Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20th October 2022 episode written update

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Sai informs Pakhi that a woman doesn’t mind if someone loves her husband, but she does mind if someone loves her husband; they must break free from the cage of the past and depart gently. She wishes Viratt and Pakhi a good marriage and presents them with a holy leaf. Pakhi reaches out her hand. Sai advises them to take it as auspicious for a wedded couple. Virat and Pakhi both get a leaf from her. Sai finishes Vinayak’s workouts after a few minutes. Vinayak expresses a desire to spend time with Savi. Savi says she’ll look after herself and Vinayak and leads him to her room. Usha is informed by Sai that Savi is up to something. Usha advises her not to be concerned about the children. Sai informs her that her online interview is about to begin and that she does not want to be disturbed until it is completed.

Savi tells Vinayak that he might be able to track down his biological parents at a Dussehra mela. He accepts her invitation to accompany her. She tells Sai that she and Vinayak are going to find Vinayak’s actual parents and takes Vinayak with her. Pakhi returns to Vinayak’s side. Usha becomes agitated when she discovers no children in the room. She interrupts and informs Sai’s interview. Sai interrupts the interview. The interviewer asks whether she is certain she wants to end the interview because she may not receive the job. Sai accepts and says her daughter and a friend have gone away from home and she needs to go look for them.

Vinayak becomes tired of travelling and asks Savi if she is certain he will find his true parents at the Dussehra Mela. She then goes to get a car. A speeding truck is heading straight for her. Vinayak saves her by pulling her away in time. They then take a car to the Dussehra Maidan. The driver inquires if they are alone. Savi affirms. Vinayak instructs her on how to convey their secret to strangers. Savi smiles and tells them that their parents are waiting at the maidan; she was only teasing. Sai and Pakhi search Savi’s room and discover Savi’s note stating that she and Vinayak are going to find Vinayak’s parents. They are both terrified.

Virat is busy with his team arranging the city’s security dussehra event when Pakhi calls to tell him that Savi and Vinayak have left home to look for Vinayak’s true parents. Virat becomes enraged and inquires as to what Sai was up to. Pakhi claims Sai was preoccupied when the children left the house. Virat requests that his subordinate Kadam trace Vinu’s mobile location and notify him. He directs Pakhi to the place once he has confirmed it. Driver drives Savi and Vinayak to the police station, warning them that the Dussehra Mela is a dangerous area. They both become tense. When the driver arrives at the police station, he instructs them to go meet the officers who will transport them to their parents.

Kadam discovers a mobile location outside the police station and alerts Virat. Virat informs Pakhi and returns to the police station. Driver notices that the kids have already left and that they have forgotten their phone. He surrenders his phone to cops. Virat arrives first, followed by Pakhi and Savi. The driver informs them that the children were on their way to a Dussehra mela at a nearby park to look for their parents. Pakhi was concerned about how they would find children in such a large mela. Sai suggests that we go there first and then decide. Vinayak requests that Savi refer to him as dada/older brother from now on because he is her elder. Savi concurs. Vinayak remembers he left his phone in the police station and wonders how they can call Mela now. They notice and follow a religious group.

Bhavani leads her crew to the mela and curses Savi for brainwashing Vinayak into searching for his true parents. Ninad tells her to stop insulting a young innocent child because Vinayak has already decided to identify his real parents; instead, they should congratulate Savi for risking her life and assisting Vinayak. Bhavani keeps cursing Savi.

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