Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 23rd October 2022 episode written update

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Sai consoles Vinayak and tells him that his parents adore him and that he should let go of his negative ideas because it is Dussehra today and accept his family and their love for him. He should forget he is adopted, and if his family can accept him unconditionally, why can’t he? She wants him to pledge that he will never leave his parents and that he will make them proud one day. He assures her. Sai claims that he is his parents’ life, and that no one can love him more than his parents. Vinayak embraces his parents. They are all in tears. Vinayak feels guilty seeing his parents’ injuries and vows to never leave them since he loves them. Virat and Pakhi both say they adore him and are always by his side.

Next, Ashwini pampers Vinayak and promises that she will never let him leave her side again and that she will always be with him. Bhavani then pampers Vinayak. Usha expresses concern for Sai. She tells how she caused problems for kidnappers. Usha describes herself as courageous and fearless, just like her mother. Hearing that, Bhavani frowns. Pakhi notices Sai getting her neck bruise treated and inquires as to her well-being. Sai nods in agreement. Virat always apologises to Sai for misinterpreting her and praises her for her assistance. Pakhi apologises to Sai as well. Sai thinks they are good parents and should focus on Vinayak, etc.

MLA thanks Virat for apprehending the child kidnapping ring and asks a family photo. Virat walks over the stage with his family. Sai assisted Pakhi in walking onto the stage. Pakhi is asked to step aside so that Virat’s wife can stand with her family. Pakhi, according to Virat, is his wife. The photographer expresses regret. A teacher brings her kids to see a Rameela performance. Children who are portraying siblings Luv and Kush refuse to act. Vinayak and Savi deliver the dialogues Luv and Kush. Teacher says she has Luv and Kush and asks Virat and Pakhi to play Ram and Seeta. Pakhi claims to be injured and hence requests that Sai play Seeta. Sai is adamantly opposed. Pakhi recalls their family skit in which Sai played Harini and Pakhi played Devi. Sai reluctantly agrees. Sai and Virat begin the skit as Seeta and Ram. The narrator explains how Seeta abandoned Ram when she was questioned and gave birth to Luv and Kush in the bush.

Savi as Kush asks Sai when her father will arrive, how he looks, and if he would recognise them. Luv believes their father would not recognise them. Kush wonders if their father will ever recognise them. Luv asks her to detail their father’s condition. Sai claims that their father is a true person who always follows the road of truth. She feels sad when she recalls Savi’s earlier inquiries regarding her father.

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