Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 25th October 2022 episode written update

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Pakhi and Virat are both sleeping next to Vinayak. Virat notices Pakhi looking at him and inquires if she is getting enough sleep. She responds that she is overjoyed to have Vinayak back after so many days of effort. She expresses her joy at regaining custody of her baby, while Virat smiles and agrees. He conveys his feelings for Vinayak and inquires of Pakhi whether she is considering the advice of their family members. Pakhi recalls how the Chavans pushed on having a kid so that Vinayak might have a sibling.

Pakhi refuses Virat’s question and says she isn’t thinking about it. She declares Vinayak to be the most important person in her life, and Virat agrees before falling back asleep. Pakhi rests her hand on Virat’s shoulder while he glances at her but remains silent. Vinayak shows Savi his phone and informs her that he has stored her name as his baby sister. While others laugh at her comment, she asks him to alter it to super sister. In the meantime, Virat arrives and extends an invitation to Sai. The latter examines it before reading it. She is overjoyed to learn that she and Savi have both been recognised for their assistance in assisting the police in apprehending the child trafficking ring.

Elsewhere, Virat informs Sai that they have been seeking for the child trafficking group for a long time, and that Sai, together with Savi, assisted them in apprehending the gang yesterday. He also informs Sai that they were able to save other children from the hands of the gang, which makes him glad. She informs Savi of the news, while Virat informs him that Vinayak and he are also being honoured.

Savi and Vinayak are ecstatic after learning about the prize invitation. Bhavani, on the other hand, reads the newspaper and learns about the prize ceremony. She becomes irritated after reading the names Sai and Savi, while Ninad informs her that Virat and Vinayak will also receive the medal. Bhavani states that only Virat and Vinayak, together with Pakhi, assisted in the capture of the thugs. Ahead, Ninad defends Sai, claiming that Vinayak is only safe thanks of her. He also mentions that she was the one who persuaded him to approach them and express his gratitude to Sai. Meanwhile, Pakhi arrives and agrees with Ninad. She claims that Sai has assisted them in a variety of ways and that they owe the latter appreciation.

Sai is perplexed on what to dress Savi in for the prize ceremony. She expresses her concern to Usha about not having enough money to buy a new clothing for her daughter, and the latter attempts to assist Sai financially, but the latter refuses to accept her money. Savi encounters Jagtap at that moment, and the latter expresses concern for her. Virat sees Jagtap approaching Savi and lashes out. Sai reprimands both of them and requests that they not fight near her house.

Vitthal then confronts Jagtap and slaps him for abandoning his family for Sai. He reminds the latter of his errors and claims that he boycotted his family in order to support Sai and her daughter. Meanwhile, Virat arrives at the award ceremony with his family. Sai and Savi arrive, and everyone smiles as they see Savi in his police outfit.

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