Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26th October 2022 episode written update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein serial poster

In a skit, Savi plays an inspector and introduces herself as Inspector Savi Joshi. Vinayak thinks she resembles Virat. Savi is overjoyed to hear that. Bhavani and her crew are envious and claim Savi deliberately disguised her daughter up like Virat in order to attract media attention through Virat. Vinayak requests that Bhavani save her seat for Savi and allow her to sit alongside him and Virat. Virat requests that Bhavani approve the child’s request. Bhavani frowns as she gets up from her seat. The event presenter invites the police department’s superiors on stage and announces that thanks to DCP and his family’s bravery, the police department was able to bust a child kidnapping ring and save 18 children. He calls Virat, Vinayak, Sai, and Savi to the stage for putting their lives at danger in order to apprehend the kidnappers. They enter the stage. The chief guest presents them with a medal.

Savi says she’d want to say a few things. Bhavani observes that Savi, like her mother, seeks attention. Savi tells Virat that she dressed up like him because she aspires to be a police officer like him. She claims that, much as Virat and Pakhi adopted Vinayak and raised him as their son, she wishes for Virat to embrace her as his daughter and raise her as his own. Hearing that makes Chavans enraged. Virat becomes emotional and turns to face Sai. Savi claims that, just as Virat submitted numerous paperwork and adopted Vinayak, she wishes to adopt Virat as her father. She takes out various coloured papers from her bag and informs Virat that he can select any of them and become her father. Virat takes a glance at Sai. Sai requests that Savi cease since it is impossible.

Savi wonders why it isn’t possible and reads her note in which she recounts how her father will look after her and proudly refer to her as his daughter. Bhavani blames Pakhi for causing this circumstance by reintroducing Sai into their lives. Savi keeps reading her note and asks Virat to become her baba/father. Guests and members of the media ask Virat to grant Savi’s plea. Virat returns his gaze to Sai. Sai claims Savi didn’t mean what she said, then picks up Savi and goes away, while Savi claims she meant what she said. Pakhi is questioned by reporters about her reaction to Savi’s plea.

Sai, along with Savi and Usha, walks out of the gathering and attempts to stop an auto rickshaw. Savi insists on Sai returning her to the event. Sai confronts Savi about her behaviour and inquires as to how she came up with the question. Savi wonders why Virat can’t be her father and Vinayak her brother; she has been waiting for her father for many years, etc. Sai inquires if she is a bad mother and if she has ever failed to adequately care for her. She sobs and says that people would think she is a bad mother, so Savi is looking for a father. Usha tells her to relax. Sai puts Savi and Usha in the car and tells them to go home. They ask where is she going.

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