocolates and enjoy their happy family moment. Vinayak has fun with them while they tease him by frequently kissing his cheeks. He immediately moves away as they were about to kiss him again, but Pakhi and Virat stopped kissing at the right time.

Usha discusses Dussehra preparations with Sai, revealing that they do not have enough money to celebrate it. Sai assures her that she has an interview and that she will receive the money soon. At that point, Savi appears, and Sai inquires about Vinayak. She assures him that he is fine and requests that Sai not take his tension. She becomes curious about adoption as Sai explains it to her.

Savi inquires as to whether Sai is also adopted, to which the latter responds that she is not and that she is her own child. Savi inquires about her father, while Sai remains silent. Usha insists on the latter telling Savi the truth. Later, Savi, along with Sai and Usha, performs a Dussehra puja. Savi speaks about her knowledge of Dussehra, which impresses Sai and Usha. Sai then tells Savi about the other Dussehra rituals and their significance. Vinayak, on the other hand, sees a nightmare that his parents left him and immediately wakes up. Virat and Pakhi are concerned for him, and he inquires as to whether he can locate his biological parents. Virat responds that it is difficult. Later, Chavans celebrates Dussehra, and Virat informs Vinayak about it.

Pakhi is confronted by Ashwini, who warns her about Sai. She declares that the latter isn’t paying attention to her surroundings and claims that Sai will soon take Virat and Vinayak away from her. Pakhi dismisses her thoughts, while Ashwini cautions her. She claims that Pakhi will be unable to bear the pain of being separated from Virat and Vinayak, and advises her to keep her child away from Sai because he has more influence over her.

Pakhi goes on to say that she is only concerned with Vinayak at the moment and that Sai can certainly cure him. Meanwhile, Virat and Sai drive Vinayak to Sai’s house, where he meets Savi. Pakhi apologises to Sai for her impolite behaviour, and the latter forgives her and says she understands her situation. They both decide to put an end to their feud and embark on a new chapter. Sai, on the other hand, says she’ll leave soon after Vinayak is cured.

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