Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21st October 2022 episode written update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein serial poster

Savi and Vinayak arrive at the Dussehra Mela and consider how they will look for Vinayak’s real parents in such a large mela. Virat, Pakhi, and Sai arrive at the mela next and wonder how they would find Vinayak and Savi in such a large crowd. Vinayak becomes uncomfortable when he sees a pani puri stall. Savi reminds them that they came to find his actual parents. When she sees sugar floss, she becomes tempted. Vinayak reminds her that she came here to find her father. Sai puts his hand on Virat’s shoulder and asks how they will search children now. Pakhi is jealous when she sees this. Virat promises that he will find children at whatever cost. Pakhi adds Bhavani and her colleagues are also coming, and she will check to see if they arrived at the mela. Vinayak and Savi inquire of a couple if they have seen their parents. They inquire as to when they were separated from their parents. Vinayak’s parents abandoned him when he was a child. Savi concurs. Couple requests that they contact Mela’s helpline in order to assist him in finding their parents.

Mela helpline crew informs that two children, Arav and Ankush, who play Ram and Laxman in Ramleela, are looking for their parents and are at the helpline. Vinayak and Savi notice this and proceed to the helpdesk to seek assistance. They witness a lady introducing the children as their mother’s friend who has come to pick them up. Virat phones Kadam and warns him to be on the lookout for a kidnapping gang. Arav and Ankush are taken in by Lady’s sugary discourse and accompany her. Vinayak and Savi pursue them in the hope of enlisting the assistance of the lady in locating their parents. They witness a lady knocking children unconscious with a drugged drink and taking them in a van. Savi rushes to save the children. Even Savi is kidnapped.

The parents of Arav and Ankush contact the helpline and demand their children. Sai also contacts helpdesk and inquires whether they observed two children. She announces that Savi and Vinayak should contact helpdesk from wherever they are. When Vinayak hears her announcement, he feels compelled to alert Sai about Savi’s kidnapping and rescue Savi at any cost. He hurls a nailed stick in front of the car, puncturing it. He then secretly takes goon’s phone from the car and contacts Virat, but when Virat doesn’t answer, he calls Pakhi and notifies her of Savi’s kidnapping. Goon apprehends him and takes his phone. Pakhi and Sai become concerned and begin looking for children. When a crowd passes by, the goons stop their car. Savi notices Pakhi and exclaims. Kidnapper instructs her subordinate to close the child’s mouth first. Pakhi spots the children and steps in front of the car. Kidnapper directs subordinate to crash Pakhi’s car and drive away. Subordiante does the same thing and drives away. Sai arrives and discovers Pakhi is injured.

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