Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th October 2022 episode written update

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At the Ram Leela event, Savi and Vinayak play Luv and Kush, Sai as Seeta, and Virat as Ram. Kush wants Seeta to tell him about her father. Seeta describes his father as a courageous and pious man who constantly pursued the truth. She is overcome with emotion. Virat instructs her to continue her talks. Host begins the second chapter, in which Luv and Kush meet their father Ram. Bhavani compliments Ninad on Vinu’s performance. Ninad claims that even Savi is behaving properly. Ram’s ashwa/horse is stopped by Luv and Kush. Laxman arrives with his army and asks if they are aware of the error they have made, which has resulted in a war. Luv and Kush accept Laxman’s challenge and defeat him and his army. Everyone compliments Savi’s performance. Bhavani grows more envious. MLA thanks Bhavani for allowing this ram leela to take place.

Ram appears and informs Luv and Kush that they made a mistake by defeating his troops and seizing his horse, and that he needs to punish them but does not want to. Luv and Kush wonder who he is. Laxman introduces himself as Maryada Purshottam Ram. Luv and Kush’s teacher walks in and asks why they stopped ashwa. Kush claims he encouraged them to constantly accept difficulties, and they heeded his advice. Luv questions Ram on why he abandoned his wife while listening to his people. Ram asserts that raja dharma is supreme. Seeta makes her way to her children. Maata is her nickname. Ram is taken aback and inquires about their father. Guru explains that Luv and Kush are Ram’s children and describes them in great detail. Seeta spent time apart from Ram in the bush. Luv and Kush apologise to Ram and place their hands on his feet. Ram emotionally hugs them, and they all burst into tears. The performance is over. Everyone praises Virat and Sai’s jodi for resembling Ram and Seeta’s jodi and wishes them continued happiness. Hearing it, Pakhi and her colleagues frown. Vinayak apologises to Virat for his error. Savi refers to Virat as his father. Virat becomes more emotional as well.

Back at home, Savi informs Sai that during her performance, she had the impression that Virat is her biological father and Vinayak is her brother. She narrates Vinayak’s protection of her from kidnappers and declares that she will refer to Vinu as “Dada” from now on. Vinayak tells his family about Savi’s protection at Chavan nivas, and he believes her to be his younger sister. Bhavani wonders what Savi did to deserve such praise; she is the one who brought him to Ram Leela Maidan and got him into trouble. Vinayak claims that if Savi had not brought him there, he would not have learned how much his parents love him. He goes on to add that he will refer to Savi as his sister from now on and will do anything a brother would do for his sister. Shivani advises him to change his phone number to baby sis. Vinayak goes to his room to accomplish this. Ashiwini informs Virat and Pakhi that Vinayak is at a point in life where he is missing a sibling the most, and that they should consider having a kid before an outsider enters their lives and causes difficulty. Bhavani, Ninad, and Omkar all support her. Vinayak returns and shows Virat that he renamed Savi as “baby sis” in his phone. Vinayak thinks it’s fine.

Savi walks to Sai in the middle of the night, weeping. Sai inquires whether anyone has mentioned anything to her. Savi expresses regret for not informing her that Virat is her father. She holds Virat closely and declares that she will remain with her papa rather than Sai. Sai begs him not to do so. Savi awakens and realises it was all a nightmare. Usha runs over to her and inquires as to what transpired. Sai relates her nightmare and says she has no idea what to do; she is removing a daughter from her father and has not informed Virat that Savi is his daughter because she does not want to upset Virat, Vinayak, and Pakhi’s happy family.

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