Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 28th October 2022 episode written update

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Pakhi tells Ashwini that when Virat gave her a jewellery, she told him he was just showing off. She suggests that if Pakhi is not bragging and actually loves Virat, she should express it. Virat informs Vinayak that Savi will be unable to adopt him. Savi informs Sai that when Virat rescued her during Ramleela and hugged her, she determined that Virat would be her baba. Sai claims that, just as Savi did not have a baba/father, neither did she have an aayi/mother; her baba raised her since childhood, and hence he was both her aayi and baba, and she referred to him as Aaba. She is disappointed that she was unable to become her Aaba. Savi claims that Luv and Kush were content with their aayi but still looked for their baba, so she is doing the same. Vinayak questions Virat on why Savi cannot adopt him. Virat claims he can only be Vinayak’s baba and no one else’s. Vinayak questions why he can’t; Virat adopted Vinayak when he didn’t have children, and Savi would adopt Virat and make him her baba. Virat claims to have a family, but Savi does not, and Sai is upset and refuses to accept.

Jagtap nervously tries saying “I’m sorry.” Sai and Usha keep an eye on him. Sai approaches him and inquires as to what he is doing here. Jagtap adds worried that he misplaced something and is looking for it. Sai inquires as to what he truly want to convey. He decides whether to apologise or describe what happened today. Sai replies she heard him and requests for more details. Jagtap claims he cannot bear seeing Savi and her in agony and wishes for them to be happy.

He claims she misspoke her heart out in response to his and Savi’s request, which caused her pain. Sai inquires if he came to discuss it at night. Jagtap claims he has expressed his heart years ago, but he returned tonight to share her grief as a friend. She beams. He claims she has changed and is no longer her former self, who used to express herself openly and was extremely strong. Sai silently listens to him and asks if he wants tea. He agrees and enters. Vithal is aware of this.

Virat does not sleep and instead reads Savi’s letters for him. He recalls Savi informing her that she is now Virat’s daughter. Pakhi recalls Vinayak telling Harini that if Savi becomes his sister, Sai will be his choti mama. She turns to see Virat studying the letters. Virat apologises for not knowing Savi would do this. Pakhi wonders why he is apologising when Savi is a child and her reasoning is apparent. Virat inquires if she believes Savi is incorrect. Pakhi claims she didn’t intend it. He then asks if he will accept Savi’s request. Virat replies no because he already has a wife and a son and would try to explain Savi’s situation.

Pakhi claims that Savi is not ready to listen and that it would be detrimental to her, so why doesn’t Virat find out who Savi’s father is? Usha informs Sai that she did not react when Jagtap attempted to explain himself with his panicked blabbering. After Vinayak wins a running event, Sai says she has chosen to tell Savi who her baba is. The next morning, a highly inebriated Vithal pays a visit to Chavans.

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