Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th October 2022 episode written update

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Savi’s appeal to adopt police uncle/Viraj as her father continues. Sai exits the vehicle and requests that Usha drive Savi home. Virat informs Bhavani that there is no need to discuss anything because Savi is a child and he would explain everything to her. Omkar and Sonali claim that Savi, like her mother, is very intelligent and wicked, and that she was acting on her mother’s directions. Bhavani claims they are correct, that Sai is behind everything, and continues to curse Sai and Savi. She claims that Pakhi brought it on herself by inviting Sai to Nagpur, and that if Pakhi and Virat continue to sleep in different beds, Savi, Sai, and adoptive papa Vanraj will soon dwell in Chavan nivas and make their life a living hell; she believes Sai is describing her next plan to Savi. Virat believes it is not Sai’s design because Savi is reacting situationally after learning about Vinayak’s adoption.

Sai sobs at a bus stop, recalling Savi’s appeal. Jagtap dials her number. She believes it is Usha and expresses her hope that she would return home and not die at a bus stop, she is helpless watching Savi’s request for her father and cannot divulge that Virat is Savi’s father, and so on. Jagtap claims to be him. Sai chastises him for listening to her without exposing his name and disconnects the connection. She considers calling Virat and apologising, but then realises the Chavan family’s drama has messaged him. Virat receives a message and requests that Pakhi read it aloud in front of everyone. Pakhi reads that Sai had no idea what was going through Savi’s head, otherwise she would not have let this to happen, and she apologises to him. Virat informs his family that Sai was completely unaware of Savi’s plot. Bhavani claims Sai is only acting.

Savi calls Vinayak and demands that he persuade Virat to become her father. Virat agrees and assures him that Baba will not refuse his request. He requests that she appropriately address her dada/elder brother. She refers to him as dada. He hangs up the phone and instructs Harini to move to the next room since Savi had asked Virat to be her adopted father during an occasion. Harini believes it is best to ignore him. Vinayak wonders if he should refer to Sai as choti maa if Savi becomes his sister. Harini cautions him not to talk about it since it will cause a crisis at home. Hearing their discourse, Pakhi becomes discouraged. Sai calls Virat and apologises on behalf of Savi. Vinayak says he understands Savi’s mental state and proposes she reveal Savi’s father’s identity. Sai believes it is not that straightforward.

Savi enters Savi’s room and sees her writing something. Savi claims she scolded her severely when she indicated a desire to adopt Virat. Sai tells her to forget it. She notices Savi writing Virat Savi Joshi and inquires as to the purpose. Savi claims that they normally assume their adopted parents’ surnames, such as Vinayak becoming Vinayak Virat Chavan, and that Virat will become Virat Savi Joshi if she adopts him. Sai recalls Virat taking the surname Virat Sai Chavan after marrying Sai and believes Savi is similar to her father.

Pakhi makes her way to Virat. Virat claims that he was talking to Sai about Savi’s wish, and that people would start badmouthing and fabricating stories if Savi’s father’s name was revealed, but Sai doesn’t understand. Pakhi claims that not only Savi, but also Virat, has agreed to the adoption plans and has asked Harini if he can refer to Sai as Choti Maa when Savi adopts Virat. Virat wonders how Vinu can think like that, and tells him that he only has one mother, Pakhi, and that his request cannot be granted since he is just Vinu’s father and cannot be anybody else’s father. Pakhi hopes he is correct and that Savi finds out about her father soon.

Ashwini tells Ninad that she doesn’t understand why Sai is revealing Savi’s father’s identity; she is hiding something. Ninad wonders why they are all turning Savi’s innocence into propaganda and fabricating lies. Ashwini claims to know Sai well and that he would never hide anything, and she thinks that something bad has happened to him. Ninad speculates that Savi, like Vinayak, may be adopted and that Sai is lying about Savi being her real daughter. It can’t be, says Ashwini.

Ninad leaves. Pakhi enters the room. Ashwini inquires as to if Vinayak’s mother or Virat’s wife has arrived. Pakhi refers to Virat’s mother. Ashwini expresses her desire to hear this and claims that Pakhi, Vinayak, and Virat are a complete family with no room for anybody else; only Virat and Pakhi’s biological baby can now enter between them. She claims that if she truly loves Virat, she will communicate it to him not for the sake of the world, but for herself.

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